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What colors go with royal blue in bedroom?

What colors go with royal blue in bedroom?

Royal blue is a rich, vibrant shade that can add majesty and elegance to any bedroom. When decorating a bedroom with royal blue, it’s important to choose compatible accent colors that will enhance the royal blue without clashing. The right color pairings can create a cohesive, stylish look. This article will explore the best color combinations to use with royal blue in the bedroom.

Neutral Tones

Pairing royal blue with neutral tones is a foolproof way to create a peaceful, relaxed bedroom retreat. Neutrals like white, beige, gray and tan provide a soothing backdrop that allows the royal blue to really pop.

White is one of the most popular neutrals to combine with royal blue. The contrast between the crisp white and bold blue is eye-catching. Different shades of white work beautifully with royal blue, from bright white for a playful look to warm antique white for a cozy feel. White bedding, curtains, furniture and accents all coordinate seamlessly.

Royal Blue Paint Color White Trim and Bedding
Royal Blue Accent Pillows White Headboard

Beige and tan neutrals also pair wonderfully with royal blue. They provide the same neutral canvas as white, but with added warmth. Natural wood furniture in beige or tan tones helps tie the look together. Use textured beige bedding and window treatments to create a relaxed ambiance. Painting the walls a soft tan color and using royal blue in the decor accents can give the bedroom an inviting, tranquil vibe.

Metallic Shimmer

Metallic accents lend a glamorous twist when paired with royal blue. Silver and gold add a dash of shine and luxury. Metallic textures like hammered silver, antique gold and bronze work beautifully to accent royal blue. Incorporate metallics through decorative pillows, mirrors, lamps, picture frames and other accents. Using metallic bedding like gold or silver sheets or shimmery throw blankets is another lovely option. Just be sure to use metallics sparingly so they provide an elegant accent rather than overwhelming the space.

Royal Blue Wall Paint Silver Bed Frame
Royal Blue Velvet Headboard Gold Throw Pillows

Chrome and nickel finishes also complement royal blue nicely, lending a sleek modern edge. This works well for fixtures like lamps, ceiling fans, drawer pulls and curtains rods. Metallic accents add a touch of glitz and glam that plays up the regal nature of royal blue.

Soothing Greens

Pairing rich royal blue with tranquil greens creates a relaxing, spa-like ambiance. Green is complementary to blue on the color wheel, making it a natural pairing. Different shades of green all work beautifully with royal blue.

Mossy sage greens provide an earthy contrast to bright royal blue. Use sage green bedding and window treatments to accent royal blue walls or furniture. Painting wood trim and molding in a sage green tone warms up the cool blue shade.

Vibrant lime green makes for an energetic, playful pairing. Use it sparingly in decor accents like throw pillows, art prints and vases. This bright green will make the royal blue pop.

Deeper forest greens offer a sophisticated look. Pair dark emerald velvet pillows with royal blue linen bedding for lush texture. Paint the walls forest green and use royal blue rugs and bedding for dramatic contrast.

No matter which green tone you choose, this color pairing results in a relaxed, welcoming bedroom ambiance.

Royal Blue Accent Wall Sage Green Bedding
Royal Blue Curtains Lime Green Throw Pillows

Pretty Pinks

What many don’t realize is that pink and blue make beautiful companions, something borrowed from old-fashioned porcelain pattern pairing. Soft blush pinks and bubblegum pinks create a sweet, romantic bedroom when coupled with royal blue.

For a soft look, use light pink bedding and window treatments to play off royal blue walls or large furniture pieces like a dresser or headboard. Metallic pink accents in copper or rose gold also pair attractively with royal blue.

Bolder hot pink makes for a fun, eclectic mix with royal blue. Use it sparingly in decor accents like flowers, pillows, art and accessories. Hot pink is a great way to inject youthful energy into a royal blue space. Keep the rest of the scheme neutral to offset the electric color pairing.

Royal Blue Walls Blush Pink Curtains
Royal Blue Headboard Hot Pink Throw Pillows

Whatever shade you love, pink never fails to soften a bold royal blue in charming fashion. It’s an unexpected color pairing that delights.

Serene Lavender

For a bedroom with a relaxing vibe, another excellent color pairing is royal blue and lavender. Light airy lavender has a gentle femininity that tones down the bold royal blue beautifully. Use lavender in bedding, window treatments, floral accents and artwork for a soft contrast. Painting walls or larger furniture pieces royal blue and then bringing in lavender decor accents makes for a wonderfully soothing color scheme.

Deeper shades of violet and lilac also complement royal blue well. Regal purple accents connect to the majesty of royal blue. Use deep purple pillows, rugs and armchairs to enrich a lighter blue palette. Paint inner walls or accent walls a dramatic eggplant purple and use royal blue linen bedding for luxurious contrast.

Royal Blue Rug Lilac Curtain Panels
Royal Blue Bed Frame Lavender Throw Pillows

Lavender and purple enrich royal blue with a sense of luxury and tranquility that is ideal for restful sleep.

Warm Yellows

Bright yellow may seem like an unusual pairing for bold royal blue. But using dusty, muted yellow tones keeps the combination sophisticated. Soft buttercream or mustard yellows offer a warm, welcoming contrast to the cooler royal blue shade.

Use muted gold bedding and window treatments to provide a sunny accent to royal blue decor. Paint inner walls yellow and use blue for molding and doors for a reversed color scheme. A royal blue headboard or accent wall pops beautifully against a backdrop of antique yellow walls.

For a brighter touch, bring in small hits of vibrant yellow in pillows, vases and artwork. This creates a nice energy against the royal blue. Keep most yellow accents subdued for a refined look that won’t overwhelm the space.

Royal Blue Wall Color Mustard Yellow Bedding
Royal Blue Curtains Gold Accent Pillows

The contrast of warm yellow and cool blue is lively yet peaceful. Yellow tempers the drama of royal blue, perfect for a bedroom retreat.

Clean Crimson Red

At first glance, red and blue may seem too bold together. But using muted dusty reds or wines creates a sophisticated look with royal blue. Deep crimson throw pillows or a maroon area rug grounds the vibrancy of royal blue. The pairing feels regal and elegant.

For a bolder accent, rich ruby red artwork or floral arrangements pop against royal blue walls or bedding. Just take care that red accents don’t overwhelm the space. Used minimally, red energizes yet balances the strong royal blue in stylish fashion.

Royal Blue Wall Color Burgundy Pillows and Rug
Royal Blue Nightstands Ruby Red Table Lamp

Red and blue are classic complements. When done right, this bold pairing creates an impactful, opulent look perfect for a majestic master suite.


Royal blue is a bedroom color that never fails to make a stately statement. Pairing it thoughtfully with complementary colors creates a cohesive, stylish space. Neutrals like white, tan and gray provide a clean backdrop for royal blue to take center stage. Metallic shine in silver, gold and bronze add a dash of glamour. Tranquil greens, pretty pinks, serene lavender and warm yellows all help soften and balance bold royal blue. And for drama, rich crimson red accents connect to royal blue’s regal elegance. With any of these sophisticated color pairings, royal blue bedding, walls and decor will feel comfortably chic. The right combinations highlight royal blue’s richness and vibrancy for a bedroom as majestic as a palace.