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What colors go with pastel blue clothes?

What colors go with pastel blue clothes?

Pastel blue is a soft, light shade of blue that can pair beautifully with a variety of colors. Choosing the right color combinations when wearing pastel blue clothing can create stylish and eye-catching outfits. Here is an in-depth look at the best colors to wear with pastel blue clothes.


Neutral shades like white, beige, gray and black go excellently with pastel blue. They provide a clean and simple base that allows the soft blue tone to stand out. White in particular offers a fresh and breezy look. For example, a pastel blue dress paired with neutral white sandals and a white handbag has a light and summery vibe. Light gray, taupe and pale beige are also muted neutrals that complement the muted tone of pastel blue attire without being overpowering.

Darker neutrals like charcoal and black work too for a more striking contrast. A pastel blue blazer with a black skirt or trousers makes for a sharp monochromatic look. Crisp black and white paired with pastel blue clothing also has bold visual appeal. Overall, neutrals in both light and dark shades effortlessly match with pastel blue pieces.


Pairing pastel blue with other soft pastel shades creates a delicate and feminine aesthetic. Light pink is a top choice, as the two pastels complement each other beautifully. For example, a pastel pink cardigan over a pastel blue dress has an Easter egg-like color palette. Mint green, lilac, peach, and yellow pastels also blend seamlessly with light blue. Wearing pastel blue with multiple other pastel tones is a foolproof way to achieve a candy-colored spring or summer look.

Pastel Blue Outfit Combinations
Pastel blue dress + Pink cardigan
Pastel blue top + Lilac skirt
Pastel blue jeans + Peach heels
Pastel blue romper + Mint heels

Earth Tones

Natural earth tones like tan, brown, olive green and terracotta orange make fitting partners for pastel blue. These grounded neutral hues provide an organic warmth that works well with the cool tone of light blue. For instance, pastel blue shorts and a tan belt is a relaxed and casual pairing. An olive green jacket layered over a pastel blue blouse has complementary color contrast. Earth tones in muted and dusty shades help tone down and ground pastel blue pieces.

Jewel Tones

Vibrant jewel tones like emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst can make bold statements when paired with pastel blue clothing. The eye-catching jewel tones pop against the soft blue background. For example, a pastel blue skirt with a rich purple blouse has vivid contrast. Or a pastel blue dress with an emerald green jacket creates a color block effect. Jewel tones with blue undertones like teal, cobalt and navy also closely coordinate with pastel blue. Wearing jewel tone accessories like scarves, shoes and jewelry with pastel blue outfits is another stylish option.


Metallic shoes, jewelry and accessories in silver, gold, bronze and pewter complement pastel blue attire. The sheen of the metals add a glam touch to the soft pastel blue. A pastel blue cocktail dress paired with gold heels and matching gold jewelry makes for an elegant evening look. Or pastel blue jeans dressed up with a silver belt and sparkling silver earrings and necklace creates everyday flair. Metallic handbags and shoes are also easy ways to jazz up pastel blue outfits.


Delicate floral prints in similarly soft colors look beautiful with pastel blue pieces. Pastel florals in pink, purple, yellow and white have an especially pretty feminine vibe when paired with pastel blue. Bolder florals in jewel tones also pop nicely against the light blue background. For example, a pastel blue dress with a pink floral print scarf tied around the neck adds a whimsical touch. Or a pastel blue skirt with a ruby red rose print blouse makes a striking color combination. Floral accessories like scarves and jewelry are further ways to incorporate floral accent pieces into pastel blue outfits.

Polka Dots

Like florals, polka dots offer fun print pairing options for pastel blue attire. Small polka dots in white, pink, mint or black scattered over a pastel blue background have a retro vibe. Larger polka dots make a bolder statement, like a black and white polka dot top with a pastel blue skirt. Pastel blue dresses or tops with a polka dot print skirt or pants is another chic mix and match idea. Polka dot scarves, shoes and jewelry are also cute accessories to liven up solid pastel blue pieces.


Pastel blue is an extremely versatile color that pairs attractively with a wide spectrum of shades. Clean neutrals like white, tan, gray and black offer simple and elegant combinations. Pretty pastels like blush pink, lavender and mint green create a soft color story. Earth tones like olive and terracotta provide an organic contrast. Vibrant jewel tones and shimmering metallics make for bold and glam accents. Finally, florals and polka dots mix up fun prints and patterns. With endless options, it’s easy to coordinate perfect color palettes for any pastel blue outfit.