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What colors go with maroon outfit?

What colors go with maroon outfit?

Maroon is a rich, deep red color that can make a striking addition to an outfit. However, pairing colors with maroon can be tricky. The right color combinations can really make the maroon pop, while the wrong colors can make an outfit look drab or dated. When selecting colors to go with maroon, it’s important to consider the undertones and choose complementary hues that will work together seamlessly. This article will provide suggestions for colors that look great when paired with maroon outfits.

Consider Maroon’s Undertones

The first step in choosing coordinating colors is to consider the undertones present in maroon. Maroon is a mix of red and brown hues. So it contains strong warm undertones but also some earthiness from its brown tones. These warm, earthy undertones are important to keep in mind when selecting coordinating colors. Cool colors like blues and greens can clash with maroon’s warmth. But warm neutrals, rich browns, reds, and golden yellows will complement maroon beautifully.

Pair Maroon with Other Warm Colors

Here are some warm color pairings that work well with maroon:


Gold is a perfect match for maroon. The metallic yellow tone of gold complements the red undertones of maroon. Gold also pairs well with maroon’s earthy qualities. Gold jewelry, handbags, shoes, or other accessories will really make a maroon outfit pop.


Yellow and maroon are complementary colors, meaning they are opposites on the color wheel. This striking contrast of warm and cool colors looks exciting together. Choose a bold, saturated yellow rather than a pale pastel. Golden yellows and mustard work better than lemon with maroon’s depth.


Orange also makes a strong color pairing with maroon. Like yellow, orange is a vibrant, energetic color that contrasts beautifully with rich maroon. For best results, select oranges with a burnt or coppery tone like burnt orange, peach, or terra-cotta. These warmer oranges contain touches of red that link back to maroon.


Different shades of reds and wines are always a foolproof match with maroon. Burgundy is an especially good choice. Its deep red-purple hue sits right next to maroon on the color wheel, making for a sophisticated monochromatic look when paired together.


Earthy rust orange contains the red undertones of maroon, giving it a harmonious link to maroon. Rust colored accessories like shoes, belts, or handbags will beautifully pick up on the subtle brown notes in maroon.

Incorporate Neutrals

Neutral colors don’t compete with maroon, allowing it to stand out. Here are some neutral shades that work well:


Cream has a warm undertone that works with maroon’s red hue. Maroon and cream is a traditional color pairing seen in preppy styles. Use cream in sweaters, pants, or jackets to soften and accent maroon.


With its earthy, brown tone, tan is related to the brown tint in maroon. Combine maroon with tan pants, shoes, belts, or bags to link the colors.


Though cool in tone, navy has enough depth to work with maroon. Pair maroon with classic navy pieces like blazers, trousers, or coats for a polished look.


Charcoal gray contains hints of black and brown that complement maroon nicely. Charcoal suits, turtlenecks, or overcoats will let maroon shine as a statement color.

Chocolate Brown

Rich chocolate browns are closely related to the reddish-brown undertones of maroon. Wearing these earth tones together results in a grounded, natural color combination.

Colors to Avoid with Maroon

Some colors are not recommended for pairing with maroon, as they can clash, overwhelm, or look dated:

Bright, Cool Colors

Vibrant cool tones like royal blue, emerald, or fuchsia don’t work well with maroon. These colors compete too much contrast-wise. If you want to pair maroon with a cool color, choose a muted or dusty version instead.


Soft pastels like mint green, baby blue, or peach lack the depth needed to complement maroon. Stick to bold, saturated colors instead of pale pastels.


Maroon and black worn together can look very harsh and gothic. Black also overwhelms maroon, making its richness less visible. Reserve black for small accents only.

Colors to Wear with Maroon Colors to Avoid with Maroon
Gold Royal Blue
Yellow Emerald Green
Orange Fuchsia
Burgundy Pastels
Rust Black
Chocolate Brown

Tips for Wearing Maroon

Follow these tips to create coordinated, polished looks featuring maroon:

  • Use maroon as a statement color. Pair it with neutral pieces like jeans, white tops, tan jackets, or navy dresses to let it stand out.
  • Add metallic shoes, jewelry, or bags in gold, copper, or bronze to complement maroon.
  • Try different maroon shades like wine, burgundy, cranberry, or rust to mix things up.
  • Anchor an outfit with neutral basics then layer on maroon accents like scarves, handbags, or belts.
  • Mix patterns and textures like stripes, florals, leather, or knits for dimension.
  • Limit maroon to one or two main pieces. Too much can be overwhelming.
  • Accessorize maroon outfits with warm metallics like gold and copper jewelry.

Example Outfit Combinations

Here are a few examples of how to pair maroon for stylish looks:

Maroon Dress + Gold Shoes + Cream Cardigan

Make a maroon dress the star by pairing it with neutral cream layers and sparkling metallic gold heels. Elegant and eye-catching!

Maroon Blazer + Navy Dress Pants + White Button Up

A maroon blazer gives smart flair to a weekday work outfit of navy trousers and crisp white shirt.

Maroon Skirt + Tan Sweater + Brown Boots

Earth tones like tan, brown, and maroon create a nature-inspired ensemble.

Maroon Top + Black Jeans + Yellow Scarf

Let a maroon top pop against classic black skinny jeans and accent with a vibrant yellow scarf.

Burgundy Dress + Charcoal Cardigan + Gold Earrings

Burgundy is a sophisticated version of maroon. Make it office-ready with charcoal layers and flashy gold jewelry.


Maroon’s rich depth stands out in any outfit. When choosing accompanying colors, opt for warm complementary hues like gold, orange, yellow, and tan that enhance maroon’s undertones. Sophisticated neutrals like cream, navy, and chocolate brown also allow maroon to shine as a statement color. Avoid pairing maroon with cool, bright colors like royal blue or pastels that can clash. With thoughtful color combinations, maroon can take an outfit from basic to bold and beautiful. Use this versatile color as a starting point, then build upon it with complementary garments and accessories. Maroon offers endless possibilities for polished, put-together looks.