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What colors go with lavender clothing?


Lavender is a light purple shade that can be a lovely accent color in an outfit. When pairing lavender clothing with other colors, the goal is to create a harmonious and complementary look. Some key factors to consider are the shade of lavender, the color wheel, and color psychology. With some strategic color pairing, lavender clothing can be quite versatile.

What is the shade of lavender clothing?

Not all lavender shades are created equal. There is a spectrum of light to dark lavender shades. A very pale lavender borders on lilac, while deeper lavenders start nearing purple. The specific shade of lavender clothing will impact which colors complement it best.

Pale, soft lavender shades tend toward cool undertones. These airy lavenders pair well with other light, delicate hues like mint, light blue, pale pink, grey, and peach. Dustier lavenders can be matched with equally muted tones like taupe and mushroom.

Meanwhile, richer lavender shades with a touch of purple lean warmer. They look beautiful with colors like yellow, orange, teal, and magenta. Deep lavenders also stand out against neutral black, white, beige, and brown.

Consult the color wheel

A color wheel is a useful tool for identifying complementary colors that work well together. On the wheel, lavender sits between purple and pink. Colors directly across from lavender are considered complementary colors. These include yellow, yellow-green, chartreuse, and lime. Tertiary colors adjacent to these complementary hues, like gold, olive, and seafoam, also combine nicely with lavender.

Analogous colors that are next to lavender on the color wheel, such as pink, peach, gray, and blue, tend to be fail-safe options. Monochromatic looks using different lavender shades and tints can also look polished.

Consider color psychology

The psychology behind each color also matters when making a combination. Lavender has a soothing, feminine, romantic vibe. Pairing it with darker, moodier colors can create an elegant look. Bold, bright colors convey more energy when matched with lavender. For a whimsical effect, pastels like mint and baby blue are fitting partners.

Here is a quick rundown of how some commonly paired colors accent lavender’s mood:

Color Psychology
Yellow Cheerful, sunny
Pink Sweet, romantic
Gray Muted, sophisticated
Blue Calming, tranquil
Green Natural, peaceful
Orange Playful, vibrant

Best color matches for lavender outfits

Now let’s explore some winning color combinations for various shades of lavender clothing and accessories.

Soft, light lavender

Delicate, pale lavender works beautifully with an equally feminine palette. Try pairing with:

– Baby blue: This sweet, dreamy combination feels ethereal.

– Mint green: Mint has a refreshing, rejuvenating vibe perfect for light lavender.

– Peach: Soft peach with light lavender evokes images of springtime.

– Light gray: An elegant, subtle pairing that’s easy on the eyes.

– White: Crisp white helps brighten up muted, dusty lavenders.

Medium lavender

The medium lavender range is highly versatile, complementing both light and dark shades. Flattering pairings include:

– Navy: A nautical vibe emerges from medium lavender and navy blue.

– Coral: Vibrant coral pink pops against mid-tone lavender.

– Yellow: Cheery yellow contrasts nicely with true lavender.

– Sage green: An earthy yet energetic color combination.

– Cream: A warmer alternative to white that flatters lavender.

Dark, rich lavender

Deep lavender shades take on a sultry, luxurious feel. Complement this mood with:

– Black: Striking and bold, black makes lavender pop.

– Magenta: Fuchsia pink has plenty of presence against deep lavender.

– Emerald: These jewel tones play off each other in an elegant way.

– Turquoise: The cool tone of turquoise balances out the warmth of purple-y lavender.

– Metallic gold: Shimmering gold makes a glam statement with rich lavender.

Factors for choosing lavender color pairings

When assembling a lavender outfit, keep the following factors in mind:

Skin tone

Match lavender shades to your skin’s undertones. Those with warm yellow undertones suit richer lavenders, while cool pink undertones are complemented by softer lavenders. Avoid washing out your complexion with a lavender that’s too similar to your natural skin color.

Makeup and hair color

Coordinate your makeup and hair with your lavender attire. For example, plum lipstick and dark hair intensify a deep lavender dress. Rosy makeup and blonde hair help lighten up softer lavender pieces.


Lavender can work for casual daytime, but richer shades lend elegance for evenings. Dark lavenders look stunning at formal events, especially when paired with metallics. Light lavenders are ideal for brunch, tea parties, or casual workplace attire.


Light lavenders fit spring and summer, while deeper tones align with fall and winter. Incorporate weather-appropriate color pairings like white in summer or olive in fall.

Personal style

Girly, romantic personalities suit delicate lavenders with soft pinks and peaches. Edgier styles shine with bold purple-lavender and black combos. Tailor your color pairings to accentuate your personal flair.

Mixing and matching lavender with patterns

When coordinating lavender pieces into outfits, don’t forget to factor in patterns and prints!

Lavender solids help anchor busier prints like polka dots, florals, and plaid. Patterned lavender bottoms can be balanced with solid tops. For mixing lavender prints, vary the scales – pair large florals with narrow stripes, for example.

Monochromatic lavender patterns, like lavender with white polka dots, create a harmonious, soothing look. Florals in lavender’s companion colors, like pink or mint, also integrate seamlessly.

When combining lavender with prints like animal prints and geometrics, stick to the same color palette. For instance, lavender with navy and white stripes. Keeping the same tones throughout ties the outfit together.

Complete outfit examples with lavender

Here are some head to toe outfit ideas that demonstrate how to effectively pair lavender with complementary colors:

Casual lavender outfit

– Light heathered lavender t-shirt
– Distressed medium blue denim jeans
– White canvas sneakers
– Silver pendant necklace

This casual weekend look pairs light lavender with classic blue denim and white sneakers. The silver necklace provides a subtle shine.

Business casual lavender outfit

– Navy trousers
– Light purple button-up blouse
– Mid-gray blazer
– Pointed black flats

For the office, this outfit uses navy pants as a neutral base for light lavender and gray blazer on top. Black flats finish the look.

Formal lavender outfit

– A-line lavender lace dress
– Black velvet heels
– Emerald green clutch
– Gold chandelier earrings

Make a glamorous entrance in this deep lavender lace dress accessorized with emerald and gold sparkle.

Spring lavender outfit

– Lavender floral sundress
– Dusty pink cardigan
– White sandals
– Straw bag

Pastels like lavender and pink capture the feeling of spring in this breezy floral sundress outfit.


Lavender is a feminine shade that lends itself to many flattering color combinations. When selecting shades to pair with lavender clothing or accessories, consider the specific hue, the color wheel, seasonal appropriateness, and desired mood. With the right coordinating pieces, the versatility of lavender can be enhanced for any occasion. Expertly mixing and matching colors with lavender results in stylish, put-together looks.