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What colors go with gold and bronze?

Gold and bronze are classic metallic colors that can add warmth and richness to any color palette. Determining what colors pair well with gold and bronze can elevate an outfit or interior space. When selecting coordinating colors, it’s important to consider the undertones of the golds and bronzes, as well as the mood you want to create. Here’s an in-depth look at the best color combinations to try with gold and bronze shades.

Undertones of Golds and Bronzes

Not all golds and bronzes are created equal. The specific shade and intensity of the metallic colors impact what other tones complement them. Here’s an overview of gold and bronze undertones:

Warm Gold

– Mix of yellow and orange undertones
– Gives off a rich, sunny vibe
– Works with other warm tones

Cool Gold

– Subtle hints of silver and green
– More sophisticated mood
– Pairs well with cooler colors

Bright Bronze

– Strong coppery undertones
– Bold, attention-grabbing effect
– Complements earth tones

Antique Bronze

– Muted and weathered looking
– Neutral base blends well
– Provides a vintage style

The general guideline is to match golds and bronzes with colors of similar intensity and temperature. However, alternating warm and cool shades can create an eye-catching contrast. Always consider the overall look and feel you want to achieve.

Best Colors to Pair with Gold

Gold is a warm metallic that feels luxe and elegant. When selecting coordinating colors, opt for hues that accentuate those qualities.

Rich Browns

Deep coffee, chocolate, caramel, and tan brown shades complement gold’s inherent warmth. Brown also brings out glimmering gold highlights. The earthy tones prevent gold from feeling overly bold.

Burnt Orange

Spicy orange with rustic appealbalances out gold’s shine. It’s an unexpected color combination that shows off gold’s versatility. Keep other elements minimal for maximum impact.

Forest Green

Deep green has enough richness on its own to contrast against gold’s opulence. The color pairing evokes natural motifs and seasonal celebration. Use metallic gold accents to make the green pop even more.

Royal Purple

Regal purple embodies luxury and drama, both characteristics that harmonize with gold’s majesty. Use a dark eggplant or plum hue for a sophisticated edge. Lighter lavender can also provide an elegant accent.

Navy Blue

Gold has an old Hollywood glam essence that navy blue enhances. Think bold jewel tones for a formal black-tie affair. Just avoid matching the gold and navy exactly so they don’t blend together.

Gold Color Combinations Mood Created
Rich browns Warm, earthy
Burnt orange Rustic, fall tones
Forest green Natural, seasonal
Royal purple Luxurious, elegant
Navy blue Bold, dramatic

Best Colors to Pair with Bronze

Bronze is more subdued and versatile than gold. The metallic shade can feel earthy, vintage, or modern depending on the colors paired with it.


Neutral beige acts as the perfect blank canvas for bronzy accents. The tone-on-tone look comes across minimalist and calming. Add bronze through decor items rather than clothing.


The orangey undertones of terracotta sync beautifully with bronze’s copper hints. Use the color combo in boho or Southwest design schemes where earthy is key. Just don’t overdo it.

Olive Green

Olives have inherent grayness that downplays the metallic nature of bronze into something more organic. Use olive drapes or furniture upholstery to balance bronze hardware and lamps.

Charcoal Gray

For an edgy, modern ambiance, pair bronze with charcoal grays. The muted base allows bronze to feel bold and contemporary. Keep other decor simple and let the metals shine.

Soft Pink

For a feminine touch, blend bronze with warm rose gold and salmon pink shades. The resulting look manages to be romantic, playful, and still sophisticated.

Bronze Color Combinations Mood Created
Beige Calm, minimalist
Terracotta Earthy, bohemian
Olive green Organic, natural
Charcoal gray Bold, modern
Soft pink Feminine, playful

Using Metallic Tones Together

What happens when you want to use gold and bronze together in the same space? It can work beautifully! Just follow these tips:

– Make one metallic an accent and the other more dominant. For example, primarily bronze furniture with golden throw pillows.

– Separate the metals into different zones. Gold in the dining space and bronze in the living area, for instance.

– Add a third coordinating color to blend the gold and bronze. Deep teal or burgundy work well.

– Rely on varying textures like glossy, matte, textured, and mirrored to differentiate the metals.

– Use the 60-30-10 rule with 60% bronze, 30% gold, and 10% other accent colors.

– Add silver and pewter elements to provide contrast next to the warm golds and bronzes.

With careful styling, you can certainly incorporate gold and bronze for a bold yet balanced effect. Just take the undertones into consideration as you build up the layers of your space.


Gold and bronze make a stunning color palette when thoughtfully combined with complementary shades. Choosing hues that accentuate the warm, rich nature of the metallics is key. Brown, orange, green, purple, gray and pink are fail-safe options. However, don’t overlook the impact different textures and other metallic finishes can have. With the right supporting colors and smart styling, gold and bronze are elevated from stuffy to sophisticated. Use these guidelines to confidently match colors with your favorite gold and bronze pieces. Soon you’ll have a space with real metallic flair.