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What colors go with champagne shirt?

Pairing the right colors with a champagne colored shirt can seem tricky. Champagne is a light golden beige color that can complement a variety of shades. The key is choosing colors that play up the warm, elegant vibe of the champagne tone. Here are some quick tips on how to pull together a stylish outfit with a champagne shirt:

Go for rich, darker neutrals

Richer neutral tones like taupe, mocha, khaki and brown make perfect complements to champagne’s golden hue. These earthy neutrals help ground the lightness of a champagne shirt and add subtle depth and sophistication. A khaki pant, chocolate brown belt, and mocha dress shoes would all work well with a champagne button down. Stick to matte, flat neutrals rather than shimmery metallics to keep the look refined.

Try lighter toned pastels

Soft pastel hues can also pair beautifully with champagne, creating a spring-ready vibe. Lighter shades of blue, lavender, pink, mint and peach will all coordinate. For example, a champagne shirt with faded blue jeans, a peach cardigan and mint shoes would make a lovely casual outfit. Just be sure the pastels are muted and washed out, rather than bright and bold, so they don’t clash against the subtle champagne tone.

Look for complementary accent colors

Finding an accent color that complements the warm hue of champagne is a great way to pull an outfit together. Try deeper berry tones like burgundy, which has an elegant, sophisticated effect. Forest and olive greens also work nicely, adding an earthiness that resonates with champagne’s neutral tone. Even black can work well in small doses, like with a black belt, handbag or shoes. Just be sure your accent shades are rich, saturated hues so they stand out against the delicate champagne background.

Aim for tonal harmony

The easiest way to coordinate with a champagne shirt is to stick to a tonal color scheme. Choose hues, prints and patterns in the same brown, beige, tan, gold color family so your entire outfit flows together seamlessly. Different shades of brown, from milk chocolate to deep coffee, will pair perfectly. Leopard prints in brown and tan work well too. Just be mindful of texture and sheen – pair matte tones with each other to prevent clashing.

Use patterns strategically

Patterns like stripes, checks, florals and paisleys can all pick up nicely on a champagne shirt. The key is choosing patterns in harmonizing neutral, pastel or accent shades. For example, thin blue pinstripes, a khaki check, a muted pink rose print or olive paisley would all complement a champagne top. Keep patterns to a minimum – one striking pattern paired with solid colors is best. Plus, muted small-scale prints tend to pair best with the subtle champagne color.

Sample Color Combinations

Champagne Shirt Bottom (Pants/Skirt) Shoes Accessories
Champagne button down Navy trousers Brown oxfords Tan leather belt
Champagne polo Light wash denim White sneakers Navy baseball cap
Champagne tee Olive khakis Cognac loafers Burgundy cardigan

As you can see, shades of brown, tan, blue, green, pink and burgundy all pair seamlessly with champagne. Just be sure to aim for complementary hues and a tonal color scheme for foolproof coordination.

Dress it up or down

A major benefit of the champagne color is its versatility – it can work for both formal and casual looks. Dressed up, a champagne button down or polo looks sharp with black trousers and oxfords for professional settings. For more casual style, pair it with blue jeans and brown boots or white sneakers. So experiment with dressing your champagne shirt up with tailored pants and blazers or down with shorts and sandals.


With its warm, golden glow, a champagne shirt offers a sophisticated neutral that pairs with lots of colors. Stick to complementing neutral, pastel and accent shades that harmonize with the champagne tone. And don’t be afraid to incorporate tonal prints and patterns. With these guidelines, you can confidently wear a champagne shirt for any occasion and look polished from head to toe.