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What colors go with burgundy in the fall?

Burgundy is a rich, deep red color that is perfect for fall. It’s warm, earthy, and elegant. Choosing colors that complement and enhance burgundy can elevate your fall fashion and home decor.

When pairing colors with burgundy, you want to strike a balance between shades that provide enough contrast, but don’t clash. Earth tones, jewel tones, and neutrals are all great options. You also want to consider different textures and patterns that can add visual interest.

In this article, we’ll explore the best colors that go with burgundy for fall clothing, accessories, makeup, and home decor. We’ll look at versatile neutral colors, bold complementary shades, and rich accent colors that all work well with burgundy. Read on for stylish color combination ideas and tips for incorporating burgundy into your autumn aesthetic!

Neutral Colors That Complement Burgundy

Neutral colors provide a great base for pairing with rich burgundy shades. They offer enough contrast without being overpowering. Here are some neutral tones that look fantastic with burgundy for fall:


Cream has a warm vanilla hue that flatters burgundy beautifully. The two colors together evoke rich red wine. Cream also balances the depth of burgundy nicely.


From light sand to deeper taupe, beige shades make an elegant neutral pairing with burgundy. Different textures like a burgundy dress and beige wool coat have visual interest.


Cooler grays work well with the warm red undertones of burgundy. Charcoal gray and burgundy make a sophisticated color combination. Light grays downplay the intensity of burgundy.


Earthy browns like mocha, chestnut, and camel complement burgundy’s earthy qualities. Dark brown leather accessories also pop against burgundy clothing or home accents.


Black offers a classic high-contrast pairing with burgundy for a formal and dramatic look. Use textures and patterns to add dimension.


Crisp white provides an energizing contrast against richly colored burgundy. It makes an elegant pairing for events and parties.

Neutral Color Pairing Suggestions
Cream Cream blouse with burgundy skirt, cream and burgundy floral print
Beige Burgundy dress with beige coat, burgundy and beige patterned rug
Gray Charcoal sweater with burgundy jeans, gray sheets on burgundy bed
Brown Burgundy shirt with mocha pants, chestnut leather purse
Black Black pants and burgundy blouse, black and burgundy geometric pattern
White White top with burgundy skirt, white flowers in burgundy vase

Complementary Color Pairings

Complementary colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel. They create high-contrast, vibrant combinations that accentuate both hues. Here are some stellar color complements for burgundy:


The cool blue-green shade of teal makes burgundy pop beautifully. From accents to clothing, this combo is energetic and flattering.

Forest Green

Deep forest green has earthy undertones that coordinate seamlessly with burgundy. Together they conjure images of the lush green forest.


Mustard’s golden yellow hue contrasts dramatically with burgundy for a bold, modern look. Use this pairing sparingly to make it pop.

Navy Blue

This classic color pairing works for formal occasions as well as casual everyday wear. Burgundy and navy blue have timeless appeal.

Dusty Blue

Soft muted dusty blue has a vintage feel against burgundy’s richness. This combo works beautifully for weddings and events.


As close relatives on the color wheel, burgundy and plum make harmonious partners. The pairing feels elevated and royal.

Complementary Color Pairing Suggestions
Teal Burgundy sweater with teal scarf, burgundy and teal home decor accents
Forest Green Burgundy dress with forest green jacket, burgundy and green plaid print
Mustard Mustard cardigan over a burgundy top, burgundy vase with mustard flowers
Navy Blue Navy trousers with a burgundy blouse, burgundy and navy striped pattern
Dusty Blue Burgundy bridesmaid dresses with dusty blue flowers, burgundy couch with dusty blue pillows
Plum Burgundy skirt with plum sweater, mix of burgundy and plum flowers

Rich Accent Colors for Burgundy

Beyond neutrals and complements, burgundy also pairs beautifully with a range of deep, jewel-toned accent colors. These richer shades provide plenty of contrast and add sophistication.

Emerald Green

Jewel-toned emerald green pops against burgundy for an elegant, upscale combination. This color pairing is perfect for the holidays.

Sapphire Blue

The rich blue hue of sapphire makes burgundy shine. Use this combo for bold prints, clothing, or home decor statements.

Eggplant Purple

With a similar depth of tone, eggplant purple and burgundy create a refined, royal-inspired look.

Ruby Red

For high-impact contrast, pair vivid ruby red with burgundy. Limit this combo to accents so it doesn’t overwhelm.

Sunflower Yellow

The vibrant hue of sunflower yellow makes burgundy pop. Use this pairing thoughtfully as it’s bold.

Rose Gold

The warm, gilded hue of rose gold shimmers beautifully against burgundy. Incorporate through metallic accessories or embellishments.

Accent Color Pairing Suggestions
Emerald Green Burgundy dress with emerald shoes, emerald and burgundy candle display
Sapphire Blue Burgundy sweater with sapphire necklace, sapphire flowers in a burgundy vase
Eggplant Purple Eggplant purse with a burgundy coat, eggplant and burgundy wedding colors
Ruby Red Burgundy pants with a ruby red belt, ruby red candles in burgundy holders
Sunflower Yellow Burgundy fall wreath with sunflower accents, yellow pillows on a burgundy couch
Rose Gold Rose gold shoes with a burgundy dress, rose gold vase with burgundy flowers

Burgundy Color Palettes for Fall Fashion

Now let’s explore full color palettes that incorporate burgundy for stylish fall fashion looks.

Burgundy, Light Gray, Camel, and Navy

This versatile color scheme blends burgundy with cool and neutral shades for year-round wearability. Pair a burgundy dress with a light gray cardigan, camel boots, and navy handbag.

Burgundy, Cream, Olive Green, and Brown

Earthy elegance comes from blending burgundy with naturals like cream, olive green, and rich brown. A burgundy turtleneck sweater with cream trousers, olive jacket, and brown booties demonstrates this scheme.

Burgundy, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue, and Beige

Jewel tones help burgundy shine. An emerald green skirt, sapphire blue blouse, beige overcoat, and burgundy heels uses this palette stylishly.

Burgundy, Plum, Teal, and Charcoal

Vibrant contrasting hues energize burgundy in this combo. A charcoal peacoat over a burgundy, plum, and teal patterned scarf dresses up a casual look.

Burgundy, Dusty Pink, Mustard, and White

Soften burgundy by blending it with muted tones like dusty pink, mustard, and crisp white. A burgundy sweater dress with pink tights, mustard scarf, and white sneakers demonstrates this scheme.

Home Decor Color Combinations with Burgundy

Burgundy also helps create cozy, welcoming spaces when used thoughtfully in home decor. Here are some colorful schemes to try:

Burgundy, Navy Blue, and Brass

The nautical vibe of burgundy, navy, and golden brass gives off sophisticated vintage charm. Use on furniture, pillows, drapes, and accessories.

Burgundy, Sage Green, and Natural Wood

Relaxed and earthy, this nature-inspired palette brings together burgundy, soothing sage green, and warm natural wood tones. Perfect for a living room.

Burgundy, Pumpkin Orange, and Slate Gray

For bold contrast, pair burgundy walls with bright pumpkin orange furniture and cool slate gray accents for contemporary flair.

Burgundy, Forest Green, and Antique Gold

Jewel-inspired glam comes from combining burgundy with deep forest green and metallic antique gold accents. Shine in a dining room or bedroom.

Burgundy, Light Gray, and Rustic Woods

Effortlessly chic, this palette blends burgundy with light gray and varied natural wood furniture and decor. Use in a bedroom, study, or entryway.


Burgundy is a standout color for autumn that pairs beautifully with a wide range of neutrals, complements, jewel tones, and natural earth tones. Whether you’re accenting an outfit with a burgundy handbag or using it to create a stylish living room, combining colors thoughtfully is key. Use this guide to help you put together polished color palettes with burgundy for any fall style or decor needs. Have fun pairing, mixing and matching!