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What colors go with brown wedding?

What colors go with brown wedding?

Choosing the right color palette for a brown wedding can be tricky. Brown is a neutral color that can work with a variety of shades, but some combinations will look more cohesive than others. As a warm, earthy tone, brown pairs beautifully with other natural hues like cream, tan, light green, and soft rose. Jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and ruby also make striking accent colors against brown backdrops. When selecting your brown wedding color scheme, consider the venue, time of year, and overall style you want to achieve.

Which Colors Go Best With Brown

Here are some of the most popular and attractive color combinations to use with brown for weddings:

  • Cream: Cream is a gorgeous neutral that works for any season. Paired with chocolate brown, it creates a warm, sophisticated look. Accent with metallics or pinks.
  • Blush: Blush pink flatters most skin tones. Together, brown and blush make a feminine, romantic pairing. Consider ivory, peach or sage green as tertiary hues.
  • Navy: Navy blue has a nautical vibe that looks sharp with lighter browns like beige or taupe. Incorporate neutrals like ivory or gray for balance.
  • Red: For drama, combine rich chocolate or coffee brown with bold reds like crimson, burgundy or oxblood. Tone it down with creams or tans.
  • Teal: The vividness of teal complements brown’s earthiness beautifully. Use metallics like bronze or gold as accents.
  • Purple: Regal purple shades complement brown’s woodsy quality. Lavender, eggplant and plum all work nicely.
  • Olive Green: Mossy olives and forest greens pair elegantly with medium to darker browns. Accent with neutrals like almond or stone.
  • Orange: Spice up a neutral brown palette with vibrant orange tones. Burnt orange, peach and coral look lively.

Best Brown Wedding Color Combinations by Season

Choosing colors that fit the season of your wedding is a great way to create cohesion. Here are some of the top brown color combinations for each season:


  • Beige and blush pink
  • Khaki green and light peach
  • Mocha and mint
  • Chestnut and sky blue


  • Ivory and navy blue
  • Tan and coral
  • Coffee brown and lime green
  • Hazelnut and lavender


  • Walnut and burgundy
  • Oak brown and olive green
  • Russet and orange
  • Mocha and eggplant


  • Chocolate brown and crimson
  • Espresso and emerald
  • Taupe and plum
  • Camel and navy

Best Brown Wedding Color Schemes by Style

In addition to season, choosing colors that match your overall wedding style is key. Here are some fabulous color combinations for popular brown wedding themes:


  • Khaki and sage green
  • Coffee brown and crimson
  • Taupe and lavender
  • Beige and sky blue


  • Chestnut brown and plum
  • Mocha and peach
  • Hazelnut and mint
  • Cognac and ruby


  • Almond and pink
  • Mink and lilac
  • Fawn brown and rose
  • Tan and hydrangea blue


  • Espresso and turquoise
  • Dark chocolate and tangerine
  • Charcoal brown and fuchsia
  • Taupe and emerald


  • Cocoa brown and mustard
  • Chestnut and coral
  • Coffee brown and teal
  • Khaki and purple

How to Use Brown Wedding Colors

Once you’ve selected your palette, there are endless ways to weave those colors into your wedding details. Here are some ideas:

  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Groomsmen’s ties and pocket squares
  • Florals – bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres
  • Table linens – tablecloths, napkins, runners
  • Chair covers
  • Stationery – invitations, menus, signs
  • Decor – candles, vases, lanterns, pillows
  • Cake
  • Desserts like macarons, truffles, doughnuts
  • Beverage options – custom cocktails, mocktails, coffee drinks

Aim for two or three main colors, then add pretty neutrals like cream, gray and metallics for accent. The brown acts as an anchoring neutral, allowing the other colors to pop and create interest.

Choosing Brown Wedding Decor

Your venue decor is one of the most important elements for bringing your color scheme to life. Here are some brown decor ideas to inspire you:

  • Drape ceilings and walls with ivory fabric
  • Use burlap, jute and wood for rustic charm
  • Incorporate maples leaves and acorns for a fall wedding
  • Display brown vintage books for a bookish vibe
  • Use mason jars wrapped with brown kraft paper
  • Choose dark wood farm tables and chiavari chairs
  • Use brown table runners on cream linen tablecloths
  • Wrap cream candles with brown lace or burlap
  • Use brown vases and lanterns filled with colorful florals

Most Flattering Brown Wedding Colors for Skin Tones

Choosing colors that are harmonious with your skin tone ensures you and the wedding party will look radiant in photos. Here are some of the best brown wedding colors for different complexions:

Skin Tone Most Flattering Browns Complementary Colors
Fair/Porcelain Fawn brown, taupe, almond, khaki Blush pink, lavender, sky blue
Light/Peach Honey, chestnut, tan, sand Sage green, coral, ivory
Medium/Golden Walnut, espresso, mocha, pecan Teal, plum, mustard
Olive/Tan Coffee, chocolate, oak, hazelnut Crimson, turquoise, lime
Dark/Ebony Charcoal, burgundy, cocoa, camel Ivory, emerald, orange


Brown is an extremely versatile neutral that allows for lots of creativity when designing your wedding color palette. By choosing complementary hues that work with your season and style, you’re sure to end up with a cohesive, beautiful look. Beiges, taupes, and lighter browns complement fair skin beautifully, while darker complexions can pull off rich chocolate, coffee, and espresso tones. Accent with vivid jewel tones, pastels, or earthy neutrals for a personalized brown wedding color scheme.