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What colors go well with shale?


Shale is a neutral earth tone that can work well with a variety of color palettes. When decorating with shale, it’s important to consider the undertones and choose accent colors that will complement them. Here are some quick tips for pairing colors with shale:

– Warm undertones – Pair with terra cotta, mustard, sage green, warm metallics like copper and brass
– Cool undertones – Go for light blues, grays, lavender, silver metallics
– Grayish undertones – Try deep jewel tones like emerald, navy or eggplant
– Reddish/brown undertones – Coordinate with burgundy, burnt orange, ochre

The key is to look at the particular hue of your shale and determine whether it leans warm, cool or neutral. You’ll also want to take into account the style of your space – a cozy cottage can handle bolder earth tones while a modern loft benefits from more saturated brights.

Choosing a Color Scheme

When putting together a color palette with shale, you’ll want to choose one dominant color to serve as an accent. This color can be bold or subtle depending on personal preference. Here are some popular color combinations that work well with shale:

Shale + Olive Green Rich, natural pairing perfect for traditional spaces
Shale + Navy Classic and sophisticated
Shale + Charcoal Understated and elegant
Shale + Terracotta Warm and earthy
Shale + Sage Relaxed and casual
Shale + Taupe Subtle and soothing

In addition to the accent color, incorporate neutral and metallic shades like cream, beige, gray and bronze. These will add subtle interest without competing with the shale and accent color.

Living Room Colors

The living room is often the heart of the home, so the colors you choose here will set the tone for your whole space. Shale is an adaptable background color that provides a solid foundation for many color schemes.

For a cozy and inviting living room, pair shale walls with warm cinnamon accent furniture and burnt orange throw pillows. Add in lush green plants for a pop of life.

For a more contemporary vibe, use shale in a monochromatic palette. Layer on shades of gray textiles along with chrome and glass accents. Introduce contrast with navy blue cushions and artwork.

Or make the shale shine with glossy emerald curtains, a Lucite coffee table and brass side tables. Tartan accents in yellow, blue and ivory add preppy charm.

Whatever your style, a neutral shale backdrop allows you to take risks with bold prints, patterns and textures. Just keep the accent colors and furniture finishes cohesive.

Bedroom Colors

In the sanctuary of the bedroom, shale walls cultivate a peaceful ambiance. For a romantic but relaxed vibe, pair it with pastel blues and greens, using the palette in your bedding, window treatments and artwork. Add warm metallic accents with copper table lamps, mirrors and chandeliers.

For a bedroom with boho flair, complement shale walls with jewel-toned textiles. Layer in dreamy watercolor prints on pillows and curtains in rich shades of sapphire, amethyst and topaz. Rustic wood nightstands add organic contrast.

Or create a modern feel with crisp white bedding against the soft shale backdrop. Accessorize with chartreuse and citrus throw pillows and a sleek Lucite accent chair. Hang geometric prints and sunburst mirrors for visual interest.

No matter your preferred aesthetic, a neutral shale foundation allows you to shift the look seasonally with duvet covers, throw blankets and accent pillows in bolder hues and prints.

Kitchen Colors

In the kitchen, shale lower cabinets provide an adaptable base to build your color scheme around.

For an earthy palette, pair shale cabinets with creamy subway tile backsplash and sandstone countertops. Wooden bar stools, woven placemats and terra cotta cookware enhance the natural feel. Green plants and flowers add liveliness.

Go bold with a dusty blue backsplash tile and royal blue kitchen island. Polished nickel hardware and stainless steel appliances feel sleek and modern against the shale cabinets. Add warmth with tan leather bar stools.

Or opt for a vibrant vibe with mustard yellow walls and mint green open shelving. A marble or quartz countertop bridges the two colors. Woven dining chairs, fresh flowers and colorful cookware liven up the shale base.

No matter your taste, a neutral shale foundation allows you to take risks and have fun with statement colors, artwork, appliances and decorative tile. Just be sure to unify the space with consistent materials and finishes.

Bathroom Colors

In bathrooms, shale tile or wall paint provides a soothing, spa-like foundation to build your color palette around.

For a bold yet cozy feel, pair shale walls with rich navy vanity cabinets and brass fixtures. Add interest with marble countertops and an intricate tiled floor and shower. Fluffy white towels pop against the colorful backdrop.

Create an energizing vibe with matte black hardware, stark white quartz countertops and a geometric cement tile floor on a shale background. Pale green accents in towels, soap dispensers and candles feel refreshing.

Or opt for opulence with metallic taupe wallpaper, gilded mirrors and sconces and emerald green accent tiles. Lucite shelves, fresh flowers and velvety rugs soften the sleek shale and metallic color pairing.

Whatever mood you want to set, a shale foundation allows you to get creative with patterns, textures and statement plumbing fixtures. Just make sure your accent colors complement the shale rather than compete with it.

Dining Room Colors

In the dining room, shale walls make a stunning backdrop for your china cabinet displays. For traditional appeal, adorn shale walls with framed botanical prints, a crystal chandelier and matching mahogany dining set. Navy dining chairs and golden accent pieces create an elegant contrast.

For a contemporary dining room, pair matte black dining chairs with a sleek marble table atop a fluffy shag rug. The cool gray veining in the marble ties to the shale while metallic photo prints, vases and tableware add modern flair.

Or infuse a shale dining room with bohemian charm using woven rattan dining chairs, patterned curtains and an antique kilim rug in warm colors like saffron, ruby and topaz. Brass candlesticks, vases and wall sconces provide a subtle golden glow to complement the earthy palette.

Whatever your preferred decor style, a shale dining room provides a warm, welcoming backdrop for hosting family meals and dinner parties. Have fun dressing up the space with colorful place settings, fresh florals and lighting.


Shale is a wonderfuy neutral jumping-off point for all different interior decor styles. Whether you prefer a cozy traditional feel or a sleek modern aesthetic, shale allows you to get creative with accent colors, patterns and textures while providing a grounded foundation.

When decorating with shale, look at the specific undertones to determine whether warm, cool or neutral accent shades will be most complementary. You can then have fun mixing materials like woods, metals, marble, glass and tiles for visual interest.

With its adaptability and earthy appeal, shale helps create a welcoming space that feels distinctly you. Just keep accent colors and finishes cohesive for a pulled-together look. Then enjoy the endless ways you can give your home personality and panache grounded in the beauty of shale.