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What colors go well with revere pewter?

What colors go well with revere pewter?

Revere pewter is a popular neutral paint color that works well in many homes. It’s a light gray with subtle warm undertones that give it a cozy, inviting look. When decorating a room painted in revere pewter, it’s important to choose coordinating colors that will enhance its beauty. The right color pairings can make the revere pewter walls pop while also creating a harmonious and sophisticated space.

Warm neutrals

Some of the best colors to pair with revere pewter are other warm neutrals in lighter tones. Lighter taupes, creams, ivories, and tans make excellent companions for revere pewter walls. They have a similar cozy, welcoming vibe while providing enough contrast to keep the space visually interesting. Some great warm neutral paint colors to consider include:

– Creamy ivory or eggshell white: These off-whites have just a touch of yellow or beige to compliment the gray. They keep things light and airy.

– Light tan or greige: Look for tan paints with gray undertones (known as “greige”). The subtle mix of gray and brown coordinates perfectly with the revere pewter.

– Warm taupe: Taupe is a versatile neutral that pairs beautifully with most grays. It adds subtle warmth without overpowering.

– Soft champagne: The golden hue of champagne adds a subtle touch of brightness next to the revere pewter. It works well in living spaces.

Crisp whites

For a clean and refreshing feel, white is always a foolproof pairing with gray. Crisp true whites help to highlight and accentuate the revere pewter walls. They make the space feel open and airy. Different white undertones can also pull out different aspects of the revere pewter:

– Bright optic white has a hint of cool blue that accentuates the gray tones.

– Clean linen white with subtle yellow comes across as warm against the revere pewter.

– Dove white with a touch of beige feels rich next to the gray walls.

Keep whites looking bright by limiting to one feature wall or accent pieces like trim, furniture, and decor. Too much white next to revere pewter can feel overwhelming or clinical. Use it sparingly for pops of fresh contrast.

Colors that contrast

Some key colors that offer bold, striking contrast against revere pewter are deep, dramatic hues like navy blue, emerald green, eggplant purple and crimson red. These richer tones make the revere pewter recede into an elegant neutral backdrop that lets the saturated color pop. Contrasting colors are eye-catching and dramatic, so use them even more sparingly than crisp whites. Some ways to incorporate them include:

– Navy blue accent wall in a bedroom or office space

– Deep emerald or Sapphire velvet armchair in a living room

– Rich crimson red throw pillows on a neutral sofa

– Eggplant or plum purple rug as a focal point against revere pewter floors

Too much saturation will look jarring and overwhelming against the muted revere pewter. Use these bold complementary colors strategically in smaller doses.

Earth tones

Natural earth tones also pair serenely with revere pewter walls, creating a grounded, organic look and feel. Subtle terra cotta, light mossy greens, warm umber, and soft camel will blend beautifully, lending revere pewter spaces a relaxed, casual elegance. Try these combinations:

– Olive green curtains and revere pewter walls in a dining room

– Umber brown leather sofa against a revere pewter feature wall

– Terra cotta kitchenware and textiles paired with revere pewter kitchen cabinets

– Camel suede or velvet pillows on a neutral couch to complement revere pewter

The muted, matte quality of earth tones allows them to coordinate seamlessly without overwhelming the revere pewter base. Add some organic texture with jute rugs, woven throws, and wood accents to enhance the earthy tranquility.


For a soft, dreamy feel, try pairing revere pewter with pale dusty pastels like lilac, mint, or sky blue. These will add just a touch of ethereal color while maintaining a calm, neutral palette. Some pastel pairings to consider:

– Powder blue armchairs make a restful accent against revere pewter walls.

– A vintage mint buffet offers a pop of interest without going overboard.

– Light lilac bedding gives a bedroom soothing appeal with revere pewter.

– Blush pink table lamps inject youthful charm into a revere pewter living room.

Pastels with grayish or brownish undertones work especially well, like dusty roses, lavender, and sage greens. The muted tones connect naturally to complement the revere pewter in a subtle, graceful way. Brighter pastels can start to look jarring, so stick to softer hues.

Metallic accents

For a touch of glamour and sophistication, finishes like brass, silver, pewter and gold work beautifully with revere pewter walls. Metallic accents catch and reflect light, adding interest and a bit of shine to balance out the flat matte quality of the gray. Some metallic touches to try:

– Brass light fixtures, door handles or table lamps

– Silver and pewter ceramic vases or decor items

– Gold framework on mirrors or art pieces

– Metallic rugs in muted gold or silver tones

A little metallic sparkle goes a long way against neutral revere pewter. Use it in doses through lighting, hardware, decor or art to elevate the space. Metallic furniture or large features can start to look overly flashy. Keep it to accents for a refined look.

Crisp black and white

A classic black and white color scheme always looks timelessly elegant and sophisticated. Against a revere pewter backdrop, clean black and white elements look bold, graphic and modern. Try these powerful color combinations:

– Black end tables on either side of a revere pewter sofa

– White shelving and cabinetry against revere pewter walls

– A black and white gallery wall with framed prints

– Bold black and white area rug

– White kitchen island contrasting with black counter stools

Keep the black and white color pairing minimal and strategic. Too much can start to feel harsh. Use just enough to create striking vignettes that pop against the neutral revere pewter foundation.

Avoid orange undertones

One color to generally avoid pairing with revere pewter is other grays or beiges with orange undertones. While revere pewter has subtle warm undertones, gray paints with orange hints like greige with too much brown can clash and look dirty against it. They dilute the elegance. The same is true of beiges that are too yellow-orange. Keep any warm paints paired with revere pewter in the subtle greige to greige/tan range instead.

Good color pairings with revere pewter Colors to avoid with revere pewter
Creamy off-whites Orangy beiges
Warm greige Browns with orange undertones
Soft warm taupe Terracotta or rust
Clean true bright whites Mustard yellow
Navy blue Muddy grays with brown undertones
Emerald green
Eggplant purple

Tips for decorating with revere pewter

When putting together a cohesive room scheme with revere pewter walls, keep these decorating tips in mind:

– Stick to a neutral palette overall for a soothing, elegant look. Pops of color can add interest, but don’t go overboard.

– Use metallics sparingly as accents to add just the right amount of contrast and shine.

– Add in natural elements like woven woods, jute, linen and cotton for an organic, grounded feel.

– Mix in some cozy textures like velvet, knits and faux fur with the smooth revere pewter walls.

– Pair revere pewter in formal spaces with tailored classics like tufted leather and ornate carpets.

– In more casual rooms try slipcovered sofas, weathered woods and denim for relaxed chic.

– Display gallery walls filled with black and white art prints for bold contrast.

– Choose larger pieces like sofas or drapes in solid neutrals and save any patterns for toss pillows and throws.


With its warm, welcoming vibe, revere pewter lends itself perfectly to a variety of refined, elegant color combinations. Sticking with a neutral palette of whites, warm beiges, greiges, and taupes will create a timeless, sophisticated look that highlights the revere pewter walls. For more interest, incorporate pops of black and white, metallics, or pastels. Nature-inspired hues like olive green and umber also pair seamlessly for an organic feel. Avoid oranges and muddy grays that can clash and look dated. Thoughtfully curated accent colors and textures will allow your revere pewter base to really shine.