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What colors go well with emerald green dress?


An emerald green dress can be a gorgeous and stylish choice. The rich green hue looks elegant and can be flattering on many skin tones. However, pairing the right colors with emerald green is important for creating a put together and fashionable look. Certain shade combinations will accentuate the dress beautifully, while others can make the look seem mismatched or dull. Knowing which colors work best with emerald green ahead of time makes getting dressed effortless.

Quick Answers

– Neutral colors like black, white, beige, gray and tan pair excellently with emerald green. They provide contrast and allow the vibrant green to stand out.

– Warm metallics like gold, copper and bronze boost the richness of the emerald hue. Cool metallics like silver and pewter also complement it well.

– Reds, pinks, purples, blues and other jewel tones coordinate seamlessly with emerald dresses. These bold, saturated hues enhance one another.

– Soft pastels like peach, pink, mint, lavender and baby blue create pleasant, spring-like combinations with emerald green.

– Earth tones like camel, tan, mocha and rich brown offer a natural outdoorsy look. Olive green and avocado green are perfect matches.

Neutral Colors

Neutrals like black, white, gray and beige are foolproof options for pairing with a green dress. They act as neutral bases that allow the striking emerald color to take center stage. Black is a timeless color that makes emerald pop. An emerald dress with black heels or bag looks classic and sophisticated. White has a summery feel that works for daytime events. Add white shoes or a clutch to freshen up the look. Light beiges or soft grays nicely offset the jewel tone while still keeping the focus on the green. Darker neutrals like black and charcoal gray lean more formal or evening-appropriate. Lighter shades like ivory and blush pink are pretty for garden parties or weddings. Ultimately, neutrals are versatile and fail-safe colors to team with emerald.

Metallic Shoes, Jewelry and Accessories

Metallic accessories are a perfect way to pick up the richness of an emerald dress. Gold is a traditional pairing that brings old Hollywood glamour. Gold heels or a sequined gold bag lend a touch of sparkle and luxury. Rose gold and copper offer a unique spin, warming up the emerald in a rosy direction. For cooler metallic pairings, opt for silver or pewter. A shiny silver necklace or iridescent pewter clutch provides contrast while maintaining the elegant vibe. Stainless steel, mercury and muted metallic grays work well too. Since emerald has blue undertones, metallics with a bluish cast like platinum and gunmetal keep things cohesive. Avoid pairing an emerald dress with loud, overly bright metallics. The green should take precedence. Stick to metallics in jewelry, shoes and small accents. Too much metallic can verge into garish territory. A little bit goes a long way.

Red and Pink

Reds and pinks highlight the green tones in emerald dresses, creating cheerful, festive combinations. Cherry red pumps, lipstick or belt make the emerald pop while lending passion and vibrancy. Blue-reds like scarlet, crimson and wine red also sizzle next to emerald. These shades have enough blue to seamlessly match the jewel tone green. When pairing reds with emerald dresses, avoid going too orange-y. Stick to true reds or those leaning slightly purple or blue. Pink offers softer, more romantic possibilities. Pair a emerald dress with blush pink heels and lip for a springtime vibe. Bubblegum pink bags and jewelry inject fun and playfulness. Dusty mauve pink heels or a wrap provide subtle contrast. Since emerald contains blue tones, the best pinks lean more coral, peach or salmon rather than Barbie doll brights.

Red/Pink Shades Rating
Cherry red Excellent
Scarlet Excellent
Crimson Excellent
Wine red Excellent
Coral Excellent
Salmon Excellent
Fuchsia Good
Mauve Good
Blush pink Good
Bubblegum pink Good
Orange red Poor
Neon pink Poor

Purple and Blue

Purple and blue are ideal color partners for emerald since they sit alongside green on the color wheel. Rich jewel tones like royal purple, eggplant and sapphire blue accent the dress without clashing. Pair an emerald dress with amethyst or tanzanite jewelry for an expensive looking combination. Baby blue and periwinkle work for spring and summer. Navy blue dresses, jackets and shoes complement emerald year-round. Since emerald contains blue tones, match the shades properly. Teal, cerulean and cobalt blue are perfect matches. Sky blue and electric purple tend to look mismatched. Avoid pairing emerald with ultra-bright purples and blues. Stick to jewel-toned royal blues and eggplant purples for flawless coordination.

Purple/Blue Shades Rating
Amethyst Excellent
Eggplant Excellent
Royal purple Excellent
Navy Excellent
Sapphire Excellent
Periwinkle Good
Lavender Good
Baby blue Good
Electric purple Poor
Neon blue Poor

Soft Pastels

Soft pastel colors create a delicate, romantic pairing with emerald green. Shades like blush pink, peach, mint, baby blue and lilac have a gentle sweetness. Combining emerald with pastels fits spring and summer events like bridal showers, weddings and garden parties. For a unified look, choose pastels with a hint of green or blue like seafoam, sage, or powder blue. Pair a lighter emerald dress with pastel shoes and bag. On deeper emerald dresses, pastels provide pleasing contrast. Lean into the soft femininity by accessorizing an emerald dress with lace and florals when using pastel accents. Avoid neon bright pastels, which can look garish next to the rich emerald jewel tone.

Earth Tones

Earthy neutrals like tan, mocha, camel and rich brown harmonize seamlessly with emerald dresses. These nature-inspired shades add warmth and complement the green beautifully. Pair an emerald dress with cognac brown boots or belt for an autumnal look. Add an olive green or avocado green cardigan or jacket to keep the palette fresh and vibrant. Since emerald contains gray undertones, earth tones that lean cool and muted work better than bright orange shades. Go for a mushroom, slate or stone colored clutch rather than pumpkin orange. However, spiced brown shades with a bit of brick red or rust orange can also flatter emerald nicely. Just keep the pairing more muted and classic. Avoid matching emerald with neon oranges and bright southwestern prints.

Avoid Overwhelming the Emerald Green

When pairing other colors with an emerald green dress, it is important not to overwhelm the green. Emerald has a vibrant richness that you want to showcase. Colors that compete too much with the emerald, like other bright jewel tones, neon brights, and loud patterns tend to lessen the elegant effect. The emerald dress should take center stage. Colors like ruby red, citrine yellow, fuchsia, and neon anything run the risk of clashing. Stick to complementing the emerald green rather than trying to match its intensity. Solids or simpler patterns help keep the look sophisticated. While accent colors are great for highlighting emerald, don’t go overboard. A single brightly hued accessory allows the dress to stand out.

Consider Skin Tone and Hair Color

When pairing emerald green with other colors, consider your individual coloring and complexion. Those with warm, peachy undertones to their skin can pull off pairing emerald with warmer metallics, reds, pinks and brown earth tones beautifully. People with cool pinkish undertones do well with platinums, silver, icy pastels and ruby red. Olive skin tones will glow next to the jewel green. Darker skin often shines in emerald. Blondes can lean into soft pinks and blues while brunettes and raven haired beauties can rock deeper plums and reds. Personal coloring, makeup choices, and hair color and tone all impact the pairings that shine most.

Season and Occasion Help Guide Pairings

The season and occasion offer direction when choosing which colors to team with an emerald dress. Winter and fall pair well with deeper, warmer tones like hunter green, burgundy, navy, and rich brown. Spring and summer lend themselves to lighter pastels, sky blue, cherry red, and metallics like rose gold. Formal evenings call for black, silver, platinum, ruby red, or royal purple. Casual daytime events can handle lighter beiges, pinks, fresh florals, and earth tones. Consider the surroundings too. An emerald dress pops at the beach with white and nautical blues. In the forest, pair with russets and olive greens. Let the vibe inform the pairing.

Confidence is Key

At the end of the day, wear your emerald dress with colors that make you feel confident and fabulous. There are no truly bad combinations. Opt for shades you love that flatter your complexion and personality. An emerald green dress is a style standout. Accessorize it with colors that express your unique flair. Feeling good in your clothes is always in fashion.


– Neutrals like black, white, tan and gray effortlessly match emerald green dresses.

– Warm metallics like gold, copper and rose gold accent emerald’s richness beautifully. Cooler silver, platinum and gunmetal work too.

– Vibrant jewel-toned reds, pinks, blues and purples complement the emerald green gorgeously.

– Soft pastel versions of green, blue, pink and purple create a delicate springtime vibe.

– Earthy browns and olive greens offer natural harmony with emerald.

– Avoid bright neons, loud patterns, and matching emerald’s intensity. Let the dress stand out.

– Consider skin tone, hair color, season and occasion to guide color pairings.

– Wear color combos that make you feel bold and confident. That’s always in style!


Emerald green is a classic elegant choice that commands attention. Pairing it thoughtfully with accent colors allows the vibrant green to really shine and the overall look to feel cohesive. Neutrals, jewel tones, metallics, pastels and earth tones all offer excellent coordination possibilities. Avoiding overly bright, clashing colors helps keep the focus on the emerald dress. With so many pleasing options, you’re sure to find color combinations that flatter your complexion, complement your personal style and make your emerald green dress the star it deserves to be. Have fun mixing and matching to create looks you adore!