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What colors go good with a tan?

What colors go good with a tan?

When deciding what colors go well with tan, it’s important to consider the undertones of your specific tan skin tone. Tan skin can lean warm with yellow, olive, or golden undertones. It can also lean cool with pink or neutral undertones. The right colors will complement and enhance your natural skin tone rather than clash with it.

Colors for Warm Tan Skin

If your tan skin has warm yellow, olive, or golden undertones, you’ll look great in other warm hues. These colors will accentuate the glow of your skin. Consider wearing:

  • Yellow – A bright, cheerful hue that brings out golden undertones.
  • Orange – A bold, vibrant color that pairs perfectly with olive skin.
  • Coral – A flattering shade for yellow-toned tan skin.
  • Terracotta – A earthy tone that complements golden skin.
  • Mocha – A rich brown that flatters olive undertones.
  • Mint green – A cool, energizing accent color for warm tan skin.
  • Teal – A tropical blue-green that pops against golden tan.

Warm metallics like gold, copper, and bronze also look gorgeous and give an overall glow. For neutrals, turn to rich camel, caramel, khaki, and warm brown.

Colors for Cool Tan Skin

Does your tan skin have subtle pink or neutral undertones? You’ll look best in cooler hues that contrast with your skin. Consider wearing:

  • Royal blue – A classic hue that complements tan with pink tones.
  • Emerald green – A sophisticated color for neutral tan skin.
  • Purple – From lilac to plum, a beautiful accent for pinkish tan.
  • Burgundy – An elegant wine hue that flatters neutral tan.
  • Navy – A flattering nautical shade for cool tan.
  • Gray – An adaptable neutral that works for any tan skin tone.

Cool metallics like silver, platinum, and nickel are also excellent choices. Stick to cool-toned neutrals like taupe, slate, and ash brown.

Finding Your Most Flattering Colors

The fastest way to find which colors you look best in is to try them on! Drape various hues against your face to see which make your complexion glow. Ask a friend for an honest opinion as well.

Here are some tips for easy color testing:

  • Try on colored clothing near your face.
  • Look at yourself in natural lighting.
  • Pay attention to how your skin tone changes.
  • Notice which hues make your eyes and teeth look whiter.
  • See which shades make your face look radiant and vibrant.

Once you’ve narrowed down your most flattering hues, incorporate them into your wardrobe through clothing, accessories, and makeup. Use colors strategically to play up your gorgeous, golden tan!

Best Makeup Colors for Tan Skin

Choosing makeup that complements your skin is just as important as finding flattering clothing colors. Here are some of the best makeup shades to try for tan skin:

  • Gold or bronze eyeshadow
  • Black or brown eyeliner
  • Dark brown mascara
  • Peach, coral, or brownish-red blush
  • Neutral, peach, or brown lipstick
  • Champagne, gold, or bronze highlighter

Look for warm-toned palettes with yellow, peach, olive, and terracotta shades. Cool-toned tan skin can opt for mauve, dusty rose, and plum shades. Stay away from pastels, which can look chalky on darker complexions.

Most Flattering Colors for Tan Skin Tones

Here’s a quick summary of the best colors to wear for warm, cool, and neutral tan skin tones:

Warm Tan Skin

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Coral
  • Terracotta
  • Mocha
  • Mint Green
  • Teal
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Bronze

Cool Tan Skin

  • Royal Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Purple
  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Nickel

Neutral Tan Skin

  • Emerald Green
  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Gray
  • Platinum
  • Nickel

Use this guide as a starting point and make adjustments depending on your personal coloring and preferences. With some experimentation, you’ll discover the perfect color palette to complement your gorgeous tan!

Finding Color Inspiration

Need a little extra inspiration when putting together tan-flattering outfits? Here are some great sources of color combinations to try:

  • Nature – Look to warm sunsets, cool oceans, and rich landscapes for earthy color schemes.
  • Artwork – Paintings, textiles, and photography often use harmonious color palettes you can borrow.
  • Magsazines – Flip through fashion magazines and take notes on what colors models with tan skin are wearing.
  • Pinterest – Search for “tan skin outfits” boards full of great ideas.
  • Celebrities – Look at red carpet photos of tan celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Halle Berry.
  • Your existing wardrobe – Pick out items in your closet that already flatter your skin and use them as a color guide.

You can also turn to color analysis websites and quizzes to determine your seasonal color palette. Finally, don’t forget to have fun with color and express your personal style!

Choosing Colorful Clothing

When building a tan-flattering wardrobe, aim for rich, saturated hues over pale and washed-out shades. Here are some tips for selecting clothes in your best colors:

  • Solid colors – Monochromatic pieces allow the colors to shine.
  • Color blocking – Wearing blocks of color is a striking look on tan skin.
  • Patterns – Choose patterns with colors from your palette like stripes, florals, or ikat.
  • Jewel tones – Emerald, sapphire, and ruby make gorgeous statement colors.
  • Neutrals – Have go-to tan, brown, gray, and denim pieces to anchor bold outfits.

Pay attention to color placement too. Wearing your best hues near your face will make your complexion glow. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find your perfect color formula!

Accessorizing Your Outfits

Accessories are the perfect way to incorporate pops of color into your wardrobe. Look for accessories in metallic shades, vibrant jewels, or cool neutrals to complete your looks. Here are some ideas:

  • Statement jewelry – Trynecklaces, earrings, and bracelets in emerald, sapphire, or gold.
  • Scarves – Bright silk scarves can instantly warm up cool tan skin tones.
  • Shoes – Metallic sandals, nude pumps, and tan leather bags make versatile pairings.
  • Sunglasses – Go for bold, colorful frames to accentuate your tan.
  • Hats – Floppy sun hats are chic and protect your face from sun damage.

When accessorizing, choose items with colors and textures that complement your clothing. Aim for a cohesive overall look. Don’t forget sunscreen as well to keep your gorgeous tan glowing!

Color Combinations to Try

Use these color pairing suggestions to build cohesive, tan-flattering outfits:

  • Olive green with terracotta or mocha
  • Coral with denim blue and bronze jewelry
  • Plum with gray and metallic shoes
  • Royal blue with navy and silver jewelry
  • Burgundy with black and ash brown
  • Khaki with emerald green and gold accents

Aim for contrasting hues that complement without clashing. Don’t be afraid to get creative – there are so many gorgeous colors that look stunning on tan skin!

Dressing for Different Seasons

Your color choices may shift subtly as your tan fades or deepens with the seasons. Here are some seasonal tips:

  • Spring & Summer – Embrace warm brights like yellow, coral, mint, and turquoise.
  • Fall & Winter – Transition to deeper tones like burgundy, emerald, navy, and mocha.

As you tan in the warmer months, you can also wear clearer colors without washing you out. Just be sure to reassess as your skin color changes!


Embracing colors that complement your tan is one of the best ways to highlight your sunkissed glow. Determine whether your tan skin leans warm, cool, or neutral, then experiment with flattering hues in your clothing, makeup, and accessories. Vibrant shades of yellow, mint, coral, teal, royal blue, plum, and emerald will have you looking radiant. Stick to rich neutrals and metallics for a more pared back look. Most importantly, have fun with color and find combinations that express your personal style!