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What colors go best with gray in interior design?

What colors go best with gray in interior design?

Gray is a versatile neutral color that can work with almost any color scheme in interior design. However, some shades of gray look better with certain colors than others. When decorating a gray room, it’s important to consider the undertones of the gray and choose colors that complement it. This article will discuss the best color combinations to use with different shades of gray in home interiors.

Warm Gray

Warm grays have subtle yellow or red undertones. They create a cozy and inviting look in a room. Here are some of the best colors to pair with warm shades of gray:

Yellow – Add a cheerful pop of color with sunny yellows. Soft buttery yellows work nicely for an understated look. Brighter yellow accents will make the space more lively. Yellow and gray create a relaxed Scandinavian style interior.

Greens – From sage to emerald, green is a natural pairing with warm gray. Olive greens and avocado hues give an earthy, organic feel. Mint and seafoam greens are refreshing with warm grays. Dark greens like forest and hunter green add drama.

Browns – Warm browns like tans, camels and mochas blend seamlessly with warm grays. Try brown leather furniture and accessories against a warm gray wall. The brown adds a subtle contrast while still keeping things neutral.

Reds and Pinks – For a bold, lively look, pair warm gray with reds and pinks. Try a bright cherry red sofa or fuchsia accent chair. Burgundy and maroon work well too. Soft dusty pinks and mauves create a romantic, feminine vibe with gray.

Metallics – Warm metallic accents like brass, copper and bronze bring out the golden tones in warm gray. These metallic colors give the space a glamorous, modern style.

Best Colors for Warm Gray

Cool Gray

Cool grays have subtle blue or green undertones. They create a calming, relaxed feeling in an interior. Here are the best color combinations with cool shades of gray:

Blues – From navy to sky blue, all shades of blue complement cool grays. Navy blue makes a dramatic impact and creates a nautical vibe. Soft powdery blues are soothing and elegant. Turquoise and teal add energy to cool gray rooms.

Purples – Lavender, lilac, plum and mauve balance out the cooler tones in light to mid-tone gray. Deep eggplant purple makes a sophisticated color scheme with charcoal gray. Pale purples keep things airy and light.

Whites – Clean, bright whites help lighten up cool grays. Try an all-white kitchen or bathroom with cool gray walls or cabinetry. Crisp white bedding and trim molding pop against a gray backdrop.

Grays – Don’t be afraid to pair different shades of gray together. Layering various gray tones adds subtle depth, dimension and sophistication. Just be mindful of undertones so they complement each other.

Black – For dramatic contrast, black is a foolproof pairing with gray. Black and gray create an edgy, modern or industrial look. Use black in small doses against light grays to keep things visually balanced.

Best Colors for Cool Gray
Other Grays

Medium Gray

Medium grays are more neutral and versatile since they lack strong undertones. Here are appealing color pairings to try with medium tones of gray:

Whites and Creams – Soften a medium gray backdrop with clean white and cream accents. Think white bookshelves against a gray wall or creamy white sofa paired with a gray sectional. This combo is light and airy.

Beige and Tan – For a subtle, earthy contrast, use beiges and tans with medium gray. Try a medium gray quilt on top of white beige bedding or a tan leather chair in a gray living room.

Pastels – Powdery pastels like mint, peach, sky blue and lavender create a soft, romantic look with medium gray. Use pastel art, pillows or flower arrangements as accents.

Warm Metallics – The grayness of medium gray allows warm metals like bronze, brass, copper and gold to really shine. These metallic accents add a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Pops of Color – Medium gray backgrounds are perfect for adding vibrant pops of color like emerald green, sunny yellow or deep teal. The color makes the medium gray recede so it acts as a neutral backdrop.

Best Colors for Medium Gray
Whites and Creams
Beige and Tan
Warm Metallics
Pops of Color

Dark Gray

Deep, dark grays make a dramatic, moody interior statement. Pair them with equally impactful colors:

Jewel-Tones – Vibrant jewel-tones like emerald, sapphire and ruby contrast beautifully with dark gray. The intensity of the colors balance each other out. Use jewel-tones in artwork, pillows or accent furniture against dark gray walls or carpet.

Saturated Colors – Other rich, saturated colors like eggplant, mustard, navy and magenta make dark gray recede into the background. The color energizes the space.

Bright White – Keep things from feeling too somber by pairing crisp white with dark gray. White trim, furniture or bedding makes the dark gray pop.

Warm Metallics – The richness of metals like antique brass, bronze and copper add warmth and glamour to dark gray schemes. Metallic accents and hardware stand out well against the dark backdrop.

Black and Charcoal – Don’t be afraid to pair deep charcoal grays with solid black. While dark, it creates an intimate, cozy effect with lots of contrast.

Best Colors for Dark Gray
Saturated Colors
Bright White
Warm Metallics


Gray is one of the most versatile neutral colors for interior decorating. With so many shades of gray, from warm to cool, it can work with a wide range of color palettes. Warm grays look great with reds, yellows, browns and metallics. Cooler grays complement blues, purples, white and black. Medium grays are neutral enough to work with creamy tans, pastels, bright pops of color and warm metals. Deep, dark grays make an impact paired with jewel tones, bright whites and black. Consider the specific gray tone and experiment to find colors that you find most appealing together. The right color combinations can allow the gray tones to shine while creating a cohesive, stylish look.