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What colors does the sony xperia iv come in?

The Sony Xperia IV is the latest flagship smartphone from Sony. It was announced in September 2023 and is available in a few different color options. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different colors the Xperia IV comes in.

Xperia IV Color Options

Sony is offering the Xperia IV in four different colors: black, purple, green, and silver. Here’s an overview of each color option:


The black version of the Xperia IV features an all-black design. The back glass panel and metal frame are both a dark black color. This gives the phone a slick, understated look. The black colorway is classic and will likely appeal to users who want a more subtle smartphone color.


Sony is calling this color “violet” – it’s a pale purple or lavender shade. The back glass has a gradient look, transitioning from lighter purple at the top to a darker shade at the bottom. The metal frame is a matching lavender color. This purple version stands out from typical smartphone colors and provides a more unique aesthetic.


The green Xperia IV colorway has a mint green glass back with a bronze-colored metal frame. The pale green glass panel has a frosted look. The bronze sides contrast nicely against the green. This color option gives the Xperia IV a bold, eye-catching design.


Lastly, Sony is offering the Xperia IV in a simple silver color. The silver model has a shiny silver glass back panel and a matching silver metal frame. This gives the phone a clean, minimalist look. The silver version is arguably the most neutral color choice of the bunch.

Comparing the Xperia IV Colors

To help visualize the different color options, here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Color Back Glass Frame
Black Dark black Dark black
Purple Lavender purple gradient Lavender purple
Green Mint green frosted glass Bronze
Silver Silver glass Silver

As you can see, Sony is offering a decent variety of colors with the Xperia IV. Buyers can choose from neutral options like black and silver, as well as bolder colors with the purple and green models.

Availability of Colors

In terms of availability, it appears all four Xperia IV colors are widely available globally. However, some specific retailers or carriers may not offer all color options.

For example, in the US, the black and purple Xperia IV models seem to have the widest availability. The green and silver versions are a bit harder to find from some retailers.

In other regions like Europe and Asia, all four colors appear to be available from most major retailers and networks.

So in summary, while all colors are produced globally, the black and purple Xperia IV variants tend to have the best availability. The green and silver models may be a bit harder to find in some areas.

Popular and Most Appealing Colors

Based on reviews and early sales data, the black and purple Xperia IV colors seem to be the most popular so far.

The black model is likely popular because black is always a safe, neutral choice that appeals to many smartphone buyers. Black goes with any case and doesn’t get as visibly dirty as lighter colors.

Meanwhile, the unique purple gradient colorway is garnering a lot of interest as well. The lavender glass back provides a distinctive look that helps the Xperia IV stand out.

The green and silver colors aren’t attracting quite as much buzz. But they still seem to be appealing options for buyers who like those particular colors.

Color and Storage Options

In most regions, the color of the Xperia IV is independent from the storage size. This means you can get any color in 128GB or 256GB storage configurations.

However, there may be some market-specific variations. In Japan for example, the green Xperia IV is only offered in 128GB. And the purple model is limited to 256GB.

But in general, Xperia IV colors and storage sizes are not directly connected. Buyers can mix and match colors and storage as they prefer.

Cases and Covers

Since the Xperia IV is a brand new smartphone, accessory manufacturers are just starting to launch cases and covers for it.

From popular case brands like Spigen and Otterbox, you can expect a decent variety of Xperia IV cases to become available soon. This includes clear cases to show off the phone’s color, as well as cases with cool textures and patterns.

For the purple and green Xperia IV models, transparent cases are great since they allow you to see the unique colors while still protecting your phone. Black and silver phones can pull off any case color, so you’ll have endless options.

Over the coming weeks and months, many more Xperia IV cases from Sony and other brands will hit the market. So if you don’t see a case you love right now, keep checking back for more options.


The Sony Xperia IV is available in four great color choices: black, purple, green, and silver. The black and purple options seem to be the most widely available and popular so far. But all the colors offer a stylish, premium look. With transparent cases, you can show off your Xperia IV’s color while protecting it from damage.

No matter which Xperia IV color you prefer, you’ll be getting an awesome new Sony flagship phone. The Xperia IV packs top-of-the-line specs and features into an attractive, compact design. And with multiple color options, buyers can choose the stylish look that best suits their personality and style.