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What colors do you paint a laundry room?

What colors do you paint a laundry room?

When it comes to choosing colors for a laundry room, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. The main goal is typically to create a space that is functional, easy to clean, and visually appealing. With some planning and thought, you can select paint colors that check all these boxes.

Consider the Purpose of the Space

First and foremost, remember that a laundry room is a utility space meant for washing and drying clothes and other household textiles. This means that practicality should be prioritized over design trends when selecting laundry room colors. opt for light or medium neutrals that will make the space feel open and fresh, even if you only have a small laundry room with no windows or natural light. Stay away from darker colors that could make the space feel closed in or gloomy.

Opt for Light, Neutral Paint Colors

The most popular laundry room color choices are often light or medium neutrals like white, beige, gray and soft greens or blues. These colors create a bright, airy feel that encourages productivity. All-white laundry rooms are common, as white reflects light well to combat any lack of natural light. It also provides a clean backdrop that makes the appliances and organization systems the focus. Feel free to add visual interest with texture, patterns or accent walls in colors like pale blue or sage green.

Here are some top light neutral paint color options to consider for a laundry room:

  • White
  • Extra White
  • Swiss Coffee
  • Alabaster
  • Gray Owl
  • Silver Strand
  • Beach Glass
  • Coastal Fog
  • Accessible Beige

Use Durable, Washable Paint

No matter what color you select, opt for durable paint with a washable, scrubbable finish. Laundry rooms tend to get splashed and stained frequently from transferring wet clothes, cleaning products, and more. A high-quality eggshell, satin or semi-gloss sheen will withstand occasional scrubbing and splatters better than a flat finish.

Certain paint types are specially formulated to stand up well in humid, accident-prone laundry rooms. Look for interior paints labelled as “kitchen & bath” or “high traffic.” Avoid cheaper paints that could show marks and stains over time.

Add Pops of Color Thoughtfully

While light neutrals make the best laundry room base colors, you can add excitement with colorful accents. Just keep the bright tones to smaller splashes like on one accent wall, the back wall of shelving, or laundry accessories. Vibrant paint colors to consider include:

  • Bold yellow
  • Energetic red
  • Vivid turquoise
  • Deep purple
  • Lime green

If using an accent wall, select a wall that won’t have large appliances in front of it. The back of shelving or the wall behind the laundry sorter are prime accent wall spots. Only paint 1-2 walls and use the same neutral on the remaining walls for cohesion.

Coordinate With Cabinetry and Flooring

Picking paint colors in isolation can lead to a disjointed look. For a cohesive laundry room, coordinate your wall paint with the colors of the cabinetry, flooring and countertops. Some examples:

  • White walls, white cabinetry, gray floors
  • Gray walls, espresso cabinetry, white floors
  • Green walls, white cabinetry, wood laminate floors

Browse photos of laundry rooms with similar materials to get inspiration for compatible colors. If you have white appliances, white paint tends to complement them well.

Factor In the Lighting

The amount and type of lighting in a laundry room also affects how paint colors appear. Rooms with ample sunshine can handle deeper shades without looking dark and gloomy. Northern-facing laundry rooms with only artificial lighting require very light paints to prevent a cave-like feeling.

Test paint swatches on the walls at different times of day. Colors often read differently in morning, daylight, evening and artificial light. Pick a hue that looks great at any time.

Create an Illusion With Color

Strategic use of color can make a laundry room appear larger or lighter. To make a small, windowless laundry room appear more open and airy:

  • Use light neutral colors on the walls and ceiling
  • Paint the back wall a lighter shade than the other walls
  • Use glossy or semi-gloss paint instead of flat
  • Add mirrors to reflect light and create depth

Conversely, a spacious laundry room with tall ceilings can feel more intimate and cozy with these tips:

  • Paint the ceiling a darker shade than the walls
  • Use deeper or more saturated wall colors
  • Add texture with textured paints or wallpaper
  • Use semi-gloss or eggshell finishes instead of flat

Create a Mood With Color

Beyond making a laundry room feel larger or smaller, paint colors can also create an overall mood or vibe in the space. Here are some examples:

Mood Paint Colors
Bright, cheerful White, light yellow, sky blue
Calm, peaceful Light green, pale blue, lavender
Warm, cozy Beige, light tan, butter yellow
Energizing Orange, bright red, lime green

Pick colors whose mood fits the vibe you want your laundry space to have. An airy white laundry room feels efficient, while a cozy tan or sky blue laundry nook feels welcoming.

FAQs About Laundry Room Paint Colors

What is the most popular laundry room color?

White and various off-whites like Swiss Coffee are the most popular laundry room wall colors. White makes the space feel fresh and clean. It also reflects light well in windowless laundry rooms. Soft gray is another top choice for modern, soothing laundry rooms.

What color should you not paint a laundry room?

Avoid painting a laundry room black or a dark color like navy blue. Darker colors make spaces feel closed in and smaller. Bold primary colors like bright red or yellow can also feel overwhelming in a small laundry area.

Should laundry room be different color than kitchen?

It’s fine to use the same wall color in an open-concept laundry room and kitchen. But if the spaces are separate rooms, it’s best to use different colors to define the distinct spaces. Pick a bolder kitchen color and lighter laundry room shade.

Should you paint the ceiling the same color as the walls?

In most cases, paint the laundry room ceiling the same light neutral shade as the walls to create a seamless look. The exception is if you want to make a large laundry room feel cozier. Then opt for a lighter wall color and slightly darker ceiling shade.

Should laundry cabinets match wall color?

The laundry room cabinetry does not have to exactly match the wall color, but the tones should coordinate. Wall and cabinet colors with a similar undertone will have a cohesive look. For example, gray walls with white cabinets works well.


Choosing laundry room paint colors requires balancing practicality and visual appeal. Light neutrals like white, beige and gray are ideal for making small spaces feel open and easy to keep clean. Strategic use of color can also create certain moods or make rooms appear larger. Just stick to light or medium shades and use bold colors very sparingly. With the right color scheme, your laundry room can look as good as it functions.