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What colors do Pit Vipers come as?

What colors do Pit Vipers come as?

Pit Vipers are a popular brand of sunglasses known for their stylish and colorful designs. The company offers their sunglasses in a wide range of color options to suit different tastes and styles. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different frame and lens colors that Pit Vipers come in.

Standard Frame Colors

The frames of Pit Viper sunglasses come in several standard color choices:

Matte Black This is a classic black frame color that matches with anything.
Gloss White A bright white frame color for a bold look.
Matte Green An earthy green tone.
Matte Gray A neutral gray frame shade.
Matte Blue A rich blue frame color.
Matte Purple A vibrant purple frame option.
Matte Red A bright red frame color that stands out.

These core frame colors give you a classic Pit Viper look in different shades to match your style preferences. The matte finishes help reduce glare and reflections.

Limited Edition Frame Colors

In addition to the standard color lineup, Pit Viper also releases special limited edition frame colors periodically. These give fans a chance to get more unique shades. Some examples of past limited edition frame colors include:

– Oil Slick – A multicolored, iridescent frame finish that shifts colors.

– Desert Sand – An earthy, sandy tan color.

– Mint Green – A bright pastel green shade.

– Matte Orange – A bold orange frame option.

– Matte Yellow – A sunny bright yellow tone.

– Pink – A bright pink frame color perfect for making a statement.

– Matte Purple Fade – A purple to black faded frame design.

The limited edition colors are only available for a short time and often sell out quickly. So buyers need to act fast if they want to secure a pair in one of the special colors.

Lens Color Options

In addition to choosing frame colors, buyers can select different lens colors and treatments for their Pit Vipers. Here are some of the lens color options available:

Bronze A brown tinted lens that works well in bright sunlight.
Copper A reddish-orange lens color.
Silver Mirror A flashy chrome mirrored lens finish.
Gold Mirror A gold mirrored lens with a luxurious look.
Blue Mirror A mirrored lens with a blue reflective tint.
Green Mirror A green mirrored lens color.
Rose A pinkish tinted lens option.
Gray A neutral gray lens shade.
Yellow A bright, vibrant yellow lens color.
Rainbow A fun lens with multicolored mirrored stripes.

The different lens colors and finishes create unique looks and change the visual experience when wearing the sunglasses. Factors like lighting conditions, style preferences, and intended uses can help buyers select the ideal lens choice.

Popular Color Combination Options

While Pit Viper frames and lenses each come in a range of color options, buyers can mix and match different frame colors and lens colors to create customized looks. Here are some popular frame and lens color combinations:

– Matte White Frame + Bronze Lens: A classic, stylish combo perfect for everyday wear.

– Matte Black Frame + Blue Mirror Lens: A sleek look with flashy blue lenses. Great for water sports.

– Gloss White Frame + Silver Mirror Lens: A very bold, eye-catching pairing.

– Matte Red Frame + Copper Lens: A fiery red frame with copper lenses pumps up the attitude.

– Matte Green Frame + Gray Lens: An understated earthy look for low-key vibes.

– Matte Purple Frame + Rose Lens: Feminine and funky purple frames with pinkish lenses.

– Matte Blue Frame + Gold Mirror Lens: Blue frames with gold mirrored lenses oozes luxury.

– Matte Black Frame + Rainbow Lens: The rainbow lens effect creates a fun and colorful look.

Mixing and matching allows Pit Viper wearers to dial up a look that fits their personal taste and style preferences. The combinations are nearly endless.

Special Edition Color Combos

As with the limited edition frame colors, Pit Viper also sometimes releases special edition color combo packs with pre-selected frame and lens pairings. A few examples include:

– Oil Slick Frame + Rainbow Lens Combo Pack – A super flashy set with iridescent shifting frames and colorful mirrored rainbow striped lenses. Limited to 500 units.

– Neon Orange Frame + Yellow Lens Combo Pack – A loud, vibrant pairing in neon orange and yellow. Limited availability.

– Matte Army Green Frame + Bronze Lens Combat Set – This combo has rugged olive green frames with bronze lenses. Part of a military-inspired lineup.

– The Americana – Matte white frames with blue mirror lenses. Red, white and blue American flag themed. Released for July 4th.

The special combo packs allow fans to get unique color pairings that complement each other in an exclusive limited release.

Collaborations and Artist Editions

Pit Viper also teams up with various artists and brands to release special collaborative sunglasses with unique color schemes. A few examples include:

– Metallica Edition – Matte black frames with silver mirror lenses featuring Metallica logos and artwork. Created with the iconic rock band.

– Post Malone Edition – Pink frames with rainbow mirror lenses. Made in partnership with musician Post Malone.

– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Edition – Green frames with rainbow lenses. TMNT themed for a radical 90s throwback look.

– The Simpsons Edition – Bright yellow frames with bronze lenses. Features Simpsons designs and characters.

– Artist Series – Various limited releases featuring designs from tattoo artists and illustrators.

These special collaborations result in creative color combinations and designs fans won’t find anywhere else. They combine Pit Viper’s signature eyewear with iconic pop culture and art.


In summary, Pit Viper offers their sunglasses in a wide range of frame and lens colors to suit any style. Buyers can choose from many standard color options for both frames and lenses, along with frequently released limited edition and special collab colors. Mixing and matching different frame and lens colors allows for personalized looks. So whether you prefer understated classic shades, vibrant colorful combos, sleek mirrored lenses or exclusive designs, Pit Viper has color options to match your eyewear preferences. With new releases coming out frequently, there’s always fresh new colorways for Pits Viper fans to rock.