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What colors do Jeep Grand Cherokee come in?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in a wide variety of exterior color options to suit different tastes and styles. Jeep frequently updates the paint color palette for the Grand Cherokee, discontinuing some shades while introducing new ones. The exact colors offered can vary between model years and trim levels.

Current Grand Cherokee Color Options

For the 2023 model year, here are the exterior paint colors currently offered on the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

  • Bright White Clear Coat
  • Diamond Black Crystal Pearl Coat
  • Velvet Red Pearl Coat
  • Baltic Grey Metallic Clear Coat
  • Silver Zynith Metallic Clear Coat
  • Hydro Blue Pearl Coat
  • Slate Blue Pearl Coat
  • Midnight Sky Blue Pearl Coat
  • Stone White Clear Coat
  • Olive Green Pearl Coat
  • Green Metallic Clear Coat
  • Sting Gray Clear Coat
  • Billet Silver Metallic Clear Coat
  • Bright White Clear Coat

That’s a total of 14 different factory color choices for the latest model year Grand Cherokee. The availability of certain colors depends on the trim level. For example, the high-end Summit Reserve trim has more limited color options than lower Laredo and Limited trims.

Popular Grand Cherokee Color Options

While Jeep offers many colors, certain shades tend to be more popular with Grand Cherokee buyers. Some of the most commonly seen colors include:

  • Bright White Clear Coat – A crisp, clean white exterior color that looks great on the Grand Cherokee.
  • Diamond Black Crystal Pearl Coat – A deep black that really makes the chrome and exterior details pop.
  • Velvet Red Pearl Coat – An elegant maroon or reddish tone seen on many Grand Cherokees.
  • Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat – A versatile neutral gray color that works well with the Grand Cherokee’s styling.

These tend to be common colors buyers gravitate towards when purchasing a new or used Grand Cherokee. White, black, gray, and red seem to be popular conventional shades among consumers.

Specialty and Limited Edition Colors

In addition to the core color palette, Jeep sometimes offers unique limited edition colors on certain Grand Cherokee models. These help make certain trims more distinctive and exclusive. Examples include:

  • Rhino Clear Coat – A light beige only found on the 2021 Grand Cherokee L.
  • Sangria Metallic Clear Coat – A bright red/maroon only on 2018-2020 Trailhawk models.
  • Hyrdo Blue Pearl Coat – A blue found on 2019 Altitude models.
  • Green Metallic Clear Coat – A green found on the 2021 Summit Reserve.

While not seen as often, these special edition colors help add diversity and interest to the Grand Cherokee lineup.

Interior Color Options

In addition to exterior paint colors, buyers can choose different interior colors when purchasing a new Grand Cherokee. Interior color options can also vary between trims. Here are some of the most common interior color themes offered:

  • Black leather
  • Black/Dark Ruby Red leather
  • Indigo/Ski Grey leather
  • Black/Light Frost Beige leather
  • Global Black fabric
  • Black/Light Tungsten leather

Higher trims, like the Summit, offer more upscale interiors like Palermo leather. While black is the most common, there are some color options like red and gray to personalize the interior ambiance.

How Interior and Exterior Colors Coordinate

Most buyers select exterior and interior colors that complement each other. Black, white, and gray exteriors tend to pair well with all interior shades. Brighter exterior colors, like blue, red, or green work best with black interiors in most cases. Some examples of popular coordinated color combinations are:

  • Bright White Clear Coat exterior with Global Black interior
  • Diamond Black Crystal Pearl Coat exterior with Indigo/Black interior
  • Velvet Red Pearl Coat exterior with Black leather interior
  • Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat exterior with Black/Light Frost Beige interior

Choosing coordinated exterior and interior colors helps the Grand Cherokee’s styling flow visually both inside and out.

How Grand Cherokee Colors Have Changed Over Time

While many popular colors carry over year-to-year, the Grand Cherokee’s color palette is updated over time. Here are some ways the color offerings have evolved in recent model years:

  • Introduced new metallic gray and beige shades
  • Discontinued Wenge Brown and Light Brownstone colors
  • Added new dark blue and green exterior color options
  • Expanded interior color combinations with Indigo/Ski Gray and Ruby Red accents

These changes keep the color choices fresh and appealing for new Grand Cherokee buyers each model year. Jeep also sometimes brings back popular heritage colors for special editions, like the 2022 Chief Blue paint offered.

How Colors Affect Resale Value

When it comes time to sell or trade-in a Grand Cherokee, exterior and interior colors can impact its residual value on the used market. Some tips for colors that help resale value include:

  • Stick with common, neutral exterior colors like white, black, gray or silver.
  • Avoid bright, bold colors that limit appeal to a smaller group of buyers.
  • Choose interior colors like black that will appeal to the most buyers.
  • Coordinating interior and exterior colors is better than contrasting ones.

Grand Cherokees with popular colors in good condition tend to have better resale value compared to rarer colors. This is important if you plan on trading in or selling your Grand Cherokee in the future.

Finding Your Perfect Grand Cherokee Color

With many great color choices, selecting the perfect exterior and interior combination for your Grand Cherokee comes down to personal taste. Consider these tips when choosing colors:

  • Select 1-2 exterior colors you feel most drawn to.
  • View color samples in-person before making a final decision.
  • Choose an interior color that works well with your exterior choice.
  • Prioritize colors you will enjoy for many years of ownership.
  • Consider resale value if you plan to trade-in or sell eventually.

Make sure to research available color options thoroughly. It can be helpful to park a chosen color next to other vehicles you own to visualize how it fits your tastes. With over 10 great exterior colors and multiple interior themes, you are sure to find a perfect color combination for making your Grand Cherokee feel like your own.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers an extensive palette of eye-catching and refined exterior paint colors to give buyers plenty of choices to match their style. Popular shades include classic colors like white, black, silver, gray, and maroon. Special edition colors further expand the offerings for certain model years and trims. Inside, interior themes with color accents like red and gray provide a customized feel. Choosing colors you love within the Grand Cherokee’s many options will help maximize your enjoyment driving this capable and luxurious SUV for years to come.