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What colors are spring colors for wedding?

What colors are spring colors for wedding?

Spring weddings are known for their bright, cheerful, and colorful aesthetics. The spring season brings about renewal and new beginnings, which pairs perfectly with marriages and starting a new life together. When it comes to deciding on spring wedding colors, there are a few classic options that never go out of style.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors evoke the soft and delicate blooms of springtime. Popular pastel wedding colors include light pink, mint green, lavender, baby blue, peach, and yellow. These lighter hues pair beautifully with spring flowers and greenery. Pastels also photograph beautifully and give weddings an ethereal, romantic vibe.

Some examples of pastel color combinations for spring weddings include:

  • Mint green and blush pink
  • Lavender and peach
  • Baby blue and yellow

Pastels look gorgeous when incorporated into wedding stationery, invitations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, table linens and décor accents. Soft, airy pastels complement natural spring elements like flowering trees, fresh blooms, and greenery.

Bright & Vibrant Colors

In addition to soft pastels, bright and vibrant colors are also very popular for spring weddings. jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple pair beautifully with white and metallics. Other bright spring wedding colors include coral, turquoise, tangerine, fuchsia, and lime green.

Vibrant colors really pop against spring backdrops of blooming flowers and greenery. They create fun, lively weddings perfect for outgoing couples. Vibrant colors also show up well in wedding photos.

Some examples of bright color combinations for spring weddings include:

  • Coral and navy blue
  • Lime green and violet
  • Turquoise and tangerine

Incorporate bright colors into your wedding invitations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, decorations, and cake. Metallic accents in gold, rose gold and silver complement vibrant colors beautifully.


For the ultimate spring wedding palette, combine a multitude of colors for a vibrant, multicolored wedding theme. Multicolor weddings really embrace the energy and diversity of springtime.

Some multicolored spring wedding ideas include:

  • A vibrant rainbow-colored bouquet
  • Bridesmaids wearing different pastel colored dresses
  • Centerpieces featuring an assortment of brightly colored flowers
  • A tie dye wedding cake
  • Paper pom poms and pinwheels in an array of colors for reception decor

The key is to stick to colors within the same family such as bright jewel tones or soft pastels. Metallics like gold and rose gold also help tie everything together.

Classic Black & White

Black and white is a timeless color combination that works for weddings in any season. For spring, add pops of color through your flowers, decorations, and wedding party attire. Some classic black and white spring wedding ideas include:

  • Black and white stationery suite with a splash of color
  • Black and white ceremony and reception decor with colorful flower arrangements
  • The bride in a white dress with the groomsmen in black tuxes with colored ties or pocket squares
  • A black and white color scheme with the bridesmaids in colorful dresses

Black and white automatically creates visual contrast and interest. Blush pink, mint green, coral, and sky blue make beautiful accent colors against a classic black and white wedding palette.

Neutral Tones

If you want to keep your spring wedding palette soft and subtle, go for neutral tones like blush, nude, cream, light blue, gray, and taupe. These sophisticated neutrals complement natural spring backdrops beautifully. Neutral-toned weddings feel airy and ethereal when combined with greenery and blossoms.

Some neutral spring wedding color ideas include:

  • Blush pink and cream florals
  • A nude and gray stationery suite
  • Taupe bridesmaid dresses with bouquets of light blue flowers
  • A cream wedding cake with fresh flower embellishments

Keep decor simple and let the natural spring flowers and greenery shine as accents. Incorporate metallic details for extra pizazz. Neutral weddings allow the beauty of nature to take center stage.

Green & Blush

Pairing green and blush pink is one of the most popular color combinations for spring weddings. These colors complement each other beautifully and symbolize new growth and renewal.

Some ways to incorporate green and blush into your spring wedding include:

  • Blush bridesmaid dresses with green floral bouquets
  • Green ceremony chairs with blush seat cushions
  • A green archway intertwined with blush roses for the ceremony backdrop
  • Blush and green wedding invitations
  • Centerpieces with green foliage and blush peonies

From budding greenery to blooming flowers, green is the quintessential color of springtime. Blush adds a romantic, feminine touch. Together they create the perfect spring wedding palette.

Yellow & Gray

Yellow and gray make a gorgeous color combination for a spring wedding. Yellow represents happiness, optimism and new beginnings. Gray is a stylish and sophisticated neutral. Together they create a palette that’s fresh and contemporary.

Some yellow and gray wedding ideas include:

  • Stationery with yellow and gray stripes
  • Yellow daisies with gray reception table linens
  • The bride in a gray wedding dress with yellow bouquet
  • Gray tuxes for the groomsmen with yellow ties or vests
  • A yellow ombre wedding cake on a gray marble cake stand

For a spring vibe, add other pastels like lavender or mint as accent colors. Yellow and gray create a wedding palette that’s both cheerful and elegant.

Blue & Orange

Vibrant blue and orange are unexpected yet perfect color partners for a spring wedding. Blue represents tranquility while orange evokes energy and excitement. Combined, these two bold colors create a lively, fun spring wedding palette.

Some blue and orange spring wedding ideas include:

  • An invitation suite with royal blue and a tangerine orange paisley print
  • The bridesmaids wearing cobalt blue dresses carrying orange gerbera daisy bouquets
  • Blue suit jackets for the groomsmen with orange ties
  • A vibrant blue and orange patterned reception table runner
  • Orange tulips as centerpieces with blue vases

Add in metallics like gold or silver to really make the colors pop. For a spring touch, incorporate fresh greenery and seasonal blossoms.

Lavender & Mint

Lavender and mint green are two cool pastel colors that complement each other beautifully. Together they create a spring wedding palette that’s both calming and invigorating.

Some lavender and mint wedding ideas include:

  • A mint and lavender ombre wedding cake
  • Bridesmaids in long lavender dresses carrying mint bouquets
  • Lavender ties and mint pocket squares for the groomsmen
  • A lavender flower arch and mint ceremony chairs
  • Lavender and mint stripes on the wedding stationery

Accent with silver or gold for a touch of shine. Lavender and mint make you think of blooming lavender bushes and fresh mint leaves – perfect for an idyllic spring wedding.


When it comes to selecting your palette for a spring wedding, the options are plentiful! Pastels, brights, multicolors, and neutrals all evoke the beauty of springtime in different ways. Popular color combinations like blush and green, yellow and gray, or lavender and mint capture the essence of the season through their fresh, floral hues. Jewel tones and vibrant pairings like blue and orange or black and white with pops of color create bright, lively energy fit for new beginnings. Whatever color scheme you choose, embrace the renewal and optimism spring color palettes can bring to your special day!

Spring Wedding Color Mood Complementary Accents
Pastels Soft, delicate, romantic Greenery, blossoms, gold/rose gold metalics
Brights Vibrant, lively, fun White, metallics, greenery
Multicolor Fun, quirky, celebratory Metallics
Black & White Classic, elegant, timeless Pops of color
Neutrals Subtle, sophisticated, airy Greenery, blossoms, metallics
Green & Blush Fresh, romantic, springy Metallics
Yellow & Gray Cheerful, elegant Pastels
Blue & Orange Bold, lively, fun Greenery, metallics
Lavender & Mint Soothing, fresh, floral Metallics