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What colors are in Sally dress?

Sally’s dress contains a variety of bright, vibrant colors that make it stand out. The exact colors in Sally’s dress are best determined through close examination and analysis. By looking closely at the patterns, shades, and hues that comprise Sally’s dress, we can identify the specific colors used.

Examining the Main Colors

At first glance, the predominant colors in Sally’s dress appear to be red, blue, green, and yellow. The bodice of the dress contains sections of bright red and royal blue fabric. The skirt is composed of alternating panels of emerald green and sunny yellow. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that Sally’s dress utilizes more specific shades of these main colors.

The red fabric in the bodice seems to be a bright, primary red. It has a slight orange tint, leaning towards a warm, fire engine red shade. The blue bodice fabric is a deeper, more electric tone of blue. It resembles a bright cobalt or royal blue hue. The green skirt panels use a light, lime green color, somewhat brighter than a traditional emerald green. And the yellow skirt sections appear more goldenrod than lemon yellow in tone.

Identifying Accent Colors

In addition to the main red, blue, green and yellow shades, Sally’s dress also incorporates accent colors that add visual interest. Thin stripes of alternating colors run horizontally along the dress’s bodice and skirt. The stripes on the bodice alternate between magenta and cyan, two bold secondary colors that complement the warm and cool main colors.

On the skirt, the alternating stripes use tertiary colors: a vivid reddish-orange and a bright blue-green teal shade. These tertiary stripes connect the main colors by borrowing hues from adjacent panels. For example, the reddish-orange stripe picks up red tones from the bodice and orange tones from the yellow skirt. This helps unite the dress’s different sections through subtle color bridges.

Analyzing Patterns and Details

Beyond the main color blocks and accent stripes, a careful examination of Sally’s dress reveals additional colors in the details. The bodice features intricate floral embroidery. The petals use various shades of pink, ranging from soft baby pink to fuchsia.accents in a deep purple and white provide definition. The yellow skirt panels include a polka dot print. The dots alternate between lavender purple, pink, and turquoise. Sally’s dress buttons also contribute extra colors, in shades of pearl white and metallic gold.

Creating a Color Palette

Based on a thorough analysis of the colors observed in Sally’s dress, we can create the following color palette:

Main Colors Accent Colors Detail Colors
Fire engine red Magenta Baby pink
Royal blue Cyan Fuchsia
Lime green Reddish-orange Purple
Goldenrod yellow Blue-green teal Turquoise

This covers the full range of colors found in Sally’s vibrant, multicolored dress. The specific shades create a fun, lively mood and showcase Sally’s playful sense of style.


In summary, Sally’s dress incorporates a rainbow of colors including various shades of red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, orange and turquoise. The main color blocks in bold primary hues establish the dress’s vibrant look. Thin accent stripes in secondary and tertiary colors connect and unify the different sections. And decorative details in embroidered flowers and polka dots add extra pops of color. Analyzing the colors and patterns provides insight into the way Sally artfully combines different shades and textures to create a multicolored fashion statement.

Knowing the precise colors in Sally’s dress provides helpful information for understanding her personal style. It also allows anyone who admires her dress to accurately identify, describe and even replicate the exact colors she chose. Paying attention to the specific hues, tints and color combinations present in clothing can reveal a great deal about someone’s fashion sensibility and design skills. Sally’s dress offers an excellent case study in how to creatively mix bright colors for a dazzling look full of personality.

With its fire engine reds, cobalt blues, lime greens and more, Sally’s dress truly contains a rainbow of lively, expressive colors. The next time you see someone wearing an eye-catching multicolored outfit, take a closer look and see if you can identify the specific shades that make up the whole. It’s a great way to appreciate the nuances of color and style.