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What color stone is October Libra?

What color stone is October Libra?

Libras born in October have the opal as their birthstone. The opal is known for its play of color and iridescent flashes of rainbow hues. This makes it a fitting birthstone for Libra, as the air sign is associated with balance, harmony, and an appreciation for beauty.

The Meaning of the October Birthstone

The opal has long been considered a stone of hope, purity, and truth. Ancient Romans associated opals with love and hope, believing the stone brought good fortune. In the Middle Ages, opals were seen as symbols of faithfulness and confidence. The October birthstone has even been linked to qualities like empathy and compassion.

For Libras, the opal’s connection to truth and purity resonates with their desire for justice and balance. Libras are represented by the scales, so they have an innate sense of diplomacy and strive for equilibrium. The opal’s play of colors represents Libra’s varied interests and willingness to see all sides of an issue.

Opal Color Variations

Opals come in a stunning spectrum of colors. Here are some of the most common opal color varieties:

  • White opal – Base color is white or light gray with flashes of color
  • Black opal – Base color is black with vivid flashes of color
  • Fire opal – Translucent to transparent opal with warm body colors like orange, red, or yellow
  • Boulder opal – Opal found within ironstone boulders, often in natural dark background

No two opals are exactly alike. The primary determine of an opal’s value is the strength and quality of its play of color. Vivid flashes of multiple colors are most prized.

Opal History and Lore

The name “opal” comes from the Sanskrit upala, meaning “precious stone.” Opals have been prized since ancient times. Here’s a look at some key facts about opal history:

  • Opals are formed from a solution of silicon dioxide and water. They take millions of years to form which adds to their intrigue.
  • Opals are found in various parts of the world, most notably Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.
  • Romans associated opals with hope and good luck. Ancient Greeks thought the stone brought prophetic powers.
  • During the Middle Ages, people believed opals could make one invisible if wrapped in a fresh bay leaf.
  • The opal fell out of favor during the 1800s due to a popular novel that equated it with bad luck.
  • Queen Victoria helped revive interest in opals by choosing to give opal jewelry as gifts.
  • Today, over 90% of the world’s opals come from Australia.

Opals have a rich history of myth and lore surrounding them. Their rarity and mesmerizing play of color make them an intriguing gemstone.

October Birthstone Poem

A 19th century Scottish poet named Campbell McGregor wrote this verse about the opal, October’s birthstone:

“The opal has a soul, they say
Of thoughts too fair and good

To hide within a band of clay –
Of clouds and sky and wood.”

This highlights the opal’s connection to nature, imagination, and dreams. As an air sign, Libras are very tuned into aesthetics, intellectual ideals, and creative pursuits.

How to Care for Opal Jewelry

Opals require some special care due to their porous, amorphous structure. Here are some tips for maintaining your October birthstone jewelry:

  • Avoid exposing opals to chemicals, heat, and household cleaners.
  • Clean opals with warm, soapy water using a soft cloth.
  • Store opals separately from harder gemstones to prevent scratches.
  • Apply mineral oil or jewelry polish occasionally to maintain luster.
  • Keep opals away from ultrasonic or steam cleaners.
  • When not wearing, store opals in a soft cloth or place to prevent rubbing.

With proper care, opal jewelry can last for many years and retain its stunning play of color.

Famous Libras with October Birthdays

Many famous figures in arts, politics, sports, and other fields were born under the Libra sign in October. Here are just a few of them:

Name Birthdate Occupation
John Lennon October 9, 1940 Musician
Roger Moore October 14, 1927 Actor
Chuck Berry October 18, 1926 Musician
Carrie Fisher October 21, 1956 Actress/Author
kat Dennings October 13, 1986 Actress

Libra’s astrological symbol is the scales, representing balance and harmony. Famous Libras are often artistic, socially adept, and drawn to beauty.

Opal Jewelry Gift Ideas

Opal jewelry makes a lovely gift for those with October birthdays. Here are some opal gift ideas for Libras:

  • Opal necklace – Showcase the stone’s play of color against the skin
  • Opal earrings – Emphasize the iridescence with dangly or drop earrings
  • Opal bracelet – A tennis bracelet highlights multiple opals together
  • Opal ring – Solitaire or cluster opal rings make stunning jewelry
  • Opal pendant – Plain or bezel-set, perfect for layering with other necklaces
  • Opal hair accessories – Barrettes, pins, and combs with opals as accents

Look for opals in white or black hues for a bold, striking statement. Fire opals in warm tones can also match Libra’s energetic, passionate nature.

Other Birthstones for October

In addition to opal, two other gemstones are associated with the month of October and Libra:

  • Tourmaline – Multicolored gemstone that promotes balance and tranquility
  • Pink tourmaline – Known as the “Love Stone,” encourages compassion and gentleness

Tourmaline connects to Libra’s affinity for harmony and diplomacy. Pink tourmaline specifically taps into Libra’s romantic, idealistic side.


October’s opal birthstone reflects the adaptable, free-spirited nature of the Libra zodiac sign. With its dazzling play of color and links to hope and love, the opal represents Libra’s desire for beauty and balance. An opal’s vibrancy shifts from different angles, capturing how Libras see all perspectives.

The opal has long been associated with positive qualities like faithfulness, empathy, and vision. For Libras, this birthstone enhances their natural clarity, fairness, and charm. Opal jewelry in white, black, or fiery hues makes a meaningful gift for those born under the sign of the scales in October.