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What color sofa is best for small living room?

What color sofa is best for small living room?

When choosing a sofa for a small living room, the color is an important consideration. The right sofa color can make the room feel more spacious and airy, while the wrong color can make it feel dark and cramped. Here are some tips on picking the best sofa color for small living rooms.

Go for Light Colors

In general, light colored sofas are a good choice for small spaces. Light colors like white, beige, light grey and soft pastels reflect more light, which makes the room appear larger. Dark colors tend to absorb light and can make a small living room feel closed in. If you love darker hues, go for a lighter shade like navy blue over black.

Consider Neutrals

Neutral colored sofas are a safe bet for small living rooms. Timeless shades like tan, taupe, cream and light grey blend into the background, creating a soothing and airy backdrop. They also serve as a neutral base that makes it easy to layer in pops of color with pillows, throws and accessories.

Add Visual Interest

While neutral sofas recede nicely into a small space, they can also look boring if they totally disappear. Add visual interest with subtle patterns like houndstooth or herringbone in soft neutral shades. Textured fabrics like chenille, tweed and velvet also add depth and dimension.

Use Color Strategically

Just because bright colors can overwhelm a small space doesn’t mean you have to avoid them completely. The key is using them strategically. For example, a vivid blue or green sofa makes a bold statement while still opening up the room because cool tones recede. Or, pick a neutral sofa and add pops of color with throw pillows and blankets that are easily changeable.

Match Wall Color

Choose a sofa in the same color family as your wall color for a seamless, cohesive look. For example, pair a sand colored sofa with neutral beige walls or a soft blue sofa with similar blue-gray walls. Matching your sofa to the wall color will make the pieces blend together for a soothing, airy effect.

Pull Inspiration from Rug

If you already have a rug, use it as inspiration for selecting the right sofa color. Coordinate your sofa color with subtle hues already in the rug pattern. For example, if your rug has shades of tan, navy and ivory, search for a sofa in a similar neutral blue or beige shade.

Consider Durability

Don’t forget to consider how durable and stain-resistant a sofa fabric is, especially if you have kids or pets. For high traffic areas, choose darker colors and patterned fabrics that hide wear and stains. Microfiber and leather sofas are good options for durability and easy cleaning.

Sample Color Palettes

Here are some recommended color palettes for a small living room sofa:

Color Palette Sofa Color Accent Colors
Neutrals Light grey White, tan, black
Coastal Light blue Tan, white, navy
Scandinavian White Grey, black, wood tones
Eclectic Mustard yellow Teal, navy, white

Test Paint Swatches

Don’t just rely on small fabric swatches when sofa shopping – bring home full-sized paint color swatches in your top choices to test out. Tape them to the wall where the sofa will go and view at different times of day when lighting changes to make sure you’re happy with the color.

Accessorize to Balance Color

The accessories you pair with your colored sofa are important for balancing out the look. To keep a bright sofa from feeling overwhelming, choose solid colored or white pillows rather than patterns. For darker sofas, add lighter accents like a cream throw blanket and rattan side table. Layering in neutral elements prevents colorful sofas from dominating a small space.

Choose Washable Fabrics

When selecting fabrics for a brightly colored sofa, stick with materials that can be easily wiped down or washed. That way inevitable spills and stains won’t ruin the look. Microfiber, polyester, acrylic and olefin are good washable options. Stay away from delicate fabrics like silk or velvet in dark colors.

Have Fun and Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to have fun with color and get creative in a small living room! Colorful sofas in unexpected hues like chartreuse, teal or fuchsia make a bold statement. Just balance it out with neutral solids elsewhere. Remember – in a smaller space, you can get away with being more daring than you could in a large room.


Choosing a sofa color for a small living room requires balancing visually opening up the space while still adding style. Neutrals and lighter shades are safe bets that recede, while colors can be used strategically as accents. Test out paint swatches to find a shade that works at all times of day. Durability and washability are also important considerations. With some strategic planning, you can pick a small living room sofa color that makes a big impact.