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What color smart watch goes with everything?

In today’s tech-savvy world, smart watches have become incredibly popular. They allow you to stay connected, track your health and fitness, and more – all from your wrist. With so many models and brands available, one of the biggest decisions becomes choosing which color smart watch to get. You want one that will complement your style and go with everything in your wardrobe. So what color smart watch actually goes with everything?

Factors to Consider

When trying to determine which smart watch color is the most versatile, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Your existing watch collection – Pick a smart watch color that will fill a void or complement what you already own
  • Your skin tone – Some colors look better with certain skin tones. Cooler tones pair well with silver/grey while warmer tones match gold
  • Your wardrobe color palette – Choose a color that flatters most of the clothes you wear regularly
  • Personal style – Select a color that aligns with your tastes and personality
  • Purpose/setting – Bright colors may suit casual use, while neutral tones are ideal for professional settings

Most Versatile Smart Watch Colors

When evaluating versatility, neutral colored smart watches tend to be the most widely flattering and pair well with nearly any wardrobe. Here are some of the top color choices that can work for anyone:


A silver or grey smart watch has a futuristic yet classic look. This neutral metallic pairs nicely with both warm and cool colored clothing and suits a range of skin tones. It has an understated elegance perfect for the office and beyond. Brands like Apple and Samsung offer many models in silver/grey.


You really can’t go wrong with an black smart watch. This color matches everything from casual weekends to smart business attire effortlessly. Black has a sleek, sophisticated appearance that is attractive on everyone. Black smart watches are widely available from brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and Fossil.

Gold/Rose Gold

For those with warm undertones, a gold or rose gold smart watch can make the perfect accessory. The metallic shimmer complements most skin tones and pairs well with analogous earth tones like browns, tans, and neutrals. The feminine rose gold hue offers a particular beautiful glow. Brands like Kate Spade, Skagen, and Michael Kors use gold/rose gold in many smart watch models.


Crisp, clean white is another smartwatch color that manages to go with practically everything. Especially in summer, a white wristwatch pops against tanned skin and looks fantastic with colorful outfits. The white face achieves a sporty, casual vibe perfect for weekends and vacations. You can find white smart watches from Misfit, LG, and other popular brands.

Most Versatile Smart Watch Colors for Women

For women trying to choose the most flexible smart watch shade, you’ll get the most versatility from the following colors:

Color Description
Rose Gold Complements warm skin tones, pairs with neutrals and pastels
Silver Matches cool skin tones, black & white outfits, and business attire
Gold Flatters warm skin tones, looks great with earth tones and blues
White Crisp and sporty, perfect for casual weekends and vacations

Women have the widest range of stylish color options when it comes to smart watches. Rose gold, silver, and gold are foolproof choices that will look beautiful with work and weekend wear.

Most Versatile Smart Watch Colors for Men

For men seeking a versatile smart watch, these colors offer flexibility for daily wear:

Color Description
Black Sleek and sophisticated, matches with anything
Grey/Silver Understated and works with business and casual attire
Blue A bold pop of color that pairs well with denim and greys
Brown An earthy, masculine tone suitable for weekends and more

Black and silver smart watches offer men safe choices that will match any outfit and occasion. Blue and brown provide versatile color options if you prefer to make more of a style statement.

Most Complementary Colors by Skin Tone

One of the best ways to select a versatile smart watch is to consider which colors best suit your skin tone. Here are flattering color recommendations:

Skin Tone Most Complementary Colors
Fair/Cool Silver, Steel Grey, Navy Blue
Fair/Warm Rose Gold, Olive Green, Coral
Medium/Cool Bright Silver, Royal Blue, Emerald Green
Medium/Warm Gold, Terracotta, Forest Green
Dark/Cool Gunmetal, Burgundy, Deep Purple
Dark/Warm Antique Gold, Orange, Red

Pairing your watch color to your skin’s undertones is an easy way to select a shade that provides the most flattering look.

Most Versatile Smart Watch Brands

Certain smart watch brands offer a wider selection of color options, giving you more versatility. Here are some top brands with diverse color choices:

  • Apple – silver, gold, black, PRODUCT(red)
  • Samsung – silver, black, rose gold, deep blue
  • Fossil – dozens of color combos across gold, silver, rose gold, leather
  • Garmin – black, white, blue, rose gold, tactical editions
  • Fitbit – black, peach, blue, plum, special editions
  • Kate Spade – black, rose gold, gold, silver, two-tone

Choosing among these top smart watch companies will provide you with an array of stylish, on-trend colors to suit any outfit.

Most Versatile Bands & Straps

Along with the watch face itself, versatile watch bands and straps can also help your smart watch match any outfit. These are some top options:

  • Stainless Steel – A classic silver, gold, or black stainless steel band pairs with anything.
  • Leather – Leather straps come in every color and complement both dressy and casual looks.
  • Silicone – Sporty silicone bands in black, white or bright colors add a casual flair.
  • Nylon – Nylon straps withstand water, sweat and daily wear while matching any style.
  • Milanese Loop – The woven mesh of a Milanese loop band dresses up or down effortlessly.

Many smart watches allow you to swap out bands, letting you change up your look in seconds. Investing in a few strap options can maximize your versatility.

Best Smart Watch Colors for Versatility

When selecting a smart watch that will complement your wardrobe everyday, these versatile colors are your best bets:


The classic black watch face cannot be beat when it comes to versatility. Black matches literally every color and works for any occasion, both casual and formal. Black watch bands also pair well with everything.


Silver or grey smart watches also display versatility across the board. These cool neutrals complement most complexions and pair nicely with colorful or neutral outfits. A silver watch projects understated elegance.

Gold/Rose Gold

For those with warm undertones, gold and rose gold watches bridge the gap between dressy and casual. The metallic shine flatters a range of skin tones and mixes well with earth tones in your wardrobe.


When selecting a versatile smart watch that can be worn everyday, neutral colors are your best option. Black, silver, grey, gold and rose gold watches in classic styles provide the most flexibility. They pair nicely with any skin tone and complement both cool and warm colored clothing palettes. Brands like Apple, Samsung, and Fossil offer many models in these core versatile colors.

Considering your skin tone and existing watch collection when choosing a color can help you select the most flattering and functional option. Ultimately, versatility comes down to embracing universal colors that transcend trends and match any style or occasion.