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What color shutters go with?

Choosing the right shutter color for your home can really make your house stand out. The color of your shutters helps tie together the look of your home’s exterior. While there are no hard and fast rules, some shutter colors tend to complement certain house colors and styles better than others.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shutter Color

Here are some key factors to think about when selecting shutter colors:

  • Your home’s main exterior color
  • The style and era of your house
  • Other exterior elements like the roof, trim, etc.
  • Your personal taste and style
  • How much you want the shutters to stand out or blend in

Generally, you’ll want your shutters to either complement or contrast your home’s siding color. You also may want to match architectural style – for example, white shutters for a Colonial home or black shutters on a Victorian. Your roof shingles, trim, and other exterior details should be considered as well.

Shutter Colors for White Houses

White houses are a popular exterior color. Here are some recommended shutter colors for white homes:

Shutter Color Comments
Black Classic, high-contrast look
Dark gray More subtle than black
Navy blue Crisp, nautical vibe
Forest green Earthy with natural appeal
Red For a bold, eye-catching twist

Black, dark gray, and navy blue are easy shades to pair with a white home. Forest green and red can give your home some more unique character. Stick to deeper, richer tones rather than pastels or lighter hues.

Shutter Colors for Gray Houses

Gray is another prevalent exterior house color. Here are shutter colors that work well with gray homes:

Shutter Color Comments
White Clean and classic
Black Striking contrast
Beige Subtle earthiness
Yellow Warm, cheerful accent
Blue Crisp complement

White, black, or beige shutters keep things simple and elegant alongside gray siding. Yellow and blue add some brightness and visual interest. Avoid shades too close to the gray house color.

Shutter Colors for Brown Houses

For brown exterior colors like tans, browns, or beiges, these shutter colors tend to work best:

Shutter Color Comments
White Classic and timeless
Black Bold contrast
Deep green Complements earthy tones
Terracotta Warm, inviting vibe
Yellow Bright, cheerful pop

White or black shutters are easy picks for brown homes. Deep green and terracotta relate well to the earthy brown color. Yellow adds fun contrast. Avoid pale or pastel shutters.

Shutter Colors for Blue Houses

For cool-toned blue exterior colors, these shutter shades tend to work best:

Shutter Color Comments
White Clean and fresh
Black Striking drama
Gray Subtle contrast
Red Pops against blue
Yellow Warm accent

White, black, gray, and red make classic pairings with different shades of blue siding. Yellow can be an eye-catching accent. Avoid matching blue shutters to blue houses.

Shutter Colors for Red Houses

Red is a bold exterior color. These shutter shades pair best with red homes:

Shutter Color Comments
White Bright, clean contrast
Black Sharpens the red
Gray More subtle contrast
Green Complements the red
Blue Crisp color pairing

White, black, gray, green, and blue all make good shutter color matches for red houses. Keep shutters crisp rather than muted. Avoid similar reddish hues.

Shutter Colors Based on Home Style

Beyond your main house color, architectural style should help guide your shutter choice:

House Style Best Shutter Colors
Colonial White, black, dark green
Cape Cod White, black, navy blue
Victorian White, black, dark red
Farmhouse Black, dark green, dark red
Ranch White, black, gray
Mediterranean White, blue, yellow

Traditional styles like Colonial and Victorian do well with classic shutter colors like white and black. Farmhouse and ranch styles can also pull off bold blacks. Mediterranean homes look best with bright white or colors like blue and yellow.

Getting Creative with Shutter Colors

While traditional shutter colors are classics for a reason, don’t be afraid to get creative! Here are some more unique shutter color ideas to make your home stand out:

  • Purple – Works well with gray or white homes
  • Sage green – For earthy character
  • Brick red – Warmer than true red
  • Turquoise – For beachy flair
  • Lavender – Soft accent color

Colors like these can inject a fun, playful element into your home’s exterior. Just be sure they coordinate with your main house color and don’t clash with the roof or other features.

The Best Process for Choosing Shutter Color

When selecting the perfect shutter color, follow this process for the best results:

  1. Consider your main house color and architectural style.
  2. Pick 2-3 shutter color contenders that complement the house.
  3. View color swatches next to house paint chips.
  4. View a photo of a home with those shutter colors.
  5. Paint test swatches on house and view at different times of day.
  6. Make final shutter color selection.

It’s smart to paint test swatches directly on your house before fully committing to a shutter color. The way the shade looks on a color chip can be quite different from how it looks on your home in natural lighting. This extra step helps ensure you don’t end up with regrets!


Choosing the perfect shutter color requires balancing factors like your main exterior house color, architectural style, coordination with other features, and your own personal taste. Classic white and black shutters are safe bets, but don’t be afraid to get creative! Following a thoughtful selection process will help you land on just the right shade to take your home’s exterior to the next level.