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What color should my front door be if my house is green?

Quick Answer

If your house exterior is painted green, some good color options for your front door include black, red, blue, yellow, white, gray, or a darker shade of green. The door color you choose will depend on the specific shade of green and your personal style preferences. A vibrant color like red or yellow can make the door pop while black and white are classic and elegant options.

What are some good front door colors that go with a green house exterior?

Here are some of the most popular and stylish front door colors to complement a green exterior:


A black front door is a timeless and dramatic choice. The bold black will sharply contrast with a lighter green exterior. This creates an eye-catching combo. Black also gives off a traditional vibe.


A red door makes a vibrant statement against a green backdrop. It’s energetic and fun. Red works well with deeper greens like forest, emerald, or sage. Stay away from a bright cherry red with a light green exterior as the clash may be too harsh.


Different shades of blue complement green elegantly. Navy blue is a refined option and looks smart next to greener shades like sage or olive green. A bright sky blue pops against lighter greens. Robin’s egg blue is cheerful yet soft.


Yellow is the complementary color to green and really makes a green exterior shine. Warm lemon and buttery yellows pair attractively with olive and mossy greens. A bright yellow on the door livens up a more muted green.


A white front door is a natural classic choice and works with just about any color. Crisp bright white looks elegant against rich emerald greens. Softer sage greens can take on a beachy feel with a white door.


Different shades of gray, from light stone grays to deep charcoal, coordinate beautifully with green exteriors. Gray creates a more subtle, neutral contrast that allows the green hue to take center stage.

Darker Green

Picking a darker green shade for the door can give a monochromatic look. This is an easy way to match the door to your home’s existing color. Just be sure to choose a green with more depth. For example, go for forest or olive green rather than neon green.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a front door color for a green house?

Here are some important things to think about when selecting the ideal front door color for your green exterior:

The Specific Green Hue

Consider the tone and intensity of the green. A bright lime green will look best with bold, vibrant door colors like red or purple. More natural, muted sage greens pair better with softer door colors like gray or light blue.

Architectural Style of Your Home

The architectural details of your house should help guide your door color choice. For example, an antique-style green cottage looks best with a more traditional door color like black, red, or blue. A sleek modern green house can get away with unique colors like orange, pink, or chartreuse.

Amount of Natural Light

The lighting around your front door should impact your color selection. Darker doors like charcoal gray and black work best with adequate sunlight. North-facing doors with less light may look better with lighter colors so the entrance doesn’t get lost.

Personal Preference

While considering what works best is important, you’ll also want to pick a shade you’ll love looking at each day. If you’re drawn to pink, go for a light blushing pink door to perk up a more serious olive green. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

What are some examples of green house colors paired with complementary front door colors?

Here are some great examples of green exteriors with front doors in colors that complement them beautifully:

Green Exterior Color Complementary Front Door Color
Sage green Navy blue
Lime green Red
Olive green Black
Forest green White
Seafoam green Robin’s egg blue
Emerald green Yellow
Dark green Cherry red
Muted jade green Sky blue
Kelly green Gray
Chartreuse green Purple

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! Choosing two contrasting tones is a good rule of thumb for making the door stand out against the green background.

What color should you avoid for a front door with a green exterior?

While green goes well with many colors, there are a few front door shades that may not pair so attractively. Colors to avoid include:

Bright, neon shades

Super bright and fluorescent colors like neon pink, orange, or lime green tend to look gaudy and overwhelm the natural green tones.


Brown and green are both earthy tones that can end up blending together. Brown doors run the risk of blending in and getting lost against the green.

Colors too similar to the green

Picking a greenish color that’s too close to the existing green exterior comes off looking monochromatic in a bad way. The door won’t stand out as well.

Neutrals like beige and tan

Very muted neutrals like beige, tan, or taupe don’t create enough contrast against lighter greens. This combination tends to look drab and dull.

What is the most popular front door color for a green house?


Out of all the options, black is arguably the most popular front door color choice for green exteriors. The dramatic high-contrast combo of black against green looks classic and stylish on home styles from cottages to contemporary. Black has a timeless elegance.

Other top choices include red, white, navy, and gray. But black doors reign supreme as the favorite among homeowners with green exterior paint.


Choosing a front door color to go with a green exterior requires considering the shade of green, architectural style, lighting, and your personal taste. While dark hues like black, navy, and red are can’t-miss choices, don’t be afraid to get creative with shades like robin’s egg blue, lemon yellow, or lavender purple. Just be sure to avoid matching greens or washed out neutrals. With so many possibilities, you can find the perfect color to give your green home some curb appeal and complement its beautiful exterior. A new coat of paint on your front door can take your home’s style to the next level.