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What color shoes to wear with an ivory wedding dress?

Quick Answers

An ivory wedding dress is a beautiful choice for brides. When choosing shoes to pair with an ivory dress, there are many options that can work well. Neutral shades like ivory, champagne, light gold, and blush pink are safe choices that won’t clash with the dress. Metallic shoes in rose gold, silver, or gold will also complement an ivory gown. For a pop of color, try shades like light blue, sage green, or even pale purple. Avoid stark whites or blacks, which can look harsh next to ivory. The most important thing is choosing a shoe in a color you love!

Factors to Consider

When selecting the perfect shoes to match an ivory wedding dress, there are a few key factors to take into account:

The dress details

Look at the specific shade of your ivory dress, as well as any embellishments, lace, beading, or other accents. Choosing a shoe color that complements the details will pull the whole look together. Lighter ivory dresses pair well with metallics or soft pinks, while deeper ivories can match nude or blush shoes.

Your wedding venue

Consider the season and setting of your wedding. For a summer wedding outdoors, lighter or brighter shoes will suit the environment. Winter weddings call for more muted metallics or jewel tones. Indoor, formal weddings are great for dramatic looks like sparkling silver or gold shoes.

Comfort level

Think about how much walking, standing, and dancing you’ll realistically do on your wedding day. Prioritize comfort in shoes you can safely wear for hours. For maximum comfort, choose low heels, wedges, or flats.

Personal preference

Most importantly, pick a shoe that makes you feel confident, happy, and bridal! The right shoes will reflect your personal style. Whether you want a pop of unexpected color or prefer traditional metallic pumps, go with what excites you.

8 Great Shoe Colors to Pair with an Ivory Dress

Here are 8 top shoe colors that complement an ivory wedding gown beautifully:

1. Ivory

Matching your shoes exactly to the shade of your ivory dress is a foolproof option. Ivory shoes will flawlessly coordinate without contrasting too starkly. Choose from satin, lace, suede, or metallic ivory shoes.

2. Champagne

For a subtle touch of sparkle, champagne-hued shoes are perfect with ivory. The light gold tone will tie in softly with an ivory dress. Try glittering champagne pumps or slippers.

3. Blush Pink

Romantic blush pink shoes add a feminine, whimsical accent to ivory for a spring or summer wedding. Try pale pink sandals or heels.

4. Metallic Gold

Metallic gold shoes illuminate an ivory dress with a bold, glamorous statement. Gold sandals, heels, or oxfords with ivory are divinely elegant.

5. Metallic Silver

Like gold, gleaming silver shoes compliment ivory for an opulent style. Mirrored silver heels or flats lend a shining finish.

6. Sage Green

For a vintage vibe, sage green shoes pair sweetly with ivory. Light green peep toes, low heels, or lace-up flats provide a soothing pop of color.

7. Light Blue

Soft powder blue shoes give an ivory dress an extra dash of color. Pale blue heels, flats, or boots evoke modern spring style.

8. Nude

Nude shoes extend the leg and blend seamlessly with skin tone, creating a neutral pairing with ivory dresses. Try nude pumps, sandals, or wedges.

5 Shoe Styles to Wear with an Ivory Dress

In addition to color, the style of shoe you select with your ivory dress matters too. Here are 5 top shoe styles to consider:

1. Peep Toe Heels

Peep toe heels perfectly balance elegance and comfort. Showing just a hint of skin, they come in a variety of heel heights and colors to suit ivory gowns.

2. Wedges

Comfortable wedge heels or wedge sandals maintain lift while being walkable. Great for outdoor weddings, they anchor the foot securely.

3. Flats

Ballet flats, pointed flats, or d’orsay flats provide comfort and sweetness with ivory dresses. Add rhinestone, bow, or floral embellishments for style.

4. Metallic Sandals

From rose gold to silver to champagne, metallic strappy sandals dress up ivory dresses with a glam twist. Try embellished, beaded, or lace-up styles.

5. Pumps

The classic pointed toe pump conveys timeless elegance. Pump heels come in a range of heights to match comfort level. Sleek satin pumps suit formal ivory dresses.

Guide by Wedding Formality

Use these guidelines to pick shoes based on the formality of your ivory wedding dress and event:

Super Formal/Black Tie

– Satin, lace, or velvet pumps in metallic gold, silver, champagne, or nude


– Embellished heels or strappy sandals in metallic shades
– Textured pumps in a matching ivory, blush pink or blue


– Peep toe heels in gold, silver, blush, or sage green
– Wedge heels in neutral ivory, champagne, pink, blue, or gold
– Sparkling flats


– Flat lace-up sandals in ivory, metallic, pink, blue or nude
– Wedge espadrilles with ivory linen or lace
– Embroidered or beaded flats

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes

Picking out the perfect shoes to complete your ivory wedding day look can be exciting, but also tricky. Keep these top tips in mind:

Test them out first

Wear your shoes around the house before your wedding to break them in and ensure they feel comfortable all day. Consider adding gel inserts for extra padding.

Bring a back-up pair

Pack a spare set of flats or slippers so you can change into a different style if needed halfway through events.

Size up if between sizes

Order 1/2 size up from your normal shoe size for wiggle room, especially if wearing heels all day.

Consider heel height

Aim for 2 inches or shorter heels for stability. Kitten heels, wedges up to 3 inches, or flats are great for staying steady.

Don’t forget the accessories

Adorn shoes with clips, bows, straps, buckles, or jewels to tie them to your ivory dress decor.

Take photos in advance

Test out your shoes with your dress well before the wedding and take pictures to ensure the pairing looks cohesive.


Finding the perfect shoes to complement your ivory wedding dress takes thoughtfulness, but is incredibly worthwhile.Aim for shoes that reflect the formality of your event, consider comfort for all-day wear, and pick a color that ties into your dress shade and details. Neutrals like ivory, champagne, gold, silver, blush, and nude are classic choices. For fun pops of color, try light blues, sage greens, or purples. The style of your shoes matters too – think peep toes, pumps, flats, wedges, and metallic sandals. With the right footwear choice, your ivory bridal gown will shine even brighter. Most importantly, select shoes that you completely adore wearing to bring out your inner confidence and bridal bliss.