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What color sheets go with teal comforter?

What color sheets go with teal comforter?

When choosing sheets to go with a teal comforter, there are a few key factors to consider. The color, pattern, and material of the sheets can all impact how well they coordinate with the teal comforter. Using complementary or contrasting colors, similar patterns, and cohesive textures can help create a pulled-together, stylish look for your bedroom decor.

Consider Color

Teal is a rich, complex color that combines green and blue hues. When selecting sheets, you’ll want to choose colors that play off these tones in the teal comforter. Here are some of the best sheet color options to pair with a teal comforter:

  • White – Crisp white sheets provide a fresh, neutral base that allows the teal comforter to really pop. White pairs beautifully with all shades of teal.
  • Gray – From light gray to charcoal, gray sheets complement teal with a subtle, sophisticated look. Gray creates a cohesive cool-toned palette.
  • Purple – Lilac, lavender and plum purple shades make an elegant pairing with teal. The two colors have a complementary harmony.
  • Gold – For a glamorous look, golden yellow or mustard sheets give teal bedding a bold, luxurious feel. Metallic gold sheets also coordinate nicely.
  • Navy – Dark blue navy sheets connect back to the blue undertones in teal. The nautical vibe works well together.

In general, opt for sheets in cooler-toned colors that emphasize the greenish-blues of the teal comforter. Warm earth tones like peach, tan or rust can sometimes clash with the teal hue.

Patterned & Textured Sheets

In addition to solid sheets, you can also choose patterned sheets with stripes, florals, geometrics and more. When mixing patterns with a teal comforter, the patterns should share similar colors. For example:

  • Navy and white striped sheets
  • Purple floral sheets
  • Gray herringbone sheets

Textured sheets like waffle, cable knit and textured stripes can also add visual interest. Just be sure the texture isn’t wildly different from the teal comforter fabric. Keeping a cohesive look and feel will give you the best end result.

Cotton, Linen or Sateen

Sheet material is another consideration when coordinating with a teal comforter. Common sheet fabrics include:

Sheet Material Properties
Cotton Breathable, soft, lightweight
Linen Natural, textured, durable
Sateen Silky, smooth finish

Cotton and linen sheets tend to work best with cotton comforters, as they have a casual, relaxed vibe. For satin polyester comforters, sateen sheets with a bit of sheen complement nicely. Ultimately choose sheets with a similar feel and finish to the teal comforter.

Tie It Together with Decor

When designing your whole bedroom around a teal comforter, incorporate teal and coordinating accent colors in your decor. Some ways to tie everything together:

  • Teal and navy throw pillows on the bed
  • A teal rug on the floor
  • Teal curtains or pillows on chairs/benches
  • Framed art and prints with teal accents
  • Florals with purple or white flowers
  • Ceramic or glass decor in coordinating blues and greens

Use decor to create a cohesive color story throughout the room. The bedding and sheets should coordinate seamlessly with rugs, walls, lighting and furniture finishes for a complete look.

Putting It All Together

Here are some examples of full sheet and comforter pairings:

Comforter Sheets Additional Decor
Teal cotton comforter White linen sheets Navy and white throw pillows
Blue-green satin comforter Gray cable knit sheets Silver bedside lamps
Aqua and navy floral comforter Lilac sateen sheets Woven teal rug

By pairing teal comforters with well-coordinated sheets and decor, you can create a stylish, pulled-together bedroom oasis. With so many colors, prints and fabrics to work with, you can easily find sheet sets that complement your teal bedding beautifully.


Teal comforters offer a sophisticated, inviting foundation for designing a bedroom. Coordinate with sheets in colors like white, gray, purple or navy that emphasize the green-blue tones of teal. Textured or patterned sheets can also work well when they share similar colors and vibes to the teal comforter. Tie everything together with decor accents like throw pillows, rugs, wall art and ceramics in complementing shades. With some thoughtful pairings, you can easily find sheets that combine in perfect harmony with a teal comforter.