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What color scrubs do rn wear?

As a registered nurse (RN), the color of your scrubs is an important part of your professional appearance. While there are no universal standards, most hospitals and medical facilities have dress code policies that designate specific scrub colors for different roles. Understanding the common scrub color conventions can help RNs coordinate their wardrobe.

Typical RN Scrub Colors

Here are some of the most common scrub colors worn by RNs:

  • Royal blue – This is one of the most widely used colors for RNs in many hospitals. Blue scrubs are associated with calmness, trust, and reliability.
  • Navy blue – Another popular color for RNs, navy blue scrubs offer a professional, authoritative look.
  • Ceiling tile white – Crisp, clean white scrubs project competence and care.
  • Wine – Darker red scrubs are sometimes worn by RNs and can signify passion.
  • Grey – Neutral grey scrubs are common for RNs and offer flexibility.
  • Green – Traditionally associated with surgery, green scrubs may be worn by RNs in the OR or ICU.
  • Purple – In some facilities, RNs wear purple scrubs, which can represent wisdom and dignity.

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