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What color pocket square for dark blue tie?


Choosing the right pocket square to complement a dark blue tie can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With some simple guidelines, you can easily find the perfect pocket square to complete your look. The most important thing is making sure the pocket square doesn’t clash with the blue tie but rather complements it. Typically, you’ll want to choose a pocket square in a lighter, contrasting color or pattern. But there are no hard and fast rules – feel free to experiment with different color combinations until you find one that you think works best. The key is finding a pocket square that ties in nicely with the blue tie without being too matchy-matchy.

Quick Answers

What are some classic color choices for a pocket square with a dark blue tie?

Some classic color pairings include:

– White pocket square
– Light blue pocket square
– Light pink pocket square
– Light yellow pocket square
– Red pocket square

What patterns work well with a dark blue tie?

Some patterns that pair nicely with a dark blue tie include:

– Striped pocket squares
– Polka dot pocket squares
– Paisley pocket squares
– Floral pocket squares
– Geometric patterned pocket squares

Should the pocket square match the tie exactly?

No, you generally want the pocket square to complement the tie rather than match it exactly. Having some contrast creates a more visually appealing look.

What fabrics work best for pocket squares?

The most common pocket square fabrics are:

– Silk – This is the classic pocket square fabric, with a luxurious look and feel.

– Cotton – Cotton pocket squares have a casual, relaxed vibe.

– Linen – Linen has a lightweight, textured look.

– Wool – Wool pocket squares are great for colder weather and add warmth.

Should the pocket square be the same color as the suit?

It’s generally best to have the pocket square be a different color than the suit. You want there to be some contrast between the suit and pocket square so that it pops.

Factors to Consider


The occasion you’ll be wearing the blue tie and pocket square to is an important factor. For example:

– Formal events call for more luxurious fabrics like silk in solid colors or subtle patterns.

– Everyday work attire gives you more leeway to experiment with brighter colors and bolder prints.

– Black tie events require white pocket squares typically.

Consider where you’ll be wearing the outfit when selecting a pocket square.

Your Complexion

The tone of your skin is another consideration when pairing a pocket square with a blue tie. Cooler complexions tend to look better with lighter, brighter colors like pale yellows and light pinks. Warmer complexions can pull off deeper, richer colors like burgundy, forest green and deep reds. Make sure to choose a pocket square hue that flatters your skin tone.

Your Hair Color

Similar to complexion, people with cool hair tones like black, dark brown and salt-and-pepper tend to look better with lighter, brighter pocket squares. People with warm hair colors like blond, red and strawberry blond can wear deeper colors well. Choose a pocket square that complements your hair color.

Your Eye Color

Eye color is another determining factor for pocket square pairings. People with blue, green and hazel eyes look great with camel, peach, purple and magenta pocket squares. Those with brown eyes stand out with slate blue, sea green and teal pocket squares. Pick a pocket square shade that enhances your eye color.

Tie Color & Pattern

Make sure to take the specific shade and pattern of your dark blue tie into account. Solid navy ties offer more pocket square pairing options than striped or patterned ties. Also pay attention to the darkness or lightness of the blue, as a lighter blue tie gives you more freedom than a midnight navy one. Coordinate the pocket square with the exact blue tone.

Suit Color

Your suit color is another element to consider when selecting a pocket square to go with your navy blue tie. For gray and blue suits, opt for more colorful pocket squares in warm hues like yellow, pink and red. With black, tan or olive suits, try pocket squares with cooler tones like sage, light blue and lavender. Contrast the pocket square against your suit color.

Best Color Options

Now that we’ve covered some guiding principles, let’s get into the best color options for pocket squares to pair with a dark blue tie:


A white pocket square is the most versatile choice to complement a navy tie. Crisp and fresh, white adds an extra pop against the dark blue. White pocket squares work for just about any occasion and suit color.

Light Blue

For another classic pairing, go with a light blue pocket square that’s a few shades lighter than the navy tie. Make sure the light blue you choose complements your eye color as well. Light blue pocket squares work similarly well with most occasions and suit hues.


Red pocket squares pair beautifully with dark blue ties, creating an eye-catching contrast. Go for a bold primary red or burgundy for a deep, complementary color scheme. Just avoid matching the red tie exactly. Red pairs well with gray and blue suits.


A light yellow pocket square serves as an optimistic accent against the navy tie. Stick to soft pastel shades of yellow rather than harsh neon tones. Yellow adds freshness to formal outfits and suits warmer complexions.


For a creative color pairing, pink pocket squares offset navy ties strikingly. Avoid bright pinks and instead opt for muted tones like salmon, peach or lavender-pink. Pink provides a stylish accent for professional events or everyday wear.


Green pocket squares deliver earthy contrast and intrigue paired with dark blue ties. Olive, sage and sea green all make stylish options. Just stay away from greens that are too closely matched to the tie’s blue. Green adds boldness to business formal events.

Best Pattern Options

In addition to color, you can incorporate patterns into your pocket square pairing:


Thin striped pocket squares offer an obvious complement to striped ties. Make sure the stripe colors relate to the tie colors. For navy striped ties, pair with light blue, green and white striped pocket squares. Stripes work for semi-formal and business occasions.

Polka Dot

Polka dot pocket squares provide whimsy and playfulness contrasted with solid blue ties. Opt for white, blue or pink dots with navy ties. Polka dots add personality for casual-to-business attire.


Sophisticated paisley-patterned pocket squares grant texture and depth next to solid navy ties. Stick to more muted paisley tones that coordinate with the tie. Paisley elevates formal, stylish outfits.


For special occasions like weddings and events, floral pocket squares pair splendidly with dark blue ties. Roses, hydrangeas and dahlias in light, bright colors work best. Florals inject romance into formal black tie attire.


Bold plaid pocket squares contrast smartly with dark blue ties when done right. Avoid plaids involving navy blue and instead try light blue or red plaid. Plaid pocket squares boost casual outfits with flair.

Examples of Classic Color Pairings

Here are a few classic pocket square and dark blue tie combinations:

White Pocket Square, Navy Striped Tie, Gray Suit

The white pocket square makes the navy striped tie pop against the gray suit, creating a stylish, coordinate look perfect for formal business events.

Burgundy Pocket Square, Solid Navy Tie, Navy Suit

The burgundy pocket square complements the solid navy tie, providing an eye-catching pop of contrast while matching the navy suit. Great for black tie weddings and events.

Baby Blue Pocket Square, Navy Dot Tie, Tan Suit

The light blue pocket square ties in softly with the navy polka dot tie and contrasts the tan suit, forming a soothing, complementary combination fitting for office wear.

Red Floral Pocket Square, Solid Navy Tie, Gray Suit

The red floral pocket square makes a dramatic, artistic statement against the navy tie and gray suit. Perfect for standing out at creative black tie functions.

Yellow Striped Pocket Square, Navy Striped Tie, Olive Suit

The yellow striped pocket square complements the navy striped tie while contrasting nicely with the olive suit. An upbeat pairing for semi-formal daytime events.


Pairing the perfect pocket square with your favorite dark blue tie may take a bit of trial and error. However, following the tips above makes the process far easier. Taking color, pattern, occasion and your personal features into account allows you to choose a pocket square that complements your navy tie stylishly. With so many options, you’re sure to find a combination that completes your desired look. So don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your pocket squares! A well-chosen pocket square will take your outfit to the next level.

Table: Pocket Square Pairing Suggestions for Common Dark Blue Tie Colors

Dark Blue Tie Color Recommended Pocket Square Colors
Navy Blue Solid White, light blue, yellow, pink, red, green
Royal Blue Solid Red, light blue, purple, grey, yellow
Navy Striped White, light blue, grey, green, red striped
Navy Dot Pink, white, light blue, yellow polka dot
Navy Floral Light pink, light purple, white floral

The Takeaway

Choosing a pocket square to pair with a dark blue tie is an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Follow the core principles of complementing rather than matching, considering your complexion and features, and keeping occasion formality in mind. With endless color and pattern options, you can create fashionable, tailored looks that make you look and feel your best while wearing a dark blue tie. Have fun mixing and matching different pocket squares until you find your favorite combinations. The right pocket square will elegantly finish off your outfit.