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What color palette for spring type?

What color palette for spring type?

When spring arrives, it’s time to refresh your color palette! After a long winter filled with dark, moody hues, the bright colors of spring represent rebirth and renewal. Choosing the right spring color scheme can be tricky. You want to pick colors that feel fresh yet coordinated. The spring 2023 runways offer plenty of inspiration for picking the perfect spring color palette.

How to Choose a Spring Color Palette

Here are some tips for selecting a cohesive and inspiring spring color scheme:

Look to nature for inspiration Spring is the season of blossoms and greenery. Look at photos of spring flowers and foliage to find colors that feel organic and vibrant.
Consider Pantone’s Color of the Year Each year, Pantone names a Color of the Year that dictates upcoming trends. The 2023 pick, Viva Magenta, is a bold fuchsia that pairs beautifully with spring pastels.
Focus on pastels Soft pastel hues like pink, yellow, lavender, and mint instantly evoke the feeling of spring. Try combining a few pastels in different saturations.
Add a pop of bright color Prevent your palette from feeling too soft by mixing in a vivid, saturated shade like emerald green, sunshine yellow, or berry pink.
Stick to 3-5 core colors Choosing just a few key shades keeps your palette cohesive. You can always add more accent colors later.

When building a spring color palette, make sure to pick colors that coordinate well. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange or purple and yellow, create lively contrast. Analogous hues next to each other on the wheel, like yellow, yellow-green, and green, blend seamlessly.

Spring Color Palette Ideas

Here are some trending spring 2023 color palette ideas inspired by the runways:


Pastel colors dominated the spring 2023 runways. Designers like Chloé, Versace, and Molly Goddard paired soft pastels in dreamy color combinations. Try mixing at least three pastel shades, like lavender, buttercream, and mint. Throw in a darker color like coral or sage green for contrast.


Electric neon shades lit up the spring 2023 catwalks. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, GCDS, and Area featured vivid neons. For your own neon spring palette, choose two complementary neon colors like orange and green or pink and blue. Ground them with neutral tones like white, gray, and beige.

Earth Tones

Natural earth tones offered an organic vibe on the Maison Margiela, Stella McCartney, and Burberry runways. Put together an earthy palette using shades like sand, moss green, terracotta, and slate blue. Add texture by mixing matte and glossy finishes.

Black and White with a Pop

The spring 2023 shows for Givenchy, Valentino, and Celine demonstrated chic black and white palettes punched up with a bright chromatic color. Try citrus orange, cherry red, or dandelion yellow. Use the bold tone in small doses for maximum impact.


Several brands like Christian Dior, Miu Miu, and Prada built their spring palettes around one dominant color. Pick a shade you love like lilac, seafoam, or coral and use it as the foundation for an all-over monochrome look. Introduce depth by playing with tints and shades of your chosen hue.

Best Colors for Each Skin Tone

When putting together your personalized spring color palette, make sure to choose shades that flatter your skin tone. Here are the best spring color choices for each skin tone category:

Skin Tone Best Spring Colors
Fair/Porcelain Soft peach, butter yellow, sky blue, lavender
Fair/Beige Mint, rose pink, strawberry, corals
Light Tan Warm greens, turquoise, magenta, peach
Medium Tan Emerald, cobalt, cherry, purple, gold
Olive Skin Greens, oranges, neutral beiges, rich blues
Dark Brown Skin Jewel tones, neon brights, deep purples, yellow
Deep Brown Skin Vibrant oranges, pinks, lime green, teal

While warm spring colors tend to be universally flattering, choosing hues that specifically complement your skin undertone will help you look radiant and refreshed. The spring 2023 runways offered a diverse range of bright, joyful colors perfect for every skin tone.

How to Use Your Spring Color Palette

Once you’ve created your personalized spring color palette, it’s time to work it into your wardrobe and decor. Here are some fun ways to showcase your chosen spring shades:

  • Paint an accent wall or front door in one of your colors
  • Buy throw pillows, blankets, and other home accessories in palette colors
  • Choose a handbag or shoes in a bold palette color as a statement accessory
  • Wear multiple colors from your palette together for a coordinated look
  • Mix different texture like glossy and matte in palette colors
  • Layer lighter and darker tints of your core hues
  • Add springy palette colors to your social media branding

Don’t be afraid to get creative and even theatrical with your spring color scheme. The return of sunny weather makes it the perfect time to turn up the volume with bright, cheerful colors.

Matching Interior Design and Fashion

Your interior decor and fashion look great when coordinated in the same color palette. Try these tips for making home decor and outfits color-compatible:

  • Use accent pieces like throw blankets or cushions in clothing colors
  • Choose fashion pieces like handbags in home decor colors
  • Paint one wall an on-trend fashion color like Pantone’s Violet Verbena
  • Add pillows, art, and accessories in the color palette of your core wardrobe
  • Style coffee table books creatively using pages to highlight palette colors
  • Arrange flowers in vases matching key outfit hues

Matching your interiors and apparel creates a pulled-together, purposeful look. The spring runway collections demonstrate how fashion and decor complement each other seamlessly when kept within a cohesive color story.


Selecting the perfect spring color palette is an exciting design challenge. Look to the natural brights of the season for inspiration as you choose a color scheme that feels fresh, lively, and cohesive. Look for colors that harmonize together as well as complement your skin tone. Use your spring palette creatively across fashion, beauty, and home decor for a fully unified springtime look. With the right colors, you can capture the spirit of renewal that comes along with the spring season.