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What color paint makes a small laundry room look bigger?

What color paint makes a small laundry room look bigger?

When it comes to small spaces, paint color can make a big difference in how the room looks and feels. The right colors can help create the illusion of a larger, brighter laundry room. As a homeowner looking to refresh your petite laundry space, choosing a strategic color scheme is key.

In this article, we’ll discuss how paint color affects the perception of room size, factors to consider when selecting paint colors for a small laundry room, and specific color recommendations to make the space appear more open and expansive. From bright whites to pale blues, the colors you paint your tiny laundry nook can transform the area visually. Read on for professional tips and tricks for picking paint colors that maximize and enhance your small laundry room.

How Paint Color Affects Perceived Room Size

Paint color has a powerful effect on how large or small a room appears. The colors you choose for the walls, ceiling, and trim work together to manipulate the sense of space. Here are some key principles to understand:

– Light colors visually recede and make spaces look larger and brighter. Dark colors absorb light and make spaces feel smaller and more enclosed.

– Monochromatic color schemes (using shades of one color) can make a room appear larger by creating a seamless, uniform look. Too much color variation looks busier and makes walls seem closer.

– Cool paint colors (like blues and greens) recede, enhancing the feeling of openness. Warm paint colors (like reds and yellows) come forward, which can make walls feel closer.

– Glossy or semi-gloss sheens reflect more light, increasing the perception of space. Matte or flat paint absorbs light, potentially making rooms feel smaller.

– Painting ceilings and baseboards the same color as walls helps walls appear further away. Contrasting trims draw the eye to boundaries.

Keeping these principles in mind will guide you in choosing paint colors that work together to visually enlarge a small laundry room.

Choosing Paint Colors for Small Laundry Rooms

When selecting paint colors for a pint-sized laundry space, consider the following factors:

Lighting: Is the room brightly lit with natural light or is it darker and windowless? Bright, sunlit rooms can handle deeper paint colors while dark rooms need very light colors to counteract the lack of light. Assess the room’s lighting conditions when making color choices.

Existing Elements: Look at the flooring, cabinetry, and countertops in the space. Cool-toned grays and blues complement white cabinets and marble counters, while warm wood cabinetry pairs better with soft greens or antique whites. Choose hues that coordinate well with fixed elements you want to keep.

Functionality: Keep in mind this space needs to be highly functional. Opt for light paint colors that will make sorting and finding clothes easier. Dark, dramatic colors may feel distracting or gloomy in a utility space meant for work, not relaxation.

Personal Preference: Think about the mood you want to create and choose colors accordingly. For a cheerful laundry room, go for sunny yellows. For a coastal feel, try ocean blues and greens. Select hues you find pleasant and energizing. The space should uplift you.

Balancing all these factors will lead you to the perfect color palette for making your petite laundry nook look its absolute best.

Best Paint Colors for Small Laundry Rooms

Based on interior design expertise, here are some of the top paint colors for opening up small laundry rooms visually:

Bright White

A bright, clean white is one of the best choices for making a small laundry space look larger and brighter. White reflects the maximum amount of light and will make the room feel open and airy. Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White or similar true whites are ideal for tiny laundries. Keep walls, ceilings and trim uniform white for the most spacious effect. Add pops of color with laundry fixtures and organizational items.

Soft Blue

Light blue is another go-to shade for visually expanding a small laundry room. It creates a peaceful, soothing vibe perfect for laundry duties. Benjamin Moore’s Baby’s Breath is a lovely pale blue with a green undertone that complements white cabinetry beautifully. Other crisp, pale blues like Surf Blue and Whisper White work great too. Keep walls blue and pair with white trims and ceiling.

Pale Green

For a crisp, lively ambiance, pale greens like Benjamin Moore’s Silver Satin add a touch of color without overwhelming a petite laundry nook. This spring green has a grayish undertone that feels clean and refreshing but not too assertive. Other pale greens like Foggy Day or Mountain Peak create a similar airy, spacious effect.

Antique White

For small laundry rooms with warm-toned cabinets or flooring, soft antique whites are a great choice. Benjamin Moore’s Linen White has a warm, welcoming feel that works with golden oak cabinetry but still keeps the space feeling open. Other options like Coventry Gray and Cotton Ball offer that same clean, vintage charm.

Buttercream Yellow

For laundry rooms that get plenty of sunlight, mellow yellows like Benjamin Moore’s Buttercream create an uplifting, cheerful space. This buttery yellow adds soft brightness perfect for cramped but sunny laundry nooks. Other pale yellows like Lemon Custard or Sun Porch would offer similar brightening effects. Just take care the shade isn’t too intense for a small space.

Paint Color Combinations

Rather than stick to just one color, incorporating two complementary hues on walls, cabinetry and trim can add visual interest to small laundry rooms. Here are some pleasing paint pairings:

– Pale blue walls with bright white trim and citron yellow cabinetry

– Light green walls with antique white cabinets and a buttery accent wall

– White walls and ceiling with sky blue upper cabinets and crisp navy lower cabinets

– Buttercream walls with white picture frame trim and dove gray countertops

Mixing two quiet tints and white (plus maybe one bold accent shade) keeps the palette soothing but multilayered. Just be sure to repeat colors in multiple places so it looks cohesive and pulls the eye around the room rather than settling on one area.

What Sheen Should I Use?

In addition to choosing colors, picking the right paint sheen or finish helps maximize a small laundry room as well. Here are some guidelines:

– For walls, use eggshell which has a soft glow or satin which has a mild sheen. They allow good light reflection but minimize glare and flaws.

– For trim and ceilings, opt for semi-gloss which has higher reflectivity to draw light around the perimeter.

– For cabinets and doors, go for gloss to add shine. Gloss boasts the most light-enhancing qualities.

In general, stay away from matte or flat finishes which absorb light. The more sheen, the more your small space will gleam.

Should I Paint Laundry Room Cabinets?

Along with walls, painting laundry cabinets is an excellent way to refresh the look of a petite laundry area or make a small room feel more spacious. Here are benefits of adding color to your cabinets:

– Painting cabinets the same color as walls makes the room feel seamless and expanded.

– A crisp white cabinet gives rooms a clean, bright appearance.

– Bold hues on lower cabinets balance out lighter upper walls.

– Sleek grey cabinets add modern style that feels open and airy.

– Cheerful citron or teal cabinets add personality without overwhelming.

Painting tired oak or dated laminate cabinets gives an instant transformation. Be sure to properly prep and prime cabinets before painting for best results. Consider replacing hardware in a coordinating finish to complete the refreshed look.

Should I Install Mirrors to Enlarge a Small Laundry Room?

Mirrors can be an effective decorating trick for visually doubling the size of a cramped laundry space. Here are some smart ways to use mirrors:

– Hang a large mirror on the wall opposite windows to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

– Install mirrored cabinets or apply mirror film to existing cabinet doors to replicate and expand the room’s dimensions.

– Place small staggered mirrors around the room to make walls seem further apart by reflecting back the space.

– Add a mirror frame or stripes and metallic accents for extra reflectivity and shine.

The strategic use of mirrors, whether small or large, adds the appearance of depth, height, and width in a tight laundry nook. Just be mindful of placement – you don’t want mirrors reflecting back messy piles of laundry. angle them to reflect views of cabinets, windows and decorative elements instead.


No matter how petite your laundry room, a fresh coat of paint in a strategic color scheme can give the illusion of extra square footage. Light tints like crisp whites, soft blues, pale greens, and mellow yellows are smart choices for opening up small laundry areas visually. Pairing complementary hues on walls, cabinets and trims adds stylish dimension as well. With the right colors and sheens, you can transform a cramped laundry space into one that appears brighter, more pleasant, and surprisingly spacious. Use these professional painting tips to create a laundry room that looks amazingly bigger and make paint your secret weapon for small room success.