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What color paint compliments teal?

What color paint compliments teal?

Teal is a beautiful and versatile color for interior decorating. It can work in many different design styles from modern to traditional. The key to using teal well is choosing the right complimentary colors that will enhance it and create a cohesive color scheme. Here are some of the best paint color options to pair with teal walls or decor.

Warm Neutrals

Teal has both cool blue and vivid green tones. Warm neutral paint colors like tans, browns, beiges and soft whites help balance out teal’s cooler tones. They also let the teal pop as an accent color. Try these warm paint colors with teal:

– White – Clean bright white is a classic. It makes the teal walls stand out. Use white on ceilings, trim, cabinetry or furnishings. Soft whites work well on walls too.

– Beige – Light beiges or greige (beige-grey) are soothing and cozy with teal. Use beige walls with teal accents.

– Cream – Rich antique whites and ivory cream walls pair beautifully with teal. The soft warmth balances teal’s vividness.

– Tan – For a laidback look, choose tan walls with teal furnishings or art. Try a muted sand or fawn wall color.

– Brown – Deep chocolate browns or softer tans complement teal nicely. Use brown on accent walls, furnishings and décor.

Color Families That Work With Teal

Some color families naturally combine well with teal for a harmonious look. Here are paint colors in these color families that look great with teal:


  • Whites – Soft Bright White, Creamy
  • Beiges – Fawn Beige, Beach Sand
  • Browns – Mocha Cream, Hazelnut
  • Grays – Heathered Gray, Coastal Fog


  • Light blues – Baby Blue, Skylight
  • Mid-tone blues – Denim Blue, Harbor Blue
  • Dark blues – Navy, Midnight Blue


  • Soft greens – Celadon, Pistachio
  • Mid-tone greens – Emerald, Jade
  • Dark greens – Hunter Green, Evergreen


  • Light yellows – Lemon Cream, Pale Banana
  • Mid-tone yellows – Sunflower, Maize
  • Dark yellows – Goldenrod, Amber

Best Color Combinations With Teal

Some specific paint color combinations work especially well with teal walls or accents. Here are ideal color schemes to try:

Teal and White

A teal and white scheme is fresh and timeless. Use bright or soft whites with a teal feature wall or teal décor accents. White trim makes teal walls pop.

Teal and Beige

Earthy beiges balance lively teal walls or furniture. Try warm antique white or greige walls with teal accents. Use beige furnishings and window treatments with teal walls.

Teal and Yellow

Cheerful yellow is an upbeat accent for teal. Soft buttercream or brighter lemon walls make teal decor pop. Use darker amber yellows with teal for a bold, dramatic look.

Teal and Gray

Cool grays accent teal beautifully. Go for light heathered grays or darker charcoal. Gray walls, furnishings and decorations complement teal accents and artwork.

Teal and Brown

Rich chocolate browns add a traditional cozy feel with teal. Try dark espresso brown walls and teal furnishings. Lighter taupes and mocha colors also combine well with teal.

Teal and Green

Shades of green—from light mint to deep emerald—all enhance teal’s green undertones. Use teal walls with olive furnishings and mint accents for a nature-inspired vibe.

Paint Finishes That Work With Teal

The paint finish you choose impacts how teal looks. Here are paint finishes that complement teal walls or decor:

  • Matte – Flat matte finish minimizes glare and lets teal walls stand out. Use on walls and ceilings.
  • Eggshell – With subtle sheen, eggshell finishes work on walls and trim. Provides good durability.
  • Satin – Silky satin paint has medium luster. Use on accent walls and woodwork.
  • Semi-Gloss – With high reflectiveness, semi-gloss accentuates bold teal accents.

Avoid high-gloss on walls as it will overpower teal. Use it only on trim and furnishings. Combining paint finishes adds dimension—glossy trims pop against matte teal walls.

Best Rooms for Teal Paint and Decor

Teal is versatile enough for any room but works especially well in these spaces:

Living Room

Use teal on an accent wall or front door for drama. Try teal furnishings or décor against neutral walls. Paint or upholster furniture in teal.


Make a soothing retreat with teal accent walls or bedding. Pair with whites and beiges for a peaceful feel. Use teal art and accessories throughout.


Cool aqua teal walls and tiles suit bathrooms. Coordinate with white fixtures and beige floors. Add teal towels and accessories.


Lively teal cabinets or kitchen islands look great against white or beige backdrops. Use teal dishware for pops of color.

Dining Room

Make a bold dining room statement with a rich teal accent wall and white wainscoting. Use teal plates, napkins and centerpieces.

Home Office

Energize a home office with teal walls or desk accessories. Try a teal chair against neutral walls and shelving.

Do’s and Don’ts for Decorating With Teal

Follow these basic tips when decorating with teal paint or accents:


  • Use teal as an accent against lighter neutrals like white, tan or gray.
  • Combine deeper teal tones with lighter tints for interest.
  • Add texture with soft furnishings in tones like cream or beige.
  • Layer metallics and wood tones to warm up teal’s cool tones.
  • Introduce other colors lightly for pops of contrast.


  • Overdo it with too much teal—use it sparingly for maximum impact.
  • Choose a teal that clashes with the room’s undertones and makes it garish.
  • Use high-gloss paints that reflect too much light and overpower the teal color.
  • Go for teal hues that are too similar—vary depths and tones.
  • Neglect lighting—use both natural and artificial lighting to show off teal’s coloring.


Teal is a gorgeous color for accentuating any interior space with its vibrant energy. The right complementary paint colors and sheens enhance teal for a polished look. Warm beiges, yellows, browns and whites balance teal’s cool tones. Cooler grays and blues accent teal nicely. Combining paint finishes adds appealing dimension. Use teal artfully on feature walls, furnishings and decorations. With the right complementary color scheme, teal creates stylish, inviting rooms with just the right pop.

Complementary Color Paint Color Names
White Soft Bright White, Creamy
Beige Fawn Beige, Beach Sand
Brown Mocha Cream, Hazelnut
Gray Heathered Gray, Coastal Fog
Yellow Lemon Cream, Pale Banana
Blue Baby Blue, Harbor Blue
Green Celadon, Hunter Green