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What color of contact lens for white skin?

When it comes to choosing contact lenses, one of the most important considerations is finding a color that will complement your natural eye color and skin tone. For people with fair or white skin, the right contact lens color can really make your eyes pop while still looking natural. But with so many color options on the market, from bold brights to subtle enhancing tones, it can be tricky to know where to start.

In this article, we’ll break down the best contact lens colors for white or fair skin, factors to consider when choosing, and provide specific color recommendations to help you pick the perfect shade to match your complexion.

Factors to Consider

Here are some key things to keep in mind when selecting contact lenses for white skin:

Consider your skin’s undertones when choosing contact lens colors. Those with cool undertones (veins appear blue/purple) will look best in colors like blue, green, and gray. Warm undertones (green/olive veins) are complemented by warm shades like green, brown, and hazel. Neutral skin can go for any color.

Eye Color
Lighter eye colors like blue, green and hazel have more options when it comes to contacts. However, those with naturally darker eyes like brown or black may want to avoid lighter contact shades to prevent an unnatural look. Stick to enhancing colors or shades darker than your natural eye color.

Hair Color
Hair color is another consideration, as you’ll want to find contact shades that complement your tresses. Warm hair colors like blonde, red, auburn go best with warm contacts like green or brown. Cooler hair hues like black, dark brown or light ash blonde pair nicely with cool shades of blue, violet and gray lenses.

Prescription Strength
Those with higher prescription strengths may need to avoid light-transparent contact lens colors, as they could make eyes look smaller or magnified. Opt for more solid, opaque options at higher prescriptions to define the iris.

Best Contact Lens Colors for White Skin

Here are some of the most flattering contact lens shades for fair or white skin tones:

Blue lens colors like light blue, ocean blue, or electric blue pop against fair skin. They also make blue or green eyes shine. Avoid darker navies, as they may look unnatural.

From emerald to seafoam, green contact lenses offer brightness against pale skin. Warmer greens like olive and forest green will also bring out undertones.

For a more subtle effect, go for gray contact lenses which softly enhance eye color. Smoky grays to blue-gray shades work for cool undertones.

Look for hazel contacts with a mix of brown, green, gold and orange flecks. They provide a sun-kissed enhancement for light eyes.

On the bolder end, violet and lilac lenses can really make eyes stand out. They’re best for people with very light skin and eyes.

Honey brown lenses with a touch of golden-orange add warmth without being too overpowering on fair skin.

Color Recommendations

Here are some specific contact lens shade suggestions for white or fair skin, eye color, and hair color:

Skin Tone Natural Eye Color Hair Color Recommended Contact Lens Colors
Fair, Pink Undertones Blue Blonde Blue, Violet, Light Gray
Pale, Neutral Undertones Green Reddish Brown Emerald Green, Forest Green
White, Yellow Undertones Brown Platinum Blonde Honey Brown, Olive Green
Fair, Cool Undertones Hazel Dark Brown Seafoam Green, Light Gray
Pale, Pink Undertones Dark Brown Black Violet, Electric Blue

As shown in the table, factors like your skin tone, natural eye color, and hair color impact what shade of contacts will be most fitting. Aim for colors that play up your natural features rather than overwhelming them.

Tips for Choosing and Wearing

Here are some extra tips for selecting and wearing colored contacts with fair skin:

– Try out color swatches from your eye doctor to see how shades actually look with your complexion before purchasing.

– Look for opaque contact lenses rather than transparent tinted ones to get the full color effect.

– If you have very pale skin, consider going one shade darker than you think for a more natural effect. Super light colors may look jarring.

– Stick to prescription contact lenses from your doctor vs. cosmetic lenses for the healthiest eyes.

– Make sure to give your eyes extra moisture when wearing contacts by regularly applying eye drops during the day.


Finding the right color of contact lenses for white or fair skin comes down to choosing flattering shades that align with your natural eye color and hair color, while keeping your skin undertones in mind. Cooler tones tend to look best in shades like blue, green, gray and violet, while those with warm undertones shine in green, brown and hazel contacts. Specific factors like how pale your skin is, if you have pink vs. yellow undertones, and your exact eye/hair color all play a role in finding the most complementary contact lens hue. With the recommendations above as a guide, you can confidently pick contact lenses that enhance your light eyes while harmonizing beautifully with your white complexion.