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What color number is pretty sage green?

What color number is pretty sage green?

Sage green is a grayish shade of green that is often considered a relaxing and soothing color. It gets its name from the herb sage, which has soft grayish-green leaves. Determining the exact color number for pretty sage green depends on the specific hue you have in mind. There are a few different options when it comes to picking a paint color number or code for a nice sage green shade.

Different Shades of Sage Green

There are lighter, brighter sages as well as darker, more muted shades of sage green. The intensity and undertones can also vary. Here are some of the most popular pretty sage green shades and their approximate color numbers:

  • Light sage – Benjamin Moore Crystalline, Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed, Behr Summer Fog
  • Soft sage – Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe, Behr Spa, Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige
  • Pale sage – Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray, Behr Silver Drop, Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray
  • Muted sage – Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, Behr Cresidia, Sherwin-Williams Evergreens
  • Dark sage – Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, Behr Peppercorn, Sherwin-Williams Mega Greige
  • Olive sage – Benjamin Moore Sagebrush, Behr Oregano, Sherwin-Williams Verdant

As you can see, there is some variation even within each category of light, soft, pale, muted, etc. The specific undertones also affect the look, with some sages pulling more gray, green, or brown. The color numbers provided above are just a starting point to help narrow your search for the perfect pretty sage green paint color.

Benjamin Moore Sage Green Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore offers several nice sage green paint colors across their different finish options. Here are some top picks along with color codes:

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Color Number
Wickham Gray HC-171
Revere Pewter HC-172
Sagebrush 2063-10
Edgecomb Gray HC-173
Carrington Beige 1019
Healing Aloe 1463
Silver Satin 1475

Wickham Gray is a light, airy sage that works well in any room. Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray have slightly more gray undertones for a muted look. Sagebrush and Silver Satin offer touches of olive green and green-gray respectively. Healing Aloe is a tranquil, spa-like green. Benjamin Moore’s Carrington Beige is actually more of a tan sage hue. All of these can be good options for an attractive sage green wall color.

Sherwin-Williams Sage Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams also provides many sage green paint choices. Here are some of their most popular pretty sage shades:

Sherwin-Williams Paint Color Color Code
Accessible Beige SW 7036
Repose Gray SW 7015
Evergreen Fog SW 9130
Rainwashed SW 6464
Agreeable Gray SW 7029
Mindful Gray SW 7016
Verdant HGSW3440

Accessible Beige and Agreeable Gray have beige undertones that provide a soft natural look. Repose Gray and Mindful Gray are lighter sage greens with subtle gray shading. Evergreen Fog and Rainwashed are pale green sages, while Verdant has a bit more yellow-green. Sherwin-Williams offers sample sizes so you can test these paint colors out.

Behr Sage Green Paint

Behr is another top brand for home paints with a nice array of pretty sage greens. Here are some of their recommended options for achieving this tranquil color:

Behr Paint Color Color Number
Silver Drop 960E-2
Peaceful Jade PPU18-19
Restful Bay PPU16-18
Spa PPU9-14
Oregano P300-4
Ivy Garden MQ3-04
Crisp Linen PR-W15

Popular choices like Silver Drop, Peaceful Jade, and Restful Bay are pale sage greens with soothing gray undertones. Spa is a warmer, greener sage that conjures up images of herbs and aromatherapy. Oregano has more yellow-olive tones, while Ivy Garden is deeper and richer. Crisp Linen by Behr is actually their whitest gray paint, but it can read as a very pale sage green.

Glidden Sage Paint Colors

Glidden also offers a good variety of sage green paint colors including:

Glidden Paint Color Color Number
Mystic Sage GPG15-35
Soothing Sea Glass GG16-91
Restoration Green GPG14-54
Spa Green GG16-61
Green Sage 34YY 48/029

Mystic Sage is a pale gray-green, while Soothing Sea Glass has slightly more blue undertones. Restoration Green offers a warm, earthy sage hue. Spa Green and Green Sage are more distinctly green tones of this versatile color.

Valspar Sage Paint Colors

Valspar sage green paint options include:

Valspar Paint Color Color Number
Sagebloom 5007-10A
Willow Print 5004-3A
Spiced Cider 1013-2A
Rosemary 5008-9A
Chrome Green 4010-7A

Sagebloom is a bright, yellow-based sage. Willow Print and Spiced Cider offer warmer, brown-tinged hues. Rosemary is a soft gray-green while Chrome Green has touches of gray-blue. Valspar’s Optimus interior paint has excellent coverage for sage green walls.

Olympic Sage Paint Colors

Some top sage green paint colors from Olympic’s interior collections include:

Olympic Paint Color Color Number
Rejuvenation 728-3A
Modern Olive 736-6A
Restoration 733-3A
Spa Green 763-3A
Rain Glass 731-1A

Rejuvenation is a pale sage with subtle green undertones. Modern Olive and Spa Green have more distinctive olive and green shades. Restoration is a lighter, greener gray-sage. Rain Glass offers a soft blue-green gray color.

Dutch Boy Sage Paint Colors

If you like the Dutch Boy brand, some pretty sage greens to consider include:

Dutch Boy Paint Color Color Number
Gray Cashmere DAPB-02
Woodland Moss DAFB-61
Restful Seas DASW-82
Sage Jewel DAFB-15

Gray Cashmere is a light, neutral sage gray. Woodland Moss has subtle olive undertones. Restful Seas is similar to a sea glass shade. Sage Jewel offers more green vibrancy. All four can provide that calming sage green ambiance.

PPG Sage Paint Colors

Popular PPG paint choices for sage green include:

PPG Paint Color Color Number
Gray Matters LRV 35
Sage Wisps LRV 50
Laurel Wreath LRV 42
Green Grove LRV 29

Gray Matters is a light gray sage, while Sage Wisps is a softer green-gray. Laurel Wreath has subtle yellow-green tones. Green Grove is a rich, deep sage green. PPG Timeless and Manor Hall interior paints offer great coverage and durability.

Finding the Perfect Sage Green

With all the options available from leading paint brands, you’re sure to find the perfect sage green shade for your space. Look for samples in tones you like. Test them out on walls at different times of day when lighting changes to make sure you’re happy with it. Consider adjacent colors too. Accent walls in a deeper sage can contrast nicely with a light airy sage on other walls. You may want to opt for warmer sages for north facing rooms and cooler sages in southern exposures that get more sunlight. Find the shade that enhances your room and brings you tranquility.


Sage green can be a stunning color choice to create a relaxed, peaceful ambiance. The many shades available from brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Glidden, Valspar, Olympic, Dutch Boy, and PPG offer options for every style. Choose from light, pale sages, soft muted tones, warm mossy hues, bright spring greens, or deep mystifying shades. Consider the look you want and adjacent colors that work well. Sample cards and test pots allow you to view shades in your space before committing. With the right sage green paint color, you can create a personal sanctuary that soothes and rejuvenates.