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What color mascara for natural look?

Choosing the right mascara color is crucial for achieving a natural look. The shade you pick should complement your eye color and enhance your lashes in a subtle way. Here are some tips on picking the best mascara colors for a natural, understated beauty.

What is considered a natural mascara look?

A natural mascara look is one that enhances your lashes while still looking subtle and understated. The goal is to make your lashes look darker, fuller, and longer without appearing overly made up. The mascara color should blend seamlessly with your natural lash tone and eye color.

With a natural mascara look, you want to avoid heavy black mascara or bright, bold shades that look artificial. The ideal colors are soft browns, grays, and black-browns that give a soft, feathery effect to the lashes. The result should be a polished yet natural enhancement.

How does eye color impact mascara choice?

Your natural eye color is an important factor in choosing flattering mascara shades. Here are some guidelines for picking mascara based on eye color:

  • Blue eyes: Soft black-brown or navy mascara enhances blue eyes beautifully. Stay away from black, which can look harsh.
  • Green eyes: Purple or plum mascara complements green nicely. Gray and charcoal shades also work well.
  • Brown eyes: Black-brown or espresso mascara makes brown eyes pop. Soft black is another great option.
  • Hazel eyes: Try soft brown, chestnut, or chocolate mascara. These earthy shades bring out the different flecks of color.

In general, mascara shades that pick up the primary tones in your eye color look most natural. Stay away from shades that clash with your eyes.

Best mascara colors for fair, olive, and dark complexions

Along with your eye color, your complexion also impacts the right mascara color for a natural look. Here are flattering mascara shades for different skin tones:

Complexion Best Mascara Colors
Fair skin Soft brown, chestnut, gray
Olive skin Dark brown, espresso, soft black
Dark skin Black, black-brown, plum

Fair complexions look great with lighter, softer browns and grays. Olive skin benefits from deeper blacks and browns. Dark complexions can handle intense black mascara beautifully.

How to apply mascara for a natural look

Proper application technique is just as important as color for achieving a natural mascara look. Here are some tips:

  • Curl lashes first to open up your eyes.
  • Wipe excess mascara off the wand before applying.
  • Apply mascara using a zig-zag motion from roots to tips.
  • Use lighter coats and let each layer dry instead of globbing on thick mascara.
  • Keep mascara focused on tips and upper lashes only for a more wide-eyed look.
  • Use a lash comb to separate lashes and remove clumps.
  • Stick to just one-two coats for everyday wear.

The natural mascara look relies on balance. Don’t overload the lashes or apply mascara too heavily on the lower lashes. Gentle layers focused on the upper lash line look most flattering and understated.

Best drugstore mascara picks for a natural look

You don’t need expensive mascara to get a beautiful, natural effect. Many drugstore brands offer great options. Here are some top drugstore mascara picks for a natural look:

  • Maybelline Lash Sensational – Available in soft black, brown, and blackish brown. The curved wand coats lashes evenly.
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Original – The black brown shade is perfect for natural enhancement. The wand helps separate lashes.
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Volume – The brown color builds flexible volume. The brush coats lashes evenly.
  • Rimmel Wonder’full Mashcara – The black brown shade is a spot-on natural color. The tapered wand lifts lashes.
  • Neutrogena Healthy Volume – The nice cocoa brown color instantly wakes up eyes. The full brush boosts volume.

You can easily achieve a polished yet natural mascara look without spending a ton. Just stick to soft brown, brown-black, and brown shades from the drugstore.

How to care for natural lashes

Caring for your natural lashes helps enhance the effect of natural-looking mascara. Here are some tips for keeping lashes healthy:

  • Remove all makeup thoroughly each night to prevent breakage.
  • Apply a conditioning treatment weekly to hydrate lashes.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing and tugging when removing mascara.
  • Keep lashes coated with a moisturizing natural oil like olive or castor oil.
  • Don’t over-curl lashes, which can weaken them over time.
  • Trim lashes periodically to remove split ends.
  • Take hair and nail supplements to strengthen lashes.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara daily, as it can dry out lashes.

Simple care like nightly makeup removal and weekly conditioning keeps lashes strong. This provides the perfect base for soft, natural-looking mascara.

Mascara mistakes to avoid

It’s easy to go overboard with mascara, losing the natural effect. Avoid these common mascara mistakes:

  • Using waterproof mascara daily – This can severely dry out lashes.
  • Applying too many coats – More than 2 coats looks clumpy.
  • Forgetting to wiggle the wand at the base – This leaves visible gaps.
  • Letting mascara dry between coats – This causes clumping.
  • Applying mascara only to tips – Coat from base to tip.
  • Using a too-big wand – Large wands create a spidery effect.
  • Forgetting to comb out clumps – Always finish with a lash comb.
  • Layering wet mascara on wet – Let each coat dry first.

Avoid mascara mistakes like clumping and spider lashes. Let product dry between light coats and use a lash comb for perfectly separated lashes.


Does eye color or skin tone matter most for mascara color?

Your natural eye color has the biggest impact on choosing flattering, natural-looking mascara shades. Skin tone is a secondary factor. Always select mascara hues that make your eye color pop.

How many coats of mascara for a natural daytime look?

One to two coats is ideal for a natural daytime mascara look. Apply a light first coat focusing on the lash roots. Let it dry before going in with a second soft coat to fill out lashes. Avoid heavy layers during the day.

Should you tightline eyes for a natural mascara look?

Tightlining the upper lash line with a soft pencil complements a natural mascara look nicely. It subtly defines eyes without being obvious. Avoid tightlining the lower waterline, which looks more dramatic.

What if my lashes won’t hold a curl for mascara?

If your lashes won’t hold a curl, try a waterproof lash primer before mascara. Use a lash curler after applying the primer and before mascara. You can also try heating your lash curler with a blow dryer for 10 seconds before curling.


Choosing the right mascara color and application technique allows you to enhance lashes for a soft, natural look. Complement your eye color with soft brown, brown-black, or gray tones. Apply two light coats using a zig-zag motion, letting the mascara dry between coats. Finish by combing through lashes to remove any clumps. With the right mascara colors and delicate application, you can achieve a beautiful, wide-eyed natural look.