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What color looks good with periwinkle?

What color looks good with periwinkle?

Periwinkle is a light purplish-blue color that is quite versatile and can work well with many different color palettes. When choosing colors to pair with periwinkle, there are a few key factors to consider:

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are those located directly across from each other on the color wheel. For periwinkle, excellent complementary color choices include peach, coral, salmon, and other warm, reddish-orange hues. The contrast makes both colors stand out and adds visual interest.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are located right next to each other on the color wheel. Colors that pair nicely with periwinkle in an analogous palette include other shades of purple, pink, blue, and blue-green. Using different shades, tints, and tones of analogous colors creates a harmonious, soothing look.

Triadic Colors

A triadic color scheme uses three colors spaced equally apart on the color wheel. In addition to periwinkle, colors like yellow, yellow-green, and chartreuse make up a vibrant triadic palette. The sharply contrasting colors have a playful, energetic effect.

10 Colors That Complement Periwinkle

Here are 10 specific colors that look gorgeous when paired with periwinkle:

1. White

The clean, crisp white provides the perfect neutral backdrop for periwinkle. The two colors evoke images of blue skies and white fluffy clouds. White also illuminates and brightens up the periwinkle hue.

2. Light Blue

Soft powder blue or baby blue are analogous colors that are just a shade lighter than periwinkle. Pairing the two pastel blues creates a dreamy, ethereal look. Add white for a beachy color palette.

3. Lilac

Lilac is a light purple that works well with periwinkle in an analogous color scheme. With a shared blue undertone, the purple and blue-purple complement each other beautifully. Use different saturations for more contrast.

4. Sea Green

The cool greenish-blue tone of sea green makes it an ideal pair for periwinkle. Try combining them in beach or ocean-themed designs. Darker shades of sea green add depth.

5. Yellow

Vibrant yellow and periwinkle make high-energy complements. The striking color contrast makes them pop. A rich golden yellow works nicely against the cool blue periwinkle.

6. Peach

Warm peachy shades like melon, salmon, or coral look stunning with periwinkle. The mix of cool and warm colors is eye-catching and cheerful. Soft peaches are especially pretty with pastel periwinkle.

7. Lavender

Lavender and periwinkle are closely related shades. Putting light lavender with a deeper periwinkle purple creates subtle contrast. Add white for a soft, romantic wedding color scheme.

8. Silver

Metallic silver takes on a cooler tone that pairs perfectly with periwinkle. The icy silver and blue-purple palette has an elegant, sophisticated look. Use silver accessories with periwinkle outfits.

9. Blush Pink

Blush pink has just enough purple undertone to complement periwinkle nicely. The sweeter pink prevents the periwinkle from feeling too cold. Use them in spring designs.

10. Chartreuse

For an energetic contrast, combine periwinkle with vivid chartreuse green. The electric colors energize designs. Mute them with white for a more flexible color scheme.

Tips for Decorating with Periwinkle

Here are some useful tips for beautifully incorporating periwinkle and complementing colors into home décor and fashion:

Paint and Wallpaper

– Use periwinkle as an accent wall color paired with neutral white or beige walls
– Stencil periwinkle wallpaper onto one focal wall in a room
– Paint interior doors a glossy periwinkle for a pop of color

Fabric and Soft Furnishings

– Choose periwinkle bedding and add peach or white decorative pillows
– Style a chair with a periwinkle slipcover and lavender throw blanket
– Make window treatments from sheer white fabric and periwinkle patterned drapes


– Paint a dresser periwinkle and change the knobs for a fresh look
– Mix silver end tables with periwinkle seating in the living room
– Add a yellow rug to balance out a periwinkle colored couch

Accessories and Decor

– Display periwinkle and sea green ceramic pieces together
– Create a centerpiece with periwinkle flowers and greenery
– Include metallic silver details and accents in a periwinkle themed space

Clothing and Accessories

– Build outfits starting with a periwinkle top and adding white or blue jeans
– Pair a blush pink skirt with a periwinkle jacket for a spring look
– Tie a chartreuse scarf onto a periwinkle dress for a pop of contrast
– Mix silver jewelry with periwinkle shoes, bags and other accessories

Creative Ways to Use Periwinkle

In addition to traditional decor and fashion, here are some creative ways to utilize the beautiful periwinkle hue:


– Use periwinkle accents like table runners for engagement parties or bridal showers
– Make periwinkle and yellow paper flowers for birthday party décor
– Print party invitations on periwinkle paper with peach envelopes

Food and Drink

– Frost cakes or cupcakes with periwinkle buttercream icing
– Infuse ice cubes with periwinkle edible flowers or food coloring
– Mix up a periwinkle cocktail with blue curaçao liqueur

DIY Projects

– Dye fabric periwinkle for upholstering footstools or headboards
– Paint terra cotta pots periwinkle and use them for indoor plants
– Make periwinkle candles using blue and purple dyes


– Gift wrap presents in periwinkle paper and tie with silver ribbon
– Make periwinkle gift bags or boxes for small gifts like jewelry
– Knit periwinkle scarves or hats to give handmade gifts


With its soft purple-blue tone, periwinkle works beautifully with a wide range of colors. Choosing complementary shades like peach and yellow creates vivid contrast, while analogous hues like lilac and lavender result in more subtle, cohesive palettes. Whether you’re decorating your home, planning an event, or creating DIY projects, periwinkle and its many color pairings offer endless possibilities for stylish self-expression and design. Finding colors that enhance rather than compete with the lovely periwinkle is sure to create a beautiful final look.