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What color jewelry to wear with a green dress?

Green is a versatile color that can be paired with many jewelry options. When selecting jewelry to complement a green dress, consider the shade of green, the style of the dress, and the overall look you want to achieve. Here are some tips on choosing jewelry to match different green dresses.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is a classic pairing with green. The warm undertones of gold nicely complement an emerald green, forest green, or olive green dress. For a bold look, wear a bright gold statement necklace or chunky gold earrings with a deeper green dress. For a more understated style, try small gold hoop earrings and a delicate gold bracelet with a mint or pale green dress.

When wearing dark green like hunter green, avoid pairing it with yellow gold, which can look mismatched. Instead, opt for white gold, rose gold, or brushed gold jewelry. For jewel tones like jade green or teal, white gold with diamonds or gemstones can make the colors pop.

Silver Jewelry

Like gold, silver jewelry also pairs well with many shades of green. Sterling silver, platinum, white gold, and other silvery metals complement both dark and light green dresses. Silver goes particularly nicely with pastel greens like sage green, seafoam green, and pistachio green. It creates a soft, pretty look.

For a bold green like emerald, choose silver jewelry with sparkle. A emerald green dress pops when matched with diamonds, crystals, or gemstones set in silver. Try a statement silver necklace or chandelier earrings. With metallic greens like aquamarine, silvery jewelry helps enhance the shimmer.

Neutral Jewelry

Neutrally-colored jewelry like bronze, copper, and brushed metals work with a wide range of green shades. They pick up subtle undertones in green without clashing. Neutral metals pair well with darker olive and hunter greens. They also complement lighter greens like mint, celadon, and chartreuse.

Simple neutral jewelry like hammered bronze hoops, a thin copper bracelet, or a brushed metal watch can provide an earthy feel that works with green’s natural vibe. Neutral metals are ideal for green patterned or printed dresses, anchoring the colors.

Statement Jewelry

Vibrant, saturated greens like emerald, jade, and forest green pop when matched with bold statement jewelry. Seek out statement pieces featuring colorful gemstones, sculptural shapes, and interesting materials.

For example, pair a fuchsia pink tourmaline necklace with an emerald dress. Or, wear vibrant ruby drop earrings with a jade green dress. Intense shades of green can handle substantial jewelry. Statement rings with large colored stones, cuff bracelets, and long necklaces make dramatic accessories.

Black and White Jewelry

For a high contrast look, combine black and white jewelry with green dresses. Black jewelry may seem counterintuitive for green, but can actually be striking. Jet black beads, onyx stones, and black diamonds make an eclectic statement.

White jewelry also complements green for crisp contrast. Pearls, opals, quartz, and diamonds in white settings help lighten and brighten rich greens. A blend of black and white jewelry creates a dynamic look with green. Think black and white diamond earrings or a necklace mixing black stones and white pearls.

Wood and Leather Jewelry

Natural materials like wood and leather accentuate the earthy charm of green. Brown wood paired with emerald evokes lush forests. Tan leather against olive green feels rustic.

Wood jewelry options include engraved cuffs, beaded necklaces, and wood hoop earrings. For leather, look for braided bracelets, leather chokers, or laser-cut pendants. These materials bring out green’s organic side.

Coordinating Metals and Stones

Selecting jewelry featuring metals and stones that coordinate with your green shade is a foolproof approach. For example, pair emerald jewelry with an emerald dress or jade accessories with a jade dress. Or complement a teal dress with sapphire or turquoise stones.

Matching the undertones of your green apparel also works beautifully. Set a warm grassy green off with citrine jewelry. Flatter a cool mossy green with emerald stones. Coordinating your jewelry and dress results in a polished, put-together aesthetic.

Avoiding Clashes

When wearing green, it’s important to avoid clashing colors that may overpower the look. Steer clear of pairing vibrant reds, oranges, fuchsias, and neons which can appear jarring next to green.

Also be cautious of combining green with heavily mixed metal jewelry featuring yellow gold, rose gold, silver, and bronze together, which tends to look mismatched and busy. Stick to one or two coordinating metal tones for a more cohesive look.

Choosing Jewelry by Green Dress Style

The style of your green dress can also help dictate the best jewelry choices:

Jewelry for Casual Green Dresses

With casual styles like shirtdresses, A-line dresses, and skater dresses in green, opt for low-key jewelry like:

– Layered silver or bronze necklaces
– Colorful enamel bangles and cuffs
– Beaded bracelets
– Simple stud earrings
– Thin hoops or small drops

Jewelry for Cocktail Green Dresses

For green cocktail dresses, step up your accessories with:

– Statement crystal drop earrings
– Bold cocktail rings
– Dramatic crystal-encrusted necklaces
– Glam cuffs with sparkle

Jewelry for Formal Green Dresses

To complement an elegant floor-length or formal green gown, try regal jewelry such as:

– Diamond or gemstone earrings
– Tennis bracelets or diamond cuffs
– Multistrand pearl necklaces
– Crystal-adorned hair accessories
– Silver or gold chandelier earrings

Jewelry for Green Bridesmaid Dresses

For green bridesmaid dresses, stick to understated jewelry so as not to distract from the bride. Go for:

– Simple pearl studs or hoops
– Thin silver or gold bracelets
– Small pendant necklaces

Best Metals and Stones to Pair with Different Green Shades

Use these suggestions for selecting complementary metals and stones for various green shades:

Green Shade Best Metals Best Stones/Materials
Emerald Green Silver, Platinum Diamonds, Clear Stones
Forest Green Gold, Bronze Ruby, Garnet, Citrine
Lime Green Silver, White Gold Peridot, Green Quartz
Mint Green Rose Gold, Silver Moonstone, Opal, Pearl
Olive Green Brushed Gold, Copper Onyx, Brown Wood
Jade Green Yellow Gold, Silver Jade, Emerald
Teal Silver, White Gold Sapphire, Turquoise
Seafoam Green Rose Gold, Silver Opal, Aquamarine


When selecting jewelry to pair with a green dress, look at the specific shade of green, the dress style, and the overall look you wish to achieve. Gold, silver, neutral metals, and statement jewelry all work beautifully with different green tones. Avoid clashing colors and stick to one or two coordinating metal types. Most importantly, choose jewelry you feel confident and beautiful wearing to let your inner sparkle shine through!