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What color jewelry goes with black?

Black is a versatile color that can be dressed up or down. When it comes to jewelry, there are many color options that pair beautifully with black outfits. The key is choosing pieces that create an elegant, sophisticated look. With the right colors and styles, your black ensemble can go from day to night with ease.


Metallic jewelry is a classic choice with black. Shiny gold, silver, bronze and pewter pieces complement the dark hue. Metallics add a touch of glamour and richness to basic black pieces. From dainty necklaces to chunky cuffs, metal jewelry gives black a luxurious feel.

Try gold and silver chains layered together over a black turtleneck. A gold choker necklace makes a simple black dress pop for a night out. Stacked metal bangle bracelets are an easy way to accessorize a black top or dress. For a dramatic look, pair a black gown with a statement gold necklace and matching earrings.


Creamy white or gray pearls are a traditional elegant choice with black. Both faux and real pearls work well and convey a classic, sophisticated image. Pearls come in diverse shapes and sizes, ranging from dainty stud earrings to chunky pearl bracelets.

A strand of classic white pearls elevates any black outfit, from a pantsuit to a cocktail dress. Try mixing pearl stud earrings with a black sweater or blouse for the office. Layer longer pearl necklaces together over a black turtleneck. Pearl hair clips or headbands are a unique way to accessorize an all-black look.


Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, and they certainly shine against black. The sparkle of diamonds pops against black’s dark backdrop. From tennis bracelets to diamond studs, these precious gems make a big impact.

A simple diamond necklace can take a basic black dress from daily wear to special occasion. Diamond hoop or drop earrings are a striking choice with a black top for a night out. For men, diamond cufflinks or a watch with diamond accents will smarten up a black suit. Diamonds command attention and amplify the elegance of black.


Vivid green emeralds make a dramatic, luxurious statement against black. The bright hue pops against the dark neutral. Emeralds come in a range of shades, from pale green to deep forest green.

An emerald cocktail ring immediately grabs attention against a black dress. Stack emerald and diamond bands together on one finger for sparkle. Emerald drop earrings make an impact with a black gown or jumpsuit. For men, an emerald ring or money clip will stand out with a black suit.


Fiery red rubies provide a bold pop of color against black. From pale pink to deep crimson, rubies showcase a range of red tones. Their passionate hue makes a vibrant accent.

A ruby pendant necklace catches eyes over a black top or dress. Mix ruby and diamond earrings for some serious sparkle. For men, ruby cufflinks or a tie bar add flashy color to balance a black suit. Rubies make a striking statement and evoke power and strength with black.


The deep purple shades of amethyst provide a rich, royal complement to black. Whether pale lavender or deep violet, the gemstone brings out a mysterious, moody vibe.

An amethyst cocktail ring or pendant dress up a black outfit with a touch of drama. Stack bracelets that combine amethyst, black onyx and clear crystals for chic texture. Amethyst earrings in a bold drop style make a glamorous accent. Use amethyst to create an air of intrigue with black attire.


Opals display a unique play of iridescent colors that brings a magical, ethereal effect. Their rainbow flashes enliven somber black pieces. The gemstone comes in diverse shapes and shades.

An opal pendant adds an alluring pop of color over a black top. Mix opal with onyx or black diamonds for contrast. Opal drop earrings make a mystical statement with a black dress or jumpsuit. Let opals be the focal point to light up your look.


Sleek, dark onyx has a sophisticated tone-on-tone look with black. The rich black gemstone provides subtle contrast and texture. Onyx ranges from matte black to inky blue-black.

Stack onyx bracelets and necklaces layered with other black jewelry for dimension. Onyx cocktail rings give flair to black evening attire. Scatter onyx stud earrings along the ear for a delicate punk edge. Use onyx to add depth and mystery.


With its metallic gray shimmer, hematite jewelry has an eye-catching allure against black. The iron oxide mineral stone has a beautiful gleam and comes in both shiny and matte finishes.

A hematite cuff or statement ring stands out on a black outfit. Mix hematite with clear crystals for some added sparkle. Layer hematite chains and pendants together for a cool, edgy vibe. Use hematite to add a subtle flash of color.


Bright blue turquoise makes an energetic color pairing with black. From light sky blue to deeper teal shades, the striking gemstone creates a fun pop of color. Turquoise ranges from opaque to translucent with beautiful veining.

Stud earrings in turquoise give a bold accent to black. Turquoise bracelets and necklaces make artistic focal points against the neutral background. Cluster turquoise cocktail rings for major style impact. Let this cheery blue rock your black look.


Vibrant coral jewelry in pink and orange tones provide a lively pop with black. The organic gemstone has an playful, artsy look that elevates neutrals. From salmon to deep orange, coral makes a festive statement.

Give black a pop of personality with a coral pendant or charm necklace. Dress up a black shift dress with coral drop earrings. Stack coral bangles together for a fun punch of color. Let coral jewelry infuse your black outfits with energy and joy.


Bold yellow citrine makes a striking contrast against black’s darkness. The glittering gem ranges from pale lemon to amber orange shades. Citrine has an infectious warmth and liveliness.

Make a vibrant statement by pairing black with a citrine cocktail ring or bracelet. Citrine drop earrings can brighten up any black top or dress. Cluster citrine pendants together on a necklace for retro flair. Use this sunny stone to add spirit to your black style.


Sparkling clear crystals and black diamond jewelry provide light and brilliance. The glasslike shine of crystals balanced black’s serious mood. Play with crystal shapes, sizes and arrangements.

Scatter crystal stud earrings up your ear for a starry look. Add crystal bracelets and rings for a glamorous accent. Layer crystal pendants at varying lengths for dimension. Let crystals illuminate your black pieces.


With its vibrant green swirls, malachite provides an artful pop with black. The gorgeous striated stone has a jewel-toned color palette ranging from light green to deep forest.

Make a bold statement with a malachite cocktail ring or pendant necklace. Use malachite earrings as the focal point of your outfit. The striking gemstone will draw admiration and envy. Let malachite upgrade your style.

Lapis Lazuli

The rich blue hue of lapis lazuli makes a luxe impression against black. Flecks of gold within the gemstone add shimmer and depth. Lapis ranges from deep navy to brighter royal blue.

A lapis pendant or charm necklace will grab attention over a black dress. Intricately carved lapis earrings make great statement pieces. Mix lapis with onyx or black diamonds for contrast. Use this regal blue stone to infuse luxury into your look.


With its dazzling iridescence, labradorite adds an ethereal accent to black. The mineral stone flashes shades of blue, yellow, pink and green for a magical effect.

Labradorite pendants cast a spell over black tops and dresses. The colorful stone provides a dreamy contrast. Labradorite cocktail rings make an eye-catching statement. Use this mystic stone to give your style an otherworldly elegance.


Mysterious moonstone boasts a luminous sheen that dances against the darkness of black. Its pale white glow and rainbow flash intrigue the eye. The feminine gem ranges from translucent to milky opaque.

Dainty moonstone stud earrings complement black for an ethereal look. Layer moonstone bracelets and necklaces together in different sizes. Use moonstone rings as an alluring focal point. Let this hypnotic stone light up your black outfits.


Black outfits act as the perfect canvas for colorful jewelry. Pairing the right gemstone or metal with black can create an elegantly polished or artfully eclectic look. From the classics like pearls and diamonds to trendy turquoise and opal, jewelry provides the perfect pop of color against the neutral background. Avoid overly matchy-matchy looks by selecting jewelry in contrasting tones and textures. The options are limitless for eye-catching style. Use jewelry to transform a basic black ensemble into something exceptional and expressive of your individual flair.

Selecting jewelry to complement your black outfits is an opportunity to showcase your personal taste. Experiment with different metal colors, gemstones and styles to create versatile looks. Invest in quality pieces featuring your favorite stones and materials. Well-chosen jewelry elevates a wardrobe. With black as your go-to neutral, you can easily transition your style from day to night with a simple jewelry change. Use black apparel as your base for showcasing jewelry as the star. The most important rule is to choose pieces that make you shine.