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What color is Valentino?

Valentino is one of the most iconic luxury fashion brands in the world. Since it was founded in 1960 by legendary designer Valentino Garavani, the house of Valentino has been associated with timeless elegance, refined silhouettes, and a signature shade of red. But beyond Valentino Red, the brand has incorporated a diverse palette into its collections over the decades. So what colors truly represent the essence of Valentino?

Valentino Red

Without a doubt, Valentino Red is the color most closely associated with the brand. Valentino Garavani created this custom hue of rich, vibrant red in the 1960s, and it has been a staple of Valentino designs ever since. Often called “Rosso Valentino,” this signature red is a bright tomato red with a warm, orangey undertone. It pops against neutrals like black and white, and truly stands out when used for Valentino’s iconic red evening gowns.

Name Hex Code
Valentino Red #E71325

Valentino Red conveys passion, self-assurance, and glamour. It remains the quintessential Valentino color even as the brand expands its palette.

Neutral Tones

While red is the most recognizable Valentino color, neutral hues like black, white, nude, and camel have always had an important place in the brand’s collections as well. Valentino often uses neutrals as a classic, elegant backdrop for his bright and vivid color statements.

Crisp blacks and pristine whites provide contrast and drama. Nude skin tones and camel leathers give a modern, minimalist feel. Valentino’s muted neutral palette expands for daywear, including greige, pale pink, gray, and taupe. The timelessness and versatility of these muted tones balances Valentino’s bold, saturated brights.


In recent years, pastels have taken on a prominent role in Valentino design. Soft, ethereal pastel shades like lavender, mint, peach, and lemon reflect a romantic, feminine aesthetic. Pastels also showcase Valentino’s dreamy and delicate lace creations.

For Spring/Summer 2022, piercer Valentino showed gowns and separates in a sweet, sorbet palette of pastel pink, blue, green and yellow. These washed out, dusty pastels impart a vintage feel, even when applied to thoroughly modern clothing shapes.

Pastel Shades

Earth Tones

Valentino incorporates natural earth tones like khaki, olive, brown, and tan for a grounded, organic look. Earth tones provide an understated luxury and casual elegance.

In the Valentino Garavani Fall/Winter 2021/2022 ready-to-wear collection, earth tones were dominant. Looks included olive drab tailored separates, dark khaki oversized outerwear, milk chocolate leather bags, and nude pointed-toe pumps.

These earthy neutrals almost have a utilitarian feel, but Valentino’s impeccable tailoring and luxe finishing takes them to another level. Earth tones give the collection a relaxed vibe while still maintaining Valentino’s identity of sophistication and class.


For opulence with edge, Valentino incorporates metallic hues like gold, silver, bronze, and gunmetal. These shiny statement colors provide drama and luxury.

Metallics often appear on accessories like bags and shoes. Valentino’s Rockstud pumps and flats in glittering metallics are wardrobe staples. On clothing, metallic mesh, sequins, embroidery, and beads catch the light. Metallic adds Old Hollywood allure to Valentino’s gowns.

Metallic Shades


Vivid fluorescent colors like hot pink, acid green, and highlighter yellow provide an instant vibrancy injection. Valentino first incorporated these brights in the 1960s mod era, and they still feel fresh and fun.

For Pre-Fall 2018, Valentino created sporty separates in retina-searing neon. Fluorescents like cherry red, chartreuse, and fuchsia were blocked together in color-popping combos. These daring, playful fluorescents communicate youthful energy.

Deep Jewel Tones

Rich, luxurious jewel tones are a dramatic accent in Valentino designs. Deep gem shades like sapphire, emerald, ruby, and amethyst convey depth and sophistication.

Valentino often chooses jewel-toned colors for his legendary evening gowns. A jewel-tone maxi dress makes a vibrant style statement. On accessories, saturated gem hues elevate bags, shoes and jewelry into true objets d’art.

Jewel Tones


While Valentino Red remains the quintessential Valentino color after over 50 years, the brand’s diverse palette has expanded to include pastels, earth tones, metallics, fluorescents, and rich jewel tones. These colors combine with an array of neutrals to create distinctive Valentino style statements.

Valentino’s masterful use of color is just one aspect of the house’s exquisite taste and artful designs. The brand’s innovative takes on silhouette, fabric, and detail complete the Valentino luxury vision. With his immense talent and creativity, Valentino Garavani established a heritage fashion house that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with contemporary edge.