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What color is the Denver Broncos helmet?

The Denver Broncos helmet is predominantly orange in color with a navy blue stripe along the top. This iconic color scheme has been a staple of the Broncos uniform since 1962 when the franchise was first established. Over the years, the helmet design has undergone minor tweaks and adjustments, but the defining orange and blue colors have remained constant.

Quick Answers

  • The Denver Broncos primary helmet color is orange.
  • The helmet features a navy blue stripe along the top.
  • This color scheme has been used since the team’s inception in 1960.
  • The orange represents the Colorado landscape and blue stands for clear skies.
  • The logo features a white horse in an orange “D” on the sides of the helmet.

The orange color is crucial to the Broncos’ identity and is a direct representation of the Denver area and state of Colorado. When thinking of the Rocky Mountains, people often visualize beautiful orange sunsets over the peaks. In the fall, the Aspen tree leaves turn into a spectacular display of orange hues. Orange is the color of adventure, creativity, and risk-taking. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Broncos franchise.

Meanwhile, the navy blue stripe is a nod to Colorado’s stunning blue skies. It brings vibrancy and contrast, complementing the orange nicely. Additionally, many Broncos fans wear orange jerseys to home games at Empower Field at Mile High. This creates a unified visual sea of orange in the stands. The rich navy blue helmets stick out against this backdrop.

Helmet History

While the orange and blue colors have stayed consistent, the Broncos logo and helmet design have evolved over the years:

Years Helmet Design
1960-1961 Logo-less plain orange helmet with thinner blue stripe
1962-1996 Classic “D” logo helmet with fuller stripe
1997-2011 Bronco head logo helmet with very thick stripe
2012-Present Updated “D” logo helmet with thinner stripe

The first Broncos helmet in 1960 was a plain orange shell with a rather skinny navy blue stripe down the center. This only lasted two seasons before the now iconic “D” logo was added in 1962. That version with the arched Denver lettering inside an orange oval remained the same for decades.

In 1997, the team underwent a major uniform redesign and the helmet featured a navy blue bronco head logo. This was used for over a decade until a throwback-inspired design returned in 2012. The classic “D” logo came back but modernized with a more angular shape and sharper edges. Additionally, the stripe along the top was slimmed down closer to the original 1960s size.

While these logo changes have occurred over time, that bold orange color has always remained the staple. Even with uniform redesigns and modernizations, no major deviation from the original orange is expected. It has become synonymous with the Broncos brand.

Uniform Compatibility

The famous orange Broncos helmet works seamlessly with the rest of the team’s uniforms. It pairs nicely with both the orange home jerseys and white away jerseys.

The home uniform features orange jerseys with navy blue accents on the shoulders. Matching that shade of navy with the helmet stripe creates a streamlined look. When the team wears white away jerseys, the vibrant orange helmet jumps off the field and provides exciting contrast. This allows the iconic team colors to be represented on the road as well.

In recent years, the NFL has encouraged teams to create alternate jerseys and helmets to add diversity to their gameday appearances. The Broncos have joined this trend by wearing navy blue alternate jerseys at times. But even with an all-blue uniform, they stick to the classic orange helmet. It maintains the identity and heritage of the franchise.

The orange helmet is the foundation on which the rest of the look is built. No matter what combination of jerseys, pants, or socks the team wears, that orange helmet with the navy stripe ties it all together. The uniform numbers, letters, logos, and accents may change, but the helmet remains the constant.

Significance of the Orange and Blue

It is no accident that orange and blue were chosen as the original Broncos colors. These hues actually represent key parts of the Denver area and Colorado as a whole.

Team management chose orange specifically to match the orange sunsets over the Rocky Mountains. When the sun sets each evening, vibrant tones of orange fill the sky in stunning fashion. The color perfectly captured the adventurous and creative spirit of the region.

Meanwhile, navy blue was selected to represent the clear blue skies above Denver and across Colorado. The cloudless blue canopy seems ever-present, allowing sun and mountains to shine below. Navy blue also provided a bold contrast against the orange that made both colors pop.

Beyond color symbolism, the Broncos logo itself stands for the Wild West heritage of the state. The depiction of a horse in the logo is an overt reference to the frontier ranch culture that still exists today. Horses remain a major part of Colorado’s agricultural economy. What better icon to represent this than a fiery steed?

This carefully crafted color scheme and thoughtful logo represent exactly who the Broncos are and where they come from. The orange sunset over the Rockies is just as central to Colorado’s image as cattle ranches and pale blue skies. Every time fans see that orange helmet streaking across the field, it subconsciously calls forth the spirit of the region.


For over 60 years, orange and blue have defined the Denver Broncos’ aesthetic. The team’s signature helmet color has become an integral part of NFL lore. No matter the helmet design or logo changes over the decades, orange has stayed the staple. This bold tone represents Colorado sunsets, creativity, adventure, and independence.

The navy blue helmet stripe complements the orange while symbolizing clear blue skies. Additionally, the helmet logo of a horse captures Colorado’s ranching heritage. True fans can immediately recognize a Broncos player by the iconic orange helmet with the classic blue stripe running down the center. This two-tone helmet is the crown jewel of the team’s uniform. Donning the orange helmet is a time-honored privilege reserved for Denver Broncos players alone.