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What color is silverado sage?

Silverado Sage is a popular neutral paint color that works well in many home interiors. It’s a pale grayish green that manages to be both soothing and sophisticated. But with paint colors, descriptions only say so much. To really understand the color, it helps to see it used in real spaces and decor.

The Basics of Silverado Sage

Silverado Sage is considered a green-gray neutral. It falls somewhere between gray and green on the color wheel. The hint of green warms up the gray base, while the gray mutes the green from becoming too bold. This creates a soft, versatile hue that complements many styles.

In different lighting, Silverado Sage can take on slightly different appearances. In some spaces it appears more green, with subtle sage undertones. In others it looks more gray or greige. The paint has just enough color variation to add subtle depth and interest without venturing too far into cool or warm tones.

Silverado Sage works as a calming backdrop in living spaces like bedrooms, dining rooms, and studies. It can also make a statement as an accent wall in a more colorful room. In general, it pairs nicely with other neutrals like white, beige, gray, and wood tones. Pops of color like navy blue, black, and peach also complement Silverado Sage beautifully.

Silverado Sage Paint Colors

Silverado Sage is available from several major paint brands. Each company puts their own spin on the color, so the hues vary slightly. Here are some popular Silverado Sage paint colors:

Brand Paint Color Name RGB Values
Behr Silver Drop 114, 128, 115
Benjamin Moore Silver Sage 153, 166, 158
Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray 132, 134, 130

As you can see from the RGB values, these colors are all in the same gray-green family but have slight variations in shade and intensity. Benjamin Moore’s Silver Sage is the lightest and greenest of the three. Behr’s Silver Drop is more saturated and darker. Sherwin-Williams’ Agreeable Gray is the most grey of the three.

How Lighting Changes Silverado Sage

One of the interesting things about Silverado Sage is that it can look quite different depending on the lighting in a room. Light source and intensity have a big effect on how colors appear.

In bright, direct sunlight, the green tones in Silverado Sage really come forward. It can read as a pale sage green in this lighting. Indoors in daylight, the color is more balanced between gray and green.

Under warm incandescent bulbs, Silverado Sage often appears more gray. The warmer light neutralizes the subtle green undertones. In rooms with cool LED lights, the green aspect is emphasized again.

The adaptable nature of Silverado Sage makes it versatile for whole home use. You can use it in sun-drenched south-facing rooms as well as dim cozy dens and the color transforms gracefully in each space.

Silverado Sage Color Combinations

One of the best ways to understand a color is to see it used with other colors. Here are some stunning color schemes featuring Silverado Sage:

Silverado Sage and Navy

Navy blue and Silverado Sage is a sophisticated color pairing for bedrooms, offices, and other tranquil spaces. The contrast between the rich navy and pale green-gray is subtle yet striking. Add in white trim for a crisp, bright look.

Silverado Sage and Blush Pink

For a soft, feminine feel, try pairing Silverado Sage walls with blush pink accents and decor. Varying shades of pink in art, pillows, and accessories pop against the neutral backdrop. Brass hardware and fixtures also complement this scheme nicely.

Silverado Sage and Black

For modern and contemporary spaces, black is a classic Silverado Sage complement. Black architectural elements like steel beams and trim molding really stand out against the light-colored walls. Use black furnishings and decor touches to ground the look.

Silverado Sage and Wood Tones

Warm natural wood accents bring out the subtle green tones of Silverado Sage in a harmonious way. Think wood furniture, aged hardwood flooring, rattan accessories, and wood beam ceilings. The mix of materials gives a textural depth to rooms.

Using Silverado Sage in Your Home

Now that you have a better understanding of what color Silverado Sage really is, here are some ideas for using it in your home:


Silverado Sage is an extremely popular choice for master and kids bedrooms. Use it on the walls for a restful backdrop that won’t overwhelm the space. Layer in other soothing colors like white, light blue, or neutral patterns and prints.


In bathrooms, Silverado Sage adds a touch of color without going too bold. Pair with white subway tile, marble countertops, black fixtures and hardware for a glam yet zen spa vibe.

Living Rooms

Silverado Sage is subtle enough to use as an all-over living room color. Build your decor around it with contrasting or complementary furniture and textiles. Use as a feature wall if you prefer it as an accent.

Dining Rooms

In formal dining spaces, Silverado Sage paint can help set an elegant ambiance. Use it on walls or even a dining room table base for a sophisticated pop of color.


Silverado Sage is a soothing and productive office color. It creates an uplifting yet focused environment. Add colorful artwork or decor items to brighten up the neutral backdrop.

Tips for Decorating with Silverado Sage

Here are some quick tips and ideas for decorating with Silverado Sage walls:

  • Add large leafy plants and trees to accentuate the soft green tones
  • Incorporate natural textures like jute, linen, cotton, wool
  • Use white trim for a clean contrast
  • Warm it up with wood furniture and antique rugs
  • Cool it down with steel grays and silvers
  • Balance it with pops of black or navy blue
  • Layer in artwork featuring sage greens or floral designs
  • Choose curtain panels in light-filtering white or ivory


Silverado Sage is a charming chameleon gray-green that adapts well to many different home spaces and styles. It has an elegant, soothing vibe with just enough coloring to add interest to neutral rooms. Decorating with Silverado Sage is made easy thanks to its versatility. It pairs beautifully with both warm and cool accent colors, materials, furniture finishes and more. Use the tips and ideas in this article to experiment with Silverado Sage in your home and find a unique color combination that you love.