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What color is Sherwin Williams eclipse?


Sherwin-Williams Eclipse is a popular dark gray paint color that has blue undertones. It is one of Sherwin-Williams’ best selling colors for home interiors. Eclipse works well in a variety of design styles and rooms of the home.

The specific Sherwin-Williams color code for Eclipse is SW 7069. This refers to the pre-mixed paint color that you can purchase directly from Sherwin-Williams. The RGB values for Sherwin-Williams Eclipse are R:58, G:61, B:71. This means that the primary color composition of Eclipse is 58 parts red, 61 parts green, and 71 parts blue. The HEX code for Sherwin-Williams Eclipse is #3A3D47.

Eclipse has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 13%. This means that only 13% of available light is reflected by the Eclipse paint color. The lower the LRV, the darker the paint color. With an LRV of 13%, Eclipse can be considered a very dark gray color. This low light reflectance contributes to the dramatic, bold look of Eclipse.

What Color Family Does Eclipse Belong To?

Sherwin-Williams classifies Eclipse as a blue-gray color. This means it has undertones of blue but reads more as an overall gray color. The blue undertones give Eclipse a cooler, more relaxed feeling than pure black or charcoal gray colors. However, the dominant gray tone gives it more versatility and balance than a strong blue. Eclipse straddles the line between black and navy blue.

Some other colors that are similar to Eclipse in the blue-gray family include:

– SW 6244 Naval
– SW 6211 Black Magic
– SW 6258 Tricorn Black
– SW 6225 Rookwood Dark Eggplant

While these colors are all in the same blue-gray family as Eclipse, they each have subtle differences in their undertones and depth. Eclipse stands out as being less intense than Naval and Black Magic. It also does not have the brownish eggplant tones of Rookwood Dark or purple tones of Tricorn Black. Eclipse is the perfect midpoint between black and blue.

What Rooms Does Eclipse Work Well In?

One of the reasons Eclipse is so popular is because of its versatility. Here are some rooms where Eclipse is commonly used:

Bedrooms – Eclipse creates a cozy, enveloping feeling in bedrooms. Use it on accent walls or across an entire bedroom for a bold, enveloping look. Eclipse is low-key enough for master and kids bedrooms alike.

Bathrooms – In bathrooms, Eclipse gives a spa-like feeling. Coordinate it with white subway tiles and chrome fixtures for a stylish, elegant look. Eclipse makes a statement without feeling too dark and cavelike.

Living Rooms – In living rooms, Eclipse grounds a space and creates an intimate, welcoming atmosphere. Pair it with lighter woods, cream upholstery, and brass accents for a polished yet relaxed living room.

Dining Rooms – For dining rooms, Eclipse provides a sophisticated backdrop. Use it on the lower half of walls below chair rail molding. Eclipse will make your dining room feel refined.

Entryways – Entryways painted in Eclipse make a strong first impression. Use it throughout a mudroom or on a front entry accent wall to establish the aesthetic of your home from the get-go.

Offices – For home offices, Eclipse offers a soothing ambiance. It will keep you focused without feeling too dreary. Eclipse works equally well in traditional and modern office designs.

Kitchens – In kitchens, Eclipse provides a neutral backdrop that works with both white and wooden cabinets. For a more daring look, paint lower kitchen cabinets in Eclipse and use a light countertop.

Tips for Decorating with Eclipse

Here are some tips for decorating and coordinating colors with Eclipse:

  • Pair Eclipse with light warm metals like brass and gold for an elegant, luxe look. The metallic sheen plays nicely off the flat Eclipse.
  • Bring in natural wood elements and textures like oak or walnut to add warmth and keep a space from feeling too dark.
  • Use lots of lighting and wax candles to create a cozy glow against the deep Eclipse walls.
  • Add cream, beige, or white upholstery and rugs to provide contrast and keep a room feeling bright and airy.
  • Coordinate blue and green decorative accents and artwork to pick up on the blue undertones of Eclipse.
  • Add colorful flowers like purple orchids or pink peonies in a dark Eclipse room for a striking, lively contrast.

Keeping decor light and layered is key for making the most of the dramatic Eclipse color. Use contrast thoughtfully to keep the space feeling cohesive.

Eclipse in a Grey Color Scheme

Eclipse fits seamlessly into a grey color scheme for home interiors. Here is an example grey palette featuring Eclipse:

Color LRV
Sherwin Williams Pure White – SW 7005 86%
Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige – SW 7036 58%
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray – SW 7015 60%
Sherwin Williams Eclipse – SW 7069 13%
Sherwin Williams Black Magic – SW 6991 6%

As you can see, Eclipse sits at the dark end of the light-to-dark grey spectrum, but not so dark as to feel out of place. The pure white and light beige provide enough contrast. Repose Gray nicely bridges the light and dark colors. Overall, this is a stylish and sophisticated grey scheme featuring Eclipse as the star.

Eclipse in a Blue Color Scheme

While it reads primarily as a gray, Eclipse’s blue undertones also let it work in a blue color scheme. Here is an example blue palette with Eclipse:

Color LRV
Sherwin Williams Breezeway – SW 7690 73%
Sherwin Williams Rain – SW 6244 49%
Sherwin Williams Hale Navy – SW 6244 27%
Sherwin Williams Eclipse – SW 7069 13%
Sherwin Williams Black Magic – SW 6991 6%

The light blue Breezeway and mid-tone blue Rain provide enough color context to accentuate the subtle blue tones in Eclipse. Hale Navy helps transition to the darker end of the spectrum. Eclipse fits in seamlessly as the darkest blue-gray in this scheme.

Eclipse in Different Rooms

Let’s take a look at how Eclipse can be used in different rooms:

Living Room

Eclipse is perfect for creating a cozy, intimate living room. Paint the walls, bookshelves, and fireplace in Eclipse. Add lighter accents like a cream sofa, natural jute rug, and brass coffee table. Distressed wood elements and layered lighting keep the space feeling welcoming instead of cave-like.


For an elegant kitchen, paint the lower cabinets in Eclipse and the uppers in a crisp white. Pair it with marble or quartz countertops. Use silver, white, or light blue metal accents for appliances and hardware. Consider open shelving in a light wood tone to complement the Eclipse lower cabinets.


In bedrooms, use Eclipse on an accent wall to create a cocooning effect. Add texture with woven blankets and lumbar pillows. Brass nightstands and table lamps provide a warming glow against the Eclipse walls. Keep bedding and upholstery light.


Set a spa-like mood in a bathroom by painting the walls Eclipse. Contrast it with crisp white subway tiles on the walls and tub surround. Brushed nickel or chrome fixtures keep the space feeling bright. Add texture with bath mats and towels in light colors like white, beige, or sage green.


Make a bold first impression by painting your entryway walls in Eclipse. For a cottage feel, pair it with a wood bench or console table, woven jute rug, and a reclaimed wood coat rack. Or go more modern with sleek metal hooks and a Lucite table. Include a mirror and sconces to bounce more light around.

Eclipse Paint Undertones

When viewing interior paint colors, it’s important to be aware of the undertones. Undertone refers to subtle color hues that affect the primary color. Eclipse has prominent blue undertones, which skews it more to the cool end of the color spectrum.

Blue undertones provide a relaxed, tranquil feeling to Eclipse. Without those blue influences, Eclipse would read as more harsh and cold. The blue makes the dark color feel soft and welcoming.

Some other paint colors with blue undertones include:

– Hale Navy
– Rain
– Grand Canal
– Naval
– Nebulous Blue

The blue tones connect these darker paint colors and provide enough depth without going full black. Eclipse has just enough blue undertone to read as a blue-gray without looking overly navy blue. The blue influence warms up the dark shade.

Eclipse in Different Lighting

The way a paint color looks can change quite a bit depending on the lighting in a room. Here’s how Eclipse looks in different lighting conditions:

Natural Daylight – In natural daylight, Eclipse reads as a gray with slight blue undertones. The blue influence is subtle. Eclipse will pair nicely with colors like white, beige, light blue, and natural wood tones.

Incandescent Bulbs – Under incandescent lighting, Eclipse takes on a warmer, more relaxed look. The yellow tones of the bulb bring out the blue undertones in the paint. Eclipse feels a bit darker and cozier under this lighting.

LED Lights – LED lights show the truest color accuracy. Under LED lighting, Eclipse remains a dark sophisticated gray with hints of blue that aren’t overpowering. This lighting is ideal for an accurate sense of how Eclipse will look.

Candlelight – In the flickering glow of candles, Eclipse appears more intense and dramatic. The dark color absorbs the warm light. Eclipse will seem bolder and more saturated under candle lighting compared to neutral lighting.

Making sure you view paint swatches under similar conditions to your existing lighting is key. Eclipse remains dark and moody under most lighting but does gain some warmth under incandescent bulbs. See a sample in your home before committing to the color.

Eclipse Paint Sheen

Sherwin-Williams offers Eclipse in a variety of paint sheens. The sheen refers to the level of light reflection and shine. Here are some tips for choosing sheen with Eclipse:

Matte – Matte or flat sheen is ideal for hiding wall imperfections. It offers a velvety, chalky finish. Matte works well in most areas but is not very scrubbable.

Eggshell – Eggshell provides a soft glow with a very slight sheen. It’s easy to clean and touch up. Eggshell is recommended for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Satin – With a smooth, velvety appearance, satin reflects more light than eggshell. It works well for bathrooms, kitchens, and high-traffic areas that need cleaning.

Semi-gloss – Semi-gloss offers shine and durability. Use it for trim, doors, cabinets, and areas that get lots of wear. The glossiness emphasizes Eclipse’s depth.

A mid-level sheen like eggshell or satin will provide the right balance of durability and light absorption for most applications of Eclipse. Matte can work for low-wear areas. Semi-gloss adds drama.

Popular Combinations with Eclipse

Here are some popular paint color combinations using Eclipse:

Eclipse + Polar Bear White – This classic pairing provides vibrant contrast. Use crisp white on trim, moldings, and ceilings to frame intense Eclipse walls.

Eclipse + Dorian Grey – For a monochromatic scheme, Dorian Grey is a soft, hazy gray that complements intense Eclipse. Use Dorian Grey on an accent wall and Eclipse on others.

Eclipse + Rain – Rain is a calming gray-blue that connects to the subtle blue undertones of Eclipse. Use Rain in an adjoining space.

Eclipse + Cobblestone – For a cozier feeling, Cobblestone is a warm tan that accents sophisticated Eclipse nicely. Cobblestone adds warmth to balance Eclipse’s cool tones.

Eclipse + Peppercorn – Peppercorn is a deep brown-gray that provides an earthy contrast to Eclipse’s modern vibes. Use Peppercorn in spaces linked to Eclipse areas.

Painting accent walls, adjoining spaces, trim, and moldings in coordinating colors is a great way to make Eclipse feel integrated and not overwhelming.

Eclipse in Different Home Styles

While versatile, Eclipse will fit especially beautifully in these home interior design styles:

Modern Farmhouse – The bold Eclipse walls with bright white trim create striking farmhouse contrast. Warm wood furniture keeps the space feeling grounded.

Scandinavian Design – Eclipse satisfies the Scandinavian love of moody, dark hues. Pair with pale woods and eco-friendly textures for a brooding yet minimalist Scandinavian interior.

Industrial – With its deep charcoal tones, Eclipse complements industrial elements like matte black metal, concrete, and unfinished wood.

Traditional – For a traditional feel, soften intense Eclipse walls with antique furnishings and lots of textiles for a cozy, vintage style.

Craftsman – The earthiness of Craftsman homes balances beautifully with Eclipse’s natural, organic vibe. Mix Eclipse with wood walls, beams, and floors.

Modern farmhouse, Scandinavian, and industrial homes will benefit most from Eclipse’s commanding, saturated presence. More ornate traditional or vintage spaces can still use Eclipse successfully as a bold accent.

Eclipse Paint in Various Spaces

Small Spaces – Eclipse can work nicely even in small rooms or tight areas, since the color absorbs light and makes spaces feel more expansive. Stick to one dark accent wall instead of painting a whole tiny room in Eclipse.

Large Spaces – For larger rooms with high ceilings, go ahead and use Eclipse on two or three walls. Eclipse helps define cavernous spaces and makes them feel more intimate. Add ample lighting.

Outdoor Spaces – While dramatic, Eclipse is too dark and sophisticated for most exterior applications. However, you could use it successfully on a covered front porch or back patio area.

Basements – Eclipse is a great choice for dingy basements. Its intensity masks flaws and makes the space feel moodier and more expansive. Just add extra task lighting.

The intensity of Eclipse allows it to work even in smaller rooms by making them feel bigger than they are. For very large rooms, it helps add definition. Use Eclipse judiciously in outdoor areas or bright basements.

Paint Colors Similar to Eclipse

Some other paint colors that are close alternatives to Sherwin-Williams Eclipse include:

Thunder GR – PPG1041-7 – This deep charcoal grey has slight green undertones vs Eclipse’s blue, but a similar rich darkness.

Grizzle Gray – Behr 750F – Slightly greener and brighter than Eclipse but close in depth. Has more brown than blue tones.

Gray Matters – Benjamin Moore 2125-30 – Very close to Eclipse, a tad lighter and more neutral vs Eclipse’s blue cast.

Peppercorn – Behr 750E – A warmer darker gray with brown undertones compared to Eclipse’s cool blue undertones.

Dark Cavern – Glidden GGDN-690 – The most similar alternative, nearly identical in color and depth to Eclipse.

While none of these colors are identical matches, they come the closest to Eclipse’s sophisticated dark gray-blue vibe. Test swatches to find your perfect alternate if Eclipse isn’t available.


In summary, Sherwin-Williams Eclipse