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What color is pretty with beige?

Beige is a neutral and versatile color that can work well with a variety of color palettes. When decorating with beige, it’s important to consider the undertones of the specific beige shade you’re working with as well as the overall style and mood you want to create. Choosing complementary colors that play off the undertones of the beige can create beautiful, polished looks. In this article, we’ll explore the best color pairings with beige and provide tips for decorating with this timeless neutral hue.

Beige Color Undertones

Not all beige colors are created equal. Beige can take on warm golden undertones, cool pinkish undertones or even subtle olive undertones depending on the specific pigments used to create the shade. Determining the dominant undertone of your beige paint, furniture or textiles will help guide you in choosing accent colors that are flattering. Here are the three main categories of beige undertones:

Warm, Golden Beige

Beige colors with yellow or golden undertones have a warm, welcoming effect. They pair beautifully with other warm hues like peach, yellow, terracotta and cream. Warm beiges also look great with metallics like bronze, copper and gold.

Cool, Pink Beige

Beige colors with subtle pink or rose undertones have a soft, soothing effect. They look best with other cool colors like pale blue, lavender, pink, sage green and even pale peach. Cool toned beiges also commonly pair well with silver and brushed nickel metals.

Olive/Grey Beige

Some beige shades have subtle olive or taupe undertones, giving them a muted, earthy feel. These beiges look great with other natural, organic hues like mossy greens, warm greys, browns and terracotta.

Best Color Combinations with Beige

Now that you know how to spot undertones, let’s look at some of the most attractive color palettes to pair with different shades of beige.

Beige and Blue

From powder blue to navy, shades of blue make an elegant pairing with beige. Light blue brings out the subtle cool undertones in light beige, while nautical navy makes a striking contrast against golden beige. Different shades can create completely different looks – from beachy and casual to formal. Sapphire and royal blue are especially regal with beige.

Beige and Purple

Few colors are as universally flattering as the combination of beige and purple. Lavender, lilac and wisteria bring out pink undertones in beige while eggplant and plum make a sophisticated contrast. Pale purple is a perfect accent color for light beige bedrooms and living spaces. Deep jewel tones work well in formal dining rooms with beige.

Beige and Green

Analogous colors like beige and green are always a foolproof pairing. Olive green brings out subtle green/grey undertones in beige while sage and seafoam create a soothing coastal vibe. Forest and emerald greens give beige a luxurious, earthy feel. Mint and lime green add cheerful pops of color.

Beige and Pink

Few colors evoke femininity like beige and pink. Blush pink, peach and salmon all complement the warm rose undertones found in many beige shades. Soft pinks work well in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms with beige walls or furniture. Hot pink gives beige a playful, eclectic twist.

Beige and Red

Red is a bold accent color that adds drama, energy and sophistication to beige interiors. Crimson, burgundy and oxblood red create an elegant, traditional look with beige. Fire engine red and cherry red are more vibrant options. Terracotta and brick red nicely pick up on warm undertones of golden beige.

Beige and Yellow

Yellow is a lively accent color for beige that instantly brightens up any space. Sunny yellow, buttercream and lemon create cheerful, contemporary looks. Mustard yellow and amber add coziness to beige interiors. Soft golden yellow closely matches the warm undertones of golden beige for a seamless monochromatic look.

Beige and Brown

Rich browns, from chocolate to caramel, are natural partners for beige. Brown and beige are classic neutrals that always coordinate well together. Light taupes and tans keep things airy, while espresso brown and walnut provide bold contrast. Brown hues bring out the earthiness in olive/grey beiges.

Beige and Grey

Cool beige shades meld seamlessly with greys to create tranquil, sophisticated palettes. Light greys like pearl, dove and heather are serene choices, while charcoal and slate greys offer stylish contrast. Silver and pewter add metallic shine. Grey and beige together create relaxing, minimalist interiors.

Beige Decorating Tips

Here are some top tips for effectively decorating with beige:

Select the Right Beige

As mentioned, all beige colors are not the same. Look at swatches in different lighting to pick the beige with the most flattering undertone for your space. You want the beige walls or furniture to harmonize with – not fight against – accent colors.

Vary Textures and Tones

Too much flat beige can appear bland and monotonous. Add visual interest by varying the tones and textures. Mix matte and glossy beiges, soft and crisp beiges. Natural textiles like wool and linen bring warmth.

Add Pops of Color

Liven up beige decor with pops of vibrant colors through accessories like throw pillows, mirrors, vases and artwork. Colors opposite beige on the color wheel provide the most dramatic contrast.

Warm It Up

Beiges with even subtle cool undertones can read as stark and clinical if not warmed up. Bring in wood furniture, leather accents and textiles in warmer hues like cream, caramel and tan. Metallics like bronze help, too.

Embrace Layers

Layer rugs over beige flooring and hang curtains to soften beige walls. Use textiles of varying textures and sheens to create cozy layered looks. Paint or paper the backs of shelving and bookcases.

Go Monochromatic

Don’t underestimate a monochromatic palette of all beige tones. Play with different beige shades on walls, trim, furniture and decor for a soothing, seamless look. Add visual punch with beige patterns and metallics.

Examples of Beige Color Schemes

Here are some inspiring examples of popular color combinations with different shades of beige:

Warm Golden Beige + Navy Blue + White

Golden beige walls Crisp white trim
Navy blue upholstery Brass light fixtures

This nautical combo is preppy yet timeless. The golden warmth of beige contrasts beautifully with deep navy and bright white.

Pink Beige + Blush Pink + Marble

Blush pink velvet sofa Marble coffee table
Pink beige walls Antique mirror

Blush pinks and marbled accents give cool toned beige a soft, romantic feel. Touches of gold/brass keep it glamorous.

Olive Beige +Terracotta + Sage Green

Terracotta vase Sage green velvet chair
Olive beige sofa Jute area rug

Earthy terracotta and sage green are cozy complements to muted olive beige. Natural textures like jute help tie it together.


Beige is endlessly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the colors paired with it. Choose accent colors that flatter the specific undertones of your beige to create pulled-together, harmonious looks. Vary tones and textures to keep beige interiors interesting. With the right complementary colors, beige forms the backbone of many stylish, inviting color palettes.