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What color is pretty in pink?

What color is pretty in pink?

Pink is a beautiful and versatile color that can come in many shades, from the palest pastel to the boldest hot pink. When people think of “pretty in pink,” they often imagine soft, feminine hues like baby pink, blush, or rose. But pink can be striking and bold when it comes in bolder shades too. So what are the prettiest pink colors?

Pale Pink Shades

Pale pinks are known for being soft, delicate, and traditionally feminine. They include:

  • Baby pink – An extremely light shade of pink named for its resemblance to baby clothes and nurseries. Hex code #F4C2C2.
  • Blush pink – A pale pink with just a hint of peach. It resembles a natural blush on fair skin. Hex code #DE5D83.
  • Rose pink – A soft pink tone inspired by the light pink shade of roses. Hex code #F6CED8.
  • Ballet slipper pink – A nearly white pale pink named after the shoes worn by ballerinas. Hex code #F0D8E2.
  • Cotton candy pink – The pale pink color of spun sugar treat cotton candy. Hex code # FFCFDB.

These elegant and romantic pinks are commonly used in women’s fashion, nurseries, and anywhere a gentle, feminine pink is desired. Pastel pink shades pair beautifully with metallics like rose gold and silvers.

Medium Pink Shades

Medium pink sits in the middle of the spectrum – neither too pale nor too bold. Medium pinks include:

  • Pink flamingo – A bright, vivid medium pink. Hex code #FC74FD.
  • Fuschia pink – A rich reddish medium pink inspired by the fuschia flower. Hex code #9C2542.
  • Baker-Miller pink – A dusky medium pink associated with having calming effects. Hex code #FF91AF.
  • Watermelon pink – A juicy, vibrant medium pink the color of watermelon flesh. Hex code #FD3F92.

These fun, playful pinks add energy and brightness. They work well in youthful styles. Pair them with metallics, black, or white.

Bold Pink Shades

Bold pinks make a daring, dramatic impact. They include:

  • Hot pink – An intense, eye-popping pink. Hex code #FF69B4.
  • Cerise pink – A vivid cherry pink. Hex code #DE3163.
  • Magenta pink – A highly saturated raspberry pink, often mixed with purple tones. Hex code #FF00FF.
  • Razzle dazzle rose – An in-your-face metallic pink with hints of magenta. Hex code #FF33CC.
  • Shocking pink – A neon bright pink that provides maximum impact. Hex code #FC0FC0.

These bright in-your-face pinks are bold and daring. They work best with equally vibrant colors like red, purple, and turquoise. Use them to make a statement.

Pink Color Palette Examples

Here are some examples of pretty color palettes using shades of pink:

Palette Name Colors
Soft Romantic Baby pink, blush pink, antique white
Spring Brights Watermelon pink, dandelion yellow, robin’s egg blue
Funky Neon Shocking pink, lime green, turquoise
Cherry Blossom Cherry blossom pink, Wisteria purple, mint green

The Soft Romantic palette uses soft, delicate pinks for a feminine feel. Spring Brights combine a medium pink with other vivid spring colors for a fun, energizing combo. Funky Neon uses an electric pink with equally bright colors for maximum impact. Cherry Blossom creates a fresh, nature-inspired palette with a soft pink for cherry blooms.

Most Flattering Pink Shades for Different Complexions

Here are some of the prettiest, most flattering shades of pink for different complexions:

  • Fair skin: Softer pinks like blush, rose, and peach suit fair skin best. Avoid neon pinks.
  • Light or medium skin: Young, vibrant pinks like watermelon or cotton candy look great. Hot pink can overwhelm lighter skin.
  • Olive skin: Try rose, magenta, or pink paired with metallics. Stay away from pastel pinks.
  • Darker skin: Vibrant, intense pinks create a beautiful pop. Magenta and fuschia are especially striking.

Use these guidelines to pick shades that enhance your complexion. The most flattering pinks highlight your best features without clashing or overwhelming your natural coloring.

Most Flattering Pink Clothing by Age

Here are some recommendations for pretty pink clothing in different age ranges:

  • Babies & Toddlers: Pastel baby pinks, sweet bows, ruffled details.
  • Young girls: Any fun pink – neon, brights, sparkle, tutus.
  • Teens: Dusty pink, mauve, cherry, bold stripes and patterns.
  • 20s-30s: Cotton candy, watermelon, paired with jeans or black.
  • 40s-50s: Blush, rose, creamy pinks, feminine details.
  • 60s+: Muted pinks, pale pink with silver, soft fabrics.

These guidelines help pick pretty pink clothing and accessories tailored to your age and style. Avoid styles that are unflattering or age-inappropriate.

Most Flattering Pink Makeup by Skin Tone

Here are suggestions for the prettiest pink makeup shades to try based on your skin tone:

  • Fair Skin: Rose gold highlighter, nude pink lipstick, peach blush.
  • Light Skin: Rose gold or champagne eye shadow, classic pink lipstick, berry blush.
  • Medium Skin: Rose gold or copper eye makeup, fuchsia lipstick, plum blush.
  • Olive Skin: Rose gold or bronze eye makeup, deep pink lipstick, terracotta blush.
  • Dark Skin: Rose gold or gold eyeshadow, hot pink lipstick, deep berry blush.

Use softer, lighter pinks with fair skin and go for bolder pink shades as skin tone darkens. Adjust pink makeup hues to naturally enhance your beauty.

Most Flattering Pink Nail Colors

Some of the prettiest pink nail polish colors include:

  • Sheer ballet slipper pink – Classic, elegant, and natural-looking on short nails.
  • Pale pink – A fresh, delicate shade great for spring and summer.
  • Rose gold pink – A trendy metallic pink that flatters most skin tones.
  • Bright fuchsia – A fun, bold pink for short or long nails.
  • Neon pink – Playful and artistic for nail art or accents.
  • Sparkling raspberry pink – A glam glittery pink, perfect for parties and events.

The most flattering pink polish shades complement your skin tone and style. Sheer and pale pinks suit short nails, while bold hot pinks stand out on long nails. Add glitter or nail art for extra pop.

Most Flattering Pink Hair Colors

Whether temporary or permanent, here are some of the prettiest pink hair colors for different complexions:

  • Fair Skin: Pastel pink, rose gold, dusty pink ombre.
  • Medium Skin: Cotton candy, light pink highlights.
  • Olive Skin: Magenta pink, neon pink tips.
  • Darker Skin: Fuchsia, bold pink streaks.

Pastel pink hair complements fair skin while vivid pinks flatter darker complexions. Ombre and highlights let you try pink hair color softly. Use semi-permanent color for a temporary pink look.

Top Places to Wear Pink

Here are some fun outfit ideas to wear pretty shades of pink:

  • Brunch: A floral pink dress and nude wedges.
  • Beach: A hot pink bikini and rose gold reflective sunnies.
  • Wedding: A blush pink midi dress with pink statement earrings.
  • Gala: A bold pink evening gown with a pink choker necklace.
  • Park: A casual cotton candy sweat set with white sneakers.

Pink works for dressy and casual occasions. Use soft pink for daytime events and bold pink for night. Pair with silver, gold, or white accessories.


Pink is a versatile color that comes in an endless variety of shades from pale to bold. Soft pinks are elegant and feminine while hot pinks make a dramatic statement. Choose pink shades that complement your complexion and style. Then rock your pretty in pink look anywhere!