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What color is Pantone 172?

What color is Pantone 172?

Pantone 172 is a medium green color in the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a standardized color reproduction system used in the printing industry. The Pantone name for the color is simply “PMS 172” or “Pantone 172”.

Defining the Pantone Color System

The Pantone Color Matching System is a standardized color reproduction system that allows designers to specify and match colors accurately across different materials and mediums. It was developed in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert, founder of the Pantone Company, to solve the problem of inconsistent color reproduction in the graphic design industry.

The Pantone system is based on a set of printed color swatches or chips that each have an assigned number and precise CMYK ink formulas. By standardizing these Pantone Colors, designers can communicate exact color choices that can be matched by printers and manufacturers globally. This helps achieve consistent color reproduction and avoids guesswork.

Today, the Pantone Matching System is made up of over 1,100 solid color swatches along with corresponding ink formulations. Each Pantone color has a specific number and name designation. For example, Pantone 172 is the name for the medium green swatch with the number 172.

Specifications for Pantone 172

As with all Pantone colors, Pantone 172 has specific CMYK and RGB values that define its precise shade of green:

  • CMYK values: C=30 M=0 Y=65 K=0
  • RGB values: R=179 G=214 B=80
  • Hex triplet: #B3D650

These color specs allow Pantone 172 to be accurately reproduced in print design and digital design applications that support the Pantone system. The CMYK values define the exact mixtures of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink needed to print the color. The RGB and hex values define the shade for on-screen digital display.

Visual Characteristics

What does Pantone 172 actually look like visually? Here are some of the key characteristics of this medium green color:

  • Shade and intensity: It is a medium-light, bright, vivid green
  • Hue: The color has a yellow-green hue
  • Tone: It is a warm, pure green tone without grayness
  • Uses: Frequently used for packaging, nature scenes, health/wellness branding

Compared to other green Pantone colors, 172 is brighter and more yellow-tinged than forest greens like Pantone 337 or 349. It has a warm, energizing look.

How Pantone 172 Looks in Use

Here are some examples of Pantone 172 used in logos and branding applications:

Company/Brand Use of Pantone 172
Whole Foods Market Primary brand color used in logo and marketing materials
Animal Planet Used as a secondary brand color alongside blue
unconscious hotel Highlight color in wordmark logo
Lacoste Used in the crocodile logo icon

The bright, friendly look of Pantone 172 makes it popular for health, nature, sustainability, and lifestyle branding. It has an energetic, fresh, and natural look.

Color Psychology and Meanings

Color psychology attributes certain emotional qualities and meanings to different colors. Here are some of the characteristics commonly associated with a green shade like Pantone 172:

  • Growth, health, renewal
  • Harmony, balance, stability
  • Peace, relaxation, calmness
  • Nature, environment, organic
  • Wealth, prosperity, ambition

Green is considered a balanced, harmonious color associated with the natural world. It can convey different meanings depending on the shade & context. Brighter greens like 172 suggest growth, energy, renewal, and balance. Darker greens are more associated with prestige and wealth.

Using Pantone 172 in Design

Some tips for working with Pantone 172 in design projects include:

  • Use as an accent pop of color against neutral palettes
  • Pair with blues, oranges, yellows for contrast
  • Use for call-to-action buttons or highlights
  • Limit use to avoid overly energetic look
  • Shift tint/shade for different effects
  • Use for environmental, nature, healthbranding

Pantone 172 provides a vivid, attention-getting accent. It can overpower designs if overused, so it is best used for highlights and accents. Going too bright with the color risks looking artificial or overwhelming.

Accessing Official Pantone Color References

To work accurately with Pantone 172, designers should obtain official Pantone color references such as:

  • Pantone formula guides
  • Pantone color bridge swatch books
  • Pantone color manager software
  • Pantone online color tools

Relying just on RGB or CMYK conversions can produce inaccurate results. While helpful for digital mockups, official Pantone color tools should be used for final color verification before production.


Pantone 172 is a vivid, yellow-tinged green belonging to the Pantone Matching System. Used in logos, packaging, and branding, it conveys natural, healthy, energetic connotations. The specific Pantone reference allows the color to be reproduced accurately across different materials and finishes. Designers should access official Pantone color tools to work precisely with Pantone 172 in their projects.