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What color is Optimus Prime?

Optimus Prime, the heroic leader of the Autobots in the Transformers franchise, is most commonly depicted with red and blue coloration. This color scheme dates back to the original Optimus Prime toy released in 1984, which featured a red torso, blue legs, and silver trailer. The colors have become so iconic that most incarnations of Optimus Prime across Transformers media and merchandise have retained the classic red and blue look.

Quick Answers

The quick answer is that the typical and most well-known color scheme for Optimus Prime is red and blue. This color scheme originated with the first Optimus Prime toy released in 1984 and has been used consistently throughout the Transformers brand ever since.

G1 Cartoon

In the original 1984 Transformers animated series, also known as Generation 1 or G1, Optimus Prime is colored red and blue. His truck mode features a red cab and silver trailer, while his robot mode has a red torso, blue legs, blue forearms, and a blue helmet. This color scheme matches the original toy and serves as the iconic look for Optimus Prime.


The Optimus Prime of Marvel’s Transformers comics also sports the classic red and blue. In the pages of the US Transformers comics published from 1984-1991, Optimus Prime’s colors remain consistent with his toon model counterparts. Likewise, in the current IDW Publishing Transformers comics, Optimus Prime’s traditional red and blue scheme is kept intact throughout various storylines and interpretations of the Autobot leader.

Michael Bay Films

In the live-action Transformers films directed by Michael Bay from 2007-2017, Optimus Prime undergoes a few more changes but keeps his color spirit. In the first three films, Optimus sports a flame-decorated blue and red paint job in truck mode. In robot mode, he retains a good amount of blue and red but also sports silver/grey parts. The overall impression still evokes Optimus Prime’s classic colors. In the films after Dark of the Moon, Optimus Prime is redesigned and appears more blue than red, but the color pairing remains present.

Bumblebee Film

The 2018 Bumblebee film, though a reboot, depicts Optimus Prime with his timeless red and blue color scheme in the brief glimpses we get of the Autobot leader. During the climactic battle, a bright red and blue Optimus Prime arrives and helps turn the tide against the Decepticons.

Transformers Animated

The 2007 animated series Transformers Animated portrayed a bulkier, animated-styled Optimus Prime. However, his color scheme remained true to form with a red torso, blue limbs, silver accents, and hints of yellow and orange thrown in. Optimus Prime’s classic look translates perfectly to the Animated aesthetic.

Transformers Prime

2011’s Transformers Prime animated series utilized a CGI aesthetic but did not deviate from tradition when it came to Optimus Prime’s colors. He sports his iconic red and blue paint job in robot mode. His truck mode is also predominately blue with red flames. The show’s excellent lighting and rendering really make the red and blue elements of Optimus pop.

Transformers: Cyberverse

In the computer animated series Transformers: Cyberverse from 2018-2020, Optimus Prime’s appearance is stylized with a shorter, simplified design. But his classic G1 colors remain, with a blue helmet, red torso, blue arms and legs, and silver accents throughout his body. Even in a simplified animation style, Optimus Prime’s signature look shines through.

Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy

The Netflix CGI animated series Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy ran from 2020-2021 and depicted the Transformers in their Cybertronian forms before coming to Earth. Even before adopting his signature semi-truck alt mode, this incarnation of Orion Pax/Optimus Prime maintains the red and blue color scheme, translating his classic look to a Cybertronian body frame.

Transformers: Rescue Bots

The preschool-oriented Transformers: Rescue Bots series features a non-combat oriented take on the Autobots. Optimus Prime appropriately sports his heroic red and blue color scheme, though in a simpler, chunkier design appropriate for younger viewers. Even in this iteration, the connection between Optimus Prime’s leadership and his classic colors remains intact.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001)

The Transformers: Robots in Disguise anime series ran from 2000-2001 in Japan and featured a stylized take on many classic Generation 1 characters and designs. Optimus Prime appears with a sleeker, anime-inspired look. But he maintains his traditional red and blue color scheme, keeping Optimus Prime’s signature colors consistent across cultural boundaries.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)

The 2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise animated series takes place years after Prime and features a new team led by Bumblebee. Optimus Prime is larger and more powerful than ever in this series, with exaggerated proportions and details. But his classic color layout remains, with bold red on his torso and helmet and regal blue for his arms and legs. Even with a new design, Optimus Prime’s colors stay rooted in tradition.

Transformers: Generation 2

In 1993, Hasbro released the Transformers: Generation 2 line as a sequel to G1. Among many other figures, an updated Optimus Prime toy was released. This incarnation of Optimus Prime featured more teal-colored highlights mixed in with his traditional red and blue to create a more 90s-inspired color splash. But the overall color pairing remained, evolving with the times while preserving Optimus Prime’s recognizable spirit.

Transformers Alternators

Transformers Alternators was a 2000s line featuring Transformers characters reimagined as realistic, licensed vehicles. Optimus Prime was depicted as a highly-detailed Mazda B3000 truck. Though smaller and more intricate than previous Optimus toys, the Alternators Optimus Prime maintained his classic red and blue color scheme on top of the realistically rendered Mazda model.

Transformers R.E.D. (Transformers Rewards for Excellence in Design)

The Transformers R.E.D. line celebrated the most iconic Generation 1 characters with modern action figures featuring premium detailing. The R.E.D. Optimus Prime figure depicted the Autobot leader with incredible fidelity to his original model down to the colors. Optimus sports crisp, vivid red on his torso and helmet and brilliant blue on his limbs, perfectly recreating his Generation 1 identity in a modern form.

Transformers Masterpiece MP-10

The Transformers Masterpiece line offers some of the most high-end collector-oriented Transformers figures aimed at adult collectors with sophisticated designs and features. The MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime aims to be the definitive modern embodiment of the iconic Generation 1 character. He features impeccable sculpting, articulation, and detail work to look like Optimus Prime stepped right off the screen. His coloration is directly based on the G1 cartoon model, with deep yet bright red and blue plastic capturing Optimus Prime’s classic spirit in an upscaled masterpiece.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class

Hasbro’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toyline offered Leader Class figures that represented the Transformers characters’ most detailed movie toy incarnations. The Leader Class Optimus Prime figure translates Optimus’ on-screen look from the live action films into a poseable action figure. While incorporating silver and grey parts from the movie CGI designs, Optimus still sports prominent red and blue parts in robot mode along with well-integrated red and blue vehicle parts in truck mode.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

The Transformers: Age of Extinction toyline included Evasion Mode variants of characters like Optimus Prime with special armor and features to depict them hiding from danger. The Evasion Mode Optimus Prime figure converts from a classic blue and red truck mode to an armored robot mode using chrome silver parts from the films. But around the heavy silver armor, classic design elements and red and blue colors peek through in homage to Optimus Prime’s G1 identity and color layout.

Transformers BotBots Optimus Prime

The Transformers BotBots line offered cute, super-deformed takes on popular characters in small, capsule toy-style figurines. Despite being short, stout, and simplified, the BotBots Optimus Prime figure maintains the iconic red and blue color scheme. No matter how stylized the interpretation, Optimus Prime’s signature colors stay intact.

Transformers Kre-O Optimus Prime

The Transformers Kre-O line brought the Autobots and Decepticons into block-based buildable sets and figures. Even constructed from chunky plastic bricks, the Kre-O Optimus Prime set features obvious red and blue elements clearly inspired by the G1 color layout. The blocky nature of Kre-O allows Optimus Prime’s classic colors to be distilled into easily recognized building parts.

Transformers Animated Leader Class Optimus Prime

Hasbro’s line based on Transformers Animated included Leader Class versions of main characters. While often straying from G1 designs, the Leader Class Animated Optimus Prime featured the iconic red torso, blue arms and legs, and silver accents – translating the classic Optimus Prime colorway into an animation-inspired design aesthetic.

Transformers Cyberverse Adventures Optimus Prime

The Cyberverse subline’s Optimus Prime action figure represents the character’s Cyberverse cartoon design with a short, squat body frame compared to G1. But the Cyberverse Adventures Optimus Prime toy utilizes familiar red on the torso and helmet along with blue legs to connect this unique Optimus iteration visually to the classic colors.

Transformers Collaborative Ghostbusters Ecto-35 Edition Optimus Prime

This special crossover figure depicts Optimus Prime adopting a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 alt mode. While sporting Ghostbusters logos and license plates, this Ecto-35 Optimus Prime maintains a red and blue robot mode to represent the iconic Autobot leader even when masquerading as an ambulance from the beloved 80s ghost comedy.

Transformers Generations Selects Piranacon Micromaster Patrol Team Optimus Prime

Another crossover oddity, this MicroMaster figure turns Optimus Prime into atiny figurine sized to fit inside other toys. But despite standing under 2 inches tall in robot mode, the Generations Selects release manages to incorporate Optimus Prime’s classic red and blue colors in a highly miniaturized version.


Across decades, media, and countless incarnations, Optimus Prime’s red and blue color scheme persists. It is forever tied to the character’s nobility, heroism, and leadership. No matter the aesthetic or story, when those colors are seen, audiences immediately recognize the presence of the gallant Optimus Prime. The colors blue and red will forever be synonymous with this legendary Autobot. Whenever Optimus Prime rolls into action, he will do so with his iconic red and blue paint job signaling his arrival.

Optimus Prime’s red and blue color scheme is his superhero costume equivalent. You need only glance at those bold colors to understand the character they represent. After nearly forty years, this color layout has ingrained itself as essential visual shorthand for identifying Optimus Prime. Just as Superman is expected to wear a blue suit and red cape, seeing Optimus Prime in any other colors than classic G1-inspired red and blue would seem off.

By consistently retaining this color scheme across different continuities and iterations of the Transformers brand, it cements Optimus Prime’s red and blue as part of his core identity. This lets the character’s personality and principles remain intact even as creative teams and stories change. The visual design encapsulates Optimus Prime’s heroic spirit, no matter what form he takes. As long as Optimus Prime rolls out sporting that timeless red and blue paint job, it tells you everything you need to know about what he represents.