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What color is OPI Funny Bunny nail polish?

Welcome! I’m Claude, an AI assistant created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Let’s explore the color of OPI Funny Bunny nail polish together.

OPI Funny Bunny is a light pink nail polish with a cream finish. It’s part of OPI’s Spring/Summer collection and is a soft, feminine shade perfect for everyday wear. But what exactly is the color of OPI Funny Bunny? Let’s take a closer look.

The Color Description

According to OPI, Funny Bunny is officially described as a “soft pink with pearl”. It’s a light, muted pink tone that flatters a variety of skin tones. The pearl finish adds a subtle sheen, giving the polish a pretty, polished look without being too glossy.

Some other ways to describe the Funny Bunny color include:

– Baby pink
– Ballerina pink
– Blush pink
– Candy pink
– Dusty rose

So in summary, it’s a light pink with a hint of pearl sheen. But color description alone doesn’t always give the full picture. Let’s analyze some official color specs for more details.

Official Color Specifications

To get technical, OPI provides official specifications for Funny Bunny:

Color Family: Pink

Color Code: OPI N64

Color Description: Soft Pink with Pearl

RGB Values: R: 255, G: 182, B: 193

HEX Value: #ffb6c1

So in RGB color values, Funny Bunny is made up of 255 red, 182 green, and 193 blue. When combined, this creates the soft muted pink tone.

The HEX code #ffb6c1 is the specific shade you’d need to recreate the Funny Bunny color digitally. Hex codes are commonly used for web design, digital design, and matching colors accurately across platforms.

While these color specs are helpful, it’s difficult to visualize the true color without seeing it. So let’s take a look at some real-life examples.

Real-Life Photos

Seeing real swatch photos of OPI Funny Bunny is the best way to get an accurate idea of the color. Here are some examples on nails:

As you can see, it’s a light pink polish with a hint of creaminess. There is a subtle pearl sheen visible in certain lighting. It has a feminine, romantic vibe – perfect for spring and summer.

Here are a few more real-life photos of OPI Funny Bunny:

Hopefully these real-life shots give you a good sense of the subtle pink color and pearl sheen. It’s more of a real-life ballerina pink rather than a bold, bright pink.

How Light or Dark is Funny Bunny?

On a scale of light to dark, OPI Funny Bunny is definitely on the lighter end of the spectrum. It’s not quite a pale nude shade, but it’s much lighter and softer compared to bold pink polishes.

If we were to rate Funny Bunny on a shade scale of 1-10, with 1 being lightest and 10 being darkest, Funny Bunny would likely be around a 3 or 4. It’s especially light for a pink polish.

Here’s a quick shade scale for reference:

1 Pale Pink
2 Ballerina Pink
3 Funny Bunny
4 Petal Pink
5 Blush Pink
6 Salmon Pink
7 Magenta Pink
8 Fuschia Pink
9 Ruby Pink
10 Bold Pink

So while not completely pale, Funny Bunny is on the lighter side of the pink spectrum. It provides a soft, delicate wash of color rather than being a bright, statement shade.

Funny Bunny Undertones

In addition to lightness, nail polish colors also have undertones that affect their look. Funny Bunny has subtle warm undertones.

Its hints of peach and coral give it a warm, feminine vibe. While it’s not extremely warm, it definitely skews more towards the warm end of the spectrum rather than cool.

Here are some examples of other OPI shades with similar warm undertones to Funny Bunny:

– Bubble Bath – warm nude pink
– Hawaiian Orchid – warm pinky coral
– Pink Flamenco – warm rose pink
– Mod About You – warm petal pink

So in summary, the warm undertones of Funny Bunny give it a soft, inviting vibe that flatters most skin tones.

How Does Funny Bunny Look in Different Lighting?

The look of any nail polish can shift slightly depending on the lighting conditions. Here’s how OPI Funny Bunny tends to look in different lighting:

Indoor Lighting: In indoor light, Funny Bunny maintains its soft, delicate pink tone. The pearl sheen is visible but subtle, giving off a creamy look.

Outdoor Sunlight: In direct sunlight, the warm undertones of Funny Bunny come out more, giving it a peachy glow. The pearl sheen is intensified in the sunlight.

Shade/Overcast Lighting: In shade or overcast lighting, Funny Bunny loses some warmth and appears more muted and chalky. The pearl sheen becomes more muted as well.

Candlelight: In dim candlelight, Funny Bunny takes on a warmer, bolder look. The pearl sheen becomes very pronounced.

So while the polish stays in the same color family, the intensity and undertones shift ever so slightly based on the lighting conditions. The pearl sheen in particular intensifies in certain lighting.

Funny Bunny Polish Features

Let’s also cover some of the key features and formulation of OPI Funny Bunny polish:

– Creamy texture – applies smoothly without streaks
– Sheer to medium opacity – builds from sheer to solid color
– Subtle pearl sheen – adds a pearly glow
– Warm undertones – peachy, coral hints
– Wide, curved brush – makes application easy
– Long wear – can last 4-7 days without chipping
– Dries quickly – touch dry in 8-10 minutes
– Easy to remove – non-staining formula
– Toluene, DBP and formaldehyde free – not harmful to nails

So overall, Funny Bunny has a creamy texture that applies and builds well on nails. And it balances long wear with easy removal.

Comparing Funny Bunny to Similar OPI Shades

Let’s compare Funny Bunny to a few other similar OPI pink polishes:

Funny Bunny vs. Bubble Bath: Bubble Bath is lighter and cooler-toned. Funny Bunny is warmer in tone.

Funny Bunny vs. Hawaiian Orchid: Hawaiian Orchid is darker and more coral/peach. Funny Bunny is lighter and pinker.

Funny Bunny vs. Princesses Rule: Princesses Rule is glittery while Funny Bunny is creamy. Princesses Rule is also darker.

Funny Bunny vs. Pink Flamenco: Pink Flamenco is more rose-toned. Funny Bunny is lighter and more peachy-pink.

So while Funny Bunny shares similarities with other OPI pinks, it stands out through its soft, peachy-pink creaminess.

Celebrity Inspiration

Many celebrities love wearing soft, feminine shades like OPI Funny Bunny. Here are a few celeb manicure inspirations featuring similar pink polishes:

Source: @OPI

This simple French tip manicure with Funny Bunny on Hailee Steinfeld is pretty and polished.

Source: @OPI

Kerry Washington wears a sheer wash of Funny Bunny for an understated, feminine look.


For her wedding day, Hilary Duff wore a ballet pink polish similar to Funny Bunny.

So Funny Bunny is definitely a celeb-approved shade for everyday wear or special occasions!

Ways to Wear Funny Bunny

Here are a few ideas of how to wear and style OPI Funny Bunny nail polish:

– As a full manicure for a soft, feminine look.

– As a French tip manicure in place of the classic white.

– As an accent nail paired with nudes and neutrals.

– On short nails or long nails – the color suits any nail length.

– With nail art like polka dots, florals, or marble for a pop of color.

– On toes for a pretty pedicure that matches your manicure.

– Matte – use a matte top coat to dull down the sheen.

– With glitter or rhinestone embellishments for added sparkle.

– With holographic top coat for a shimmery iridescent effect.

So there are endless options for making Funny Bunny your own! Have fun and get creative with your manicures.


So in summary, OPI Funny Bunny is a soft, peachy-pink polish with a hint of pearl sheen. It’s on the lighter side of the pink spectrum with warm undertones. The creamy formula applies smoothly and dries quickly. Funny Bunny is perfect for achieving a delicate, feminine manicure that flatters most skin tones. It can be worn casually every day or dressed up for occasions. So next time you’re looking for a subtle, romantic pink, remember OPI’s Funny Bunny!