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What color is good luck for wedding?

What color is good luck for wedding?

Choosing the right wedding colors is an important decision for couples planning their big day. Certain colors are thought to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness to the bride and groom. When selecting your wedding palette, it’s worth considering which hues are considered fortuitous in your culture and their symbolic meanings. In this article, we’ll explore the colors that represent good luck and positive vibes for weddings across different traditions.


Red is a popular wedding color in many cultures, as it symbolizes love, passion, and happiness. In Chinese and Indian weddings, red is strongly associated with luck, prosperity, and fertility. Brides from these ethnic backgrounds often wear red wedding gowns and incorporate red accents throughout their ceremonies. The vibrant hue represents joy and vitality for the couple’s future together. Red is also connected with protection and warding off evil spirits in some Asian customs.


The color gold signifies wealth, success, and fortune in many societies. It is considered the most auspicious and lucky color for weddings in Hindu celebrations. Gold jewelry, decor items, and attire are prominent in Indian ceremonies. The rich golden tone represents royalty and luxury. In Chinese culture, gold symbolizes prosperity and longevity. It is common for Chinese brides to wear a phoenix coronet headpiece decorated with golden designs. The mythical phoenix represents honor and virtue. Gold is also viewed as lucky in Jewish traditions and can be seen in yarmulkes, candles, ketubah decorations, and other wedding elements.


In Indian weddings, orange represents purity, fertility, and love. Brides from many regions in India don orange and red bridal lehengas, which are long skirts paired with cropped blouses. Orange symbolizes the earth’s vibrancy, energy, and new beginnings. The warm, fiery shade also represents the flame of the sacred marriage ceremony. Grooms sometimes wear orange turbans or scarves too. Orange flowers and mandala designs are other ways the lucky color is integrated into Hindu weddings.


Yellow brings luck and prosperity in many cultures. In Vietnamese weddings, yellow ao dai dresses represent hope for the future. Chinese brides also don bright yellow qipao wedding gowns, as the color signifies brilliance and positivity. Yellow symbolizes joy and happiness in Western celebrations as well. Sunflowers, buttercups, and marigolds add cheerful pops of the lucky hue. A fun modern tradition is having wedding guests wave yellow ribbons as the newlyweds leave the ceremony.


The color green promotes balance, growth, and rebirth in many societies. In Muslim culture, it represents purity, life, and fertility. Chinese, Thai, and Celtic brides also wear green accents and floral arrangements. Emerald stones are considered lucky as well. Green is connected to nature, harmony, and new beginnings – perfect sentiments for a couple starting their married lives. Add touches of this propitious color with verdant bouquets, mint linens, or jade accessories.


Soft, blushing pink brings luck in the form of sweetness, gentleness, and romance. It has become a trendy wedding color scheme that evokes youthful charm and feminine beauty. In Western culture, pink represents love, joy, and grace. Chinese and Japanese brides wear pink floral designs that symbolize happiness and a rosy future. Work the lucky hue into your wedding with peony centerpieces, pale pink bridesmaid dresses, or a pink ombre cake.


Blue is associated with healing, harmony, and spirituality in many cultures. Egyptian brides paint their hands with henna designs in blue to represent beauty and eternity. Something blue is a popular Western wedding tradition that symbolizes fidelity. Wearing a blue garter or veil brings good fortune for the bride. Use different shades of blue for your lucky color through bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, and decorative accents. Add pops of lighter blues like powder blue for a refreshing, peaceful vibe.


Regal purple brings luck through its spiritual wisdom, mystery, and sophistication. In many cultures, it is connected to royalty, nobility, and honor. Catholic churches hold marriage ceremonies with purple accents to represent femininity, passion, and partnership. Purple candles and altar decor represent spiritual blessing. Brides can incorporate the stylish hue through bouquets of lilacs, lavender, or violets. Use deep purple with metallics for an opulent, lucky look.


Like gold, the color silver signifies prosperity and good fortune in weddings. Silver is linked to moon energy and new beginnings. In Jewish and Moroccan weddings, brides and grooms adorn themselves in silver jewelry, headpieces, and accessories. Add metallic touches with silver candle holders, sequin linens, mercury glass vases, or glittering cake decor. Silver provides a chic, modern accent color when paired with other shades.


The traditional bridal gown color, white represents purity, innocence, and fresh starts. While less common in Eastern cultures, white and off-white bring luck through their simplicity and lightness. A white wedding conveys faithfulness and spiritual connection. Brides can include this classic lucky hue with tulle veils, floral wreaths, dove releases, and other white wedding elements. Fresh, bright whites and creams evoke cheerfulness.


For inclusive, vibrant weddings, multiple colors can bring an abundance of luck and joy. Display a rainbow of hues with bright flower arrangements, colorful candies, and variety in bridesmaid dresses. Rainbow pride flags and decorations showcase support at same-sex weddings. Or pick two complementing colors like turquoise and coral for a tropical-inspired palette. Embrace color’s energy and optimism for your ceremony.


Wedding colors hold deep cultural symbolism and meaning for the bride and groom. When choosing your palette, opt for shades that represent the blessings, prosperity, and happiness you wish to have in marriage. Reds, golds, and pinks convey passion, success, and love. Greens and blues inspire vitality, calm, and harmony. Or go for an array of rainbow brights for ultimate joy. By incorporating colors with lucky associations, couples can set the tone for a fortuitous and auspicious union.