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What color is Gideon Chevrolet?

Determining the color of a car dealership like Gideon Chevrolet can be important for a few reasons. The color scheme and branding of a dealership can influence customers’ perceptions and even purchasing decisions. Additionally, keeping track of dealership colors can be useful for marketing purposes and coordinating advertising campaigns. With some quick research, we can find the answers to what colors Gideon Chevrolet uses in their facilities and branding.

What are the standard colors for Chevrolet dealerships?

Chevrolet as a brand has some standard colors that it uses across its dealership network. The most common Chevrolet dealership colors are:

  • Blue – Chevrolet’s corporate branding utilizes a navy blue color called “Chevrolet Blue.” This blue hue is used extensively in dealership signage, logos, and marketing materials.
  • White – Chevrolet dealership buildings are most often white or light gray. This provides a neutral backdrop for the bright blue and yellow accents.
  • Yellow – A golden yellow is used as an accent color in dealership logos, signs, and displays. This complements the Chevrolet blue.
  • Red – Deep red is sometimes used in dealership badging and signage as well, often alongside the blue and yellow color scheme.

So while individual dealerships may incorporate other colors in their facilities, most adhere closely to some combination of the blue, white, yellow, and red Chevrolet brand colors.

What are the specific colors used in Gideon Chevrolet’s branding?

After some online research on Gideon Chevrolet’s website and social media pages, it appears this dealership utilizes the standard Chevrolet colors in its branding and facilities.

Examples include:

  • Navy blue in the dealership logo displayed on its website and Facebook page
  • Yellow accents in the logo text and other header images
  • White exterior on the dealership building visible in photos
  • Blue and white signs on the dealer property
  • Red cars and bows used in several marketing images

So Gideon Chevrolet seems to use the typical mix of Chevrolet brand colors. The building itself is white, while their logo, signs, and marketing materials incorporate the signature blue, yellow, and red seen across Chevrolet dealerships.

Are there any additional or non-standard colors used?

Taking a close look at Gideon Chevrolet’s facilities and branding, there don’t appear to be any unusual or non-standard colors used in a significant way. The colors are almost entirely some mix of the core Chevrolet white, blue, yellow, and red.

The only other color seen occasionally in a few marketing materials is:

  • Black – Used as a background in a few advertisement banners and emails.

However, black is not prominently featured and simply serves as an accent or contrast in select images. The vast majority of colors align with the standard Chevrolet branding.

How do these colors influence the customer experience?

The use of Chevrolet’s brand colors can shape the customer experience at Gideon Chevrolet in a few key ways:

  • Familiarity – The consistent blue, white, and yellow reminds customers they are at an official Chevrolet dealer.
  • Professionalism – The neutral white building conveys professionalism and modernity.
  • Energy – Vibrant yellow and red inject energy and excitement into the branding.
  • Trust – Familiar branding builds customer confidence in the dealer.

Studies have shown colors can influence buyers emotionally and psychologically. So Chevrolet’s thoughtful use of color helps dealers like Gideon Chevrolet project professionalism, energy, familiarity, and trustworthiness.

How do these colors impact marketing and advertising?

The consistent use of brand colors also benefits Gideon Chevrolet when it comes to marketing, advertising, and coordination with Chevrolet corporate initiatives. Benefits include:

  • Brand Alignment – Matching Chevrolet colors allows for seamless inclusion in Chevrolet national and regional ad campaigns.
  • Recognition – Consumers readily identify the colors with Chevrolet, building engagement and recall for ads.
  • Cohesion – A cohesive color scheme ties together campaigns across mediums like print, digital, TV, and radio ads.
  • Awareness – Distinctive hues make Gideon ads distinguishable in the marketplace.

Chevrolet likely provides brand standards, logos, and other assets to make advertising alignment simple. But the dealership also benefits from the strong brand recognition the core Chevrolet colors provide.


In summary, like most Chevrolet dealerships, Gideon Chevrolet utilizes the standard Chevrolet white, blue, yellow, and red color scheme throughout its facilities, branding, marketing materials, and advertising. A few black accents are occasionally used but the colors are overwhelmingly aligned with Chevrolet corporate brand standards. This adherence provides customers with familiarity and helps the dealership coordinate easily with Chevrolet ad campaigns. The colors project professionalism and energy, while also boosting recognition and engagement when used in Gideon Chevrolet’s unique marketing and advertising materials.

Color Use
Blue Used in logo, signs, graphics
White Dealership building exterior
Yellow Accent color in logo, marketing materials
Red Used in some ad banners and graphics
Black Occasional accent color in ads

This summarizes the core colors used by Gideon Chevrolet and where they are implemented. The strong brand consistency with Chevrolet corporate colors provides many benefits for both customers and the dealership’s marketing efforts.