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What color is garnet hair dye?

What color is garnet hair dye?

Garnet is a rich, vibrant shade of red that falls between burgundy and auburn on the color spectrum. Garnet hair dye produces a stunning hair color that looks natural, dimensional and full of shine. But what exactly is garnet hair color and how does it look on different hair types and complexions? Here is everything you need to know about garnet hair dye.

What is Garnet Hair Color?

Garnet gets its name from the actual garnet gemstone which ranges in color from deep red to reddish brown. Garnet hair dye is inspired by the rich, intense shade of the garnet gem. This hair color is deeper and more vibrant than traditional auburn shades. It also has more red undertones than classic burgundy hair color.

Garnet hair is considered a natural-looking red shade. It flatters both cool and warm complexions. The dimensional tone of garnet hair color helps disguise grow out by blending in subtle natural highlights and lowlights. This makes garnet an excellent choice if you want to enhance your natural hair color with a rich red tone.

What Color Level is Garnet Hair Dye?

On most hair color shade charts, garnet hair dye is classified as a level 4 or 5 red. Level 4 is a darker, richer shade of garnet, while level 5 is slightly lighter and more vibrant. Here’s an overview of the color levels of garnet dye:

Level Color Description
Level 4 Deep garnet red
Level 5 Vibrant red-brown

The intensity of the garnet shade will vary slightly depending on your natural hair color and color level. For example, garnet dye will come out darker on light blonde hair and lighter on dark brown hair. Most garnet shades have an underlying brown base which helps the color look natural and not overly red.

What is the Base Color?

Garnet hair dye typically has a brown base, even though it reflects red tones. A brown base is more natural looking than an orange-red base on most complexions. Having a brown base also keeps the hair color from looking too brassy or artificial.

Some garnet shades have a violet-red tint as the underlying pigment. The violet base helps neutralize brassiness and yellow tones in the hair, allowing the true garnet tone to shine through. Violet-based garnet hair dyes are ideal for anyone with yellow undertones in their hair.

How to Achieve Garnet Hair Color

There are a few techniques for achieving garnet hair dye:

Method Process
Permanent hair dye Use a pre-mixed garnet shade or mix custom garnet dye and apply to shampooed hair. Process according to manufacturer’s instructions based on hair type and condition.
Demi-permanent dye Choose a garnet demi-permanent formula and apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Leave on for 25-30 minutes then rinse.
Reddish brown dye + gloss Dye hair a reddish brown shade close to garnet, then apply a red or garnet gloss on top to enhance vibrancy and shine.

To find the right garnet shade, look for hair dyes labeled as intense auburn, deep burgundy, dark garnet, or vibrant red-brown. Do a strand test first when using permanent dye to confirm you like the color result.

What is the Best Brand of Garnet Hair Dye?

Some top professional brands for garnet hair coloring include:

Brand Popular Garnet Shades
Redken 5R – Intense Auburn
Wella 5/4R – Light Auburn Brown
Matrix 5RV – Garnet
Schwarzkopf 5.4 – Dark Red Brown
Joico 5RG – Daretogarnet
Pulp Riot Blood Bath – Rich Garnet

Some salon quality drugstore brand options for garnet dye include L’Oreal Superior Preference in 6R Light Auburn Brown or Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in RR2 Garnet Brown. Always do an allergy test before using permanent dye if you have sensitivities.

How to Maintain Garnet Hair

To keep garnet hair color looking fresh and vibrant:

– Use a sulfate-free shampoo and cool water when washing
– Apply a hydrating mask weekly to prevent drying
– Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner
– Tone hair as needed with a red or brown gloss treatment
– Use an anti-fade shampoo and conditioning treatment
– Avoid chlorine and salt water to limit fading
– Apply garnet semi-permanent dye every 6-8 weeks for refreshed color

Garnet Hair Color Ideas

Here are some ways to wear garnet hair dye:

Look Description
Solid garnet Dye all over for an intense, all-over garnet shade.
Roots to ends Color just the mid-lengths and ends garnet, leaving roots dark for a grown-out look.
Subtle highlights Weave in garnet highlights around the face and throughout for a natural sun-kissed effect.
Garnet ombre Dye the mid-lengths and ends garnet, keeping roots and upper lengths natural.
Garnet balayage Paint on hand-painted streaks of garnet randomly throughout the hair.

Skin Tones That Can Wear Garnet Hair

Thanks to its versatility, garnet hair color looks great on a wide variety of skin tones:

– Fair skin: The depth of garnet complements very light complexions.
– Light olive skin: Garnet brings out the green undertones.
– Medium tan skin: Garnet adds warmth to medium neutral tones.
– Dark brown skin: Garnet enhances and harmonizes with darker complexions.
– Warm undertones: The red-brown shade flatters peachy golden undertones.
– Cool undertones: Garnet works for cooler pink and neutral skins too.

The brown base in garnet hair dye helps prevent it from looking too harsh or unnatural against most skin tones. Just avoid ultra cool tones like ash blonde hair with garnet dye.

Which Eye Colors Stand Out with Garnet Hair?

Garnet hair color makes all eye colors pop! Here’s how it pairs with different colored eyes:

– Blue eyes: Garnet makes blue eyes sparkle.
– Green eyes: The red tones intensify green eyes beautifully.
– Brown eyes: Garnet brings out brown and amber flecks.
– Hazel eyes: The red shade emphasizes the green-brown mix.
– Gray eyes: Garnet makes gray eyes look clear and bright.

No matter your eye color, garnet hair helps emphasize and accentuate your natural eye color.

How Does Garnet Hair Look with Highlights?

Garnet hair with highlights creates a gorgeous dimensional effect. Some flattering highlight shade pairings include:

Highlight Shade Effect
Caramel Warm, natural-looking
Dark blonde Lighter, sun-kissed
Copper Vibrant, shimmering
Auburn Tonal, harmonious
Violet Cool, anti-brass

Aim for highlights that are no more than two shades lighter than your garnet base. Keep highlights focused around the face and scattered throughout the hair for the most natural look.

Does Garnet Hair Go with Cool Skin Tones?

While garnet hair is ideal for warm skin tones, it can also work for cooler complexions. If you have a fair skin tone with pink undertones, avoid going too dark with garnet dye. Stick to a lighter level 5 garnet shade to complement your skin.

To make garnet hair flattering on cool skin, maintain a dark root shadow near the crown and minimize warmth near the face. Doing a subtle garnet ombre or balayage can help you pull off this color. Use an ash or platinum toner on blonde highlights to balance warmth.

Is Garnet Red Hair Warm or Cool?

Garnet is generally considered a warm shade of red hair color. However, it has some versatility depending on the underlying base color. Garnet hair can lean slightly warm or cool:

– Brown-based garnet is warm, ideal for golden undertones
– Violet-based garnet is cooler, perfect for neutralizing brassiness
– Red-based garnet with orange lean is very warm
– Red-violet based is moderately cool

Most garnet shades have a warm leaning undertone. But the various base color options let you adjust warmth vs coolness as desired.

Celebrities with Garnet Hair Color

Many celebrities have rocked gorgeous garnet hair:

Celebrity Garnet Hair Look
Emma Stone Rich solid garnet all-over color
Jessica Chastain Dark garnet hair with subtle highlights
Madelaine Petsch Vibrant garnet with tonal red highlights
Nicole Kidman Dark garnet base with caramel highlights
Julianne Moore Medium garnet with touch of violet

These celebrity examples demonstrate how garnet hair flatters a range of skin tones while still looking natural and chic.

How to Do a Garnet Hair Color Correction

If your garnet hair color turns out too light, too brassy or just off, don’t worry – it can be corrected! Here are some tips:

– Too light: Use a color-depositing conditioner or demi-permanent dye in garnet to deepen the shade
– Too brassy: Apply a brown or blue-violet toner to cancel brassiness
– Too red: Use a brown demi-permanent dye or gloss to subtly darken
– Too dark: Lighten with color remover then re-dye with a lighter garnet shade
– Off tone: Try a gloss in violet-red or brown-red for a color correction

Strand tests are recommended when doing a garnet hair color correction to prevent going too light or dark. Use temporary color as needed between permanent dye applications.

Best Garnet Hair Dye FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about garnet hair coloring:

Question Answer
Does garnet hair fade quickly? Garnet does fade faster than natural hair color. Expect to refresh the dye every 4-6 weeks.
Can you do garnet on dark hair? Yes, garnet can be done on naturally dark brown or black hair but the color won’t be as vibrant.
Is garnet red permanent? Garnet hair dye comes in permanent, demi-permanent and semi-permanent formulas.
Should you fill hair before garnet dye? Yes, fill porous areas with a red protein filler before applying garnet permanent color.
Can you mix garnet with other colors? Garnet hair dye can be customized by mixing with violet, red, or brown shades.


Garnet hair is a gorgeous shade for anyone looking to go red without being too bold or bright. The dimensional color flatters most skin tones and really makes eyes pop. Just maintain garnet hair with color-protecting products and refresh it frequently for the best results. Vibrant garnet hair color steals the show and makes a stunning statement!