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What color is full of energy?

Colors can have a powerful effect on our moods and emotions. Some colors are known to be energizing, while others tend to have a more calming effect. When we think of energy, bright, bold colors often come to mind first. But not all colors that energize us are flashy and electric. Even some soft, muted shades can provide us with a subtle sense of vitality. In this article, we’ll explore what color is really full of energy.

The Psychology of Color

To understand which colors are energizing, it helps to know a bit about the psychology behind color. Our reactions and associations with various colors can stem from evolved tendencies, learned behaviors, culture, and personal experiences. Red, for example, has been shown to physiologically raise respiration and heart rate. It signals excitement, intensity, and emergency. Orange conjures associations with the warmth of fire and sunshine. Yellow brings to mind sunshine, joy, and optimism. Bright greens can symbolize growth, harmony, and environmentalism.

Bold, bright, warm colors tend to evoke more visceral, energizing reactions. Cooler, more muted shades tend to have a calming effect. But color psychology isn’t one size fits all. Our personal experiences and memories associated with colors also shape our perceptions. A bright turquoise may remind one person of an invigorating ocean shore, while making another recall a hospital room.

Energizing Warm Colors

When seeking colors that are lively, vivid, and bursting with energy, warm hues are often a great place to start. Here are some of the top energizing warm colors:

Vibrant Red

Red is arguably the color most associated with energy. It’s bold, attention-grabbing, and dynamic. Red symbolizes passion, confidence, excitement, and action. Use vibrant reds to revitalize, motivate, and inspire.

Fiery Orange

Just like its fiery shades, orange embodies warmth, enthusiasm, and vitality. Orange is playful, upbeat, and energetic. The brightness of orange can promote feelings of happiness and creativity.

Sunny Yellow

Cheerful yellow shines with optimism and youthful energy. Associated with sunshine and warmth, yellow motivates, uplifts, and boosts clarity. Add bold yellow accents to infuse a space with luminosity, inspiration, and charisma.

Energizing Cool Colors

While warm colors may be the first to come to mind for energy, cool colors can provide refreshing, crisp sensations of wakefulness. Here are some top energizing cool colors:

Lively Lime Green

invigorating lime green combines the freshness of cool greens with the vibrancy of springtime. Lime green is energetic, rejuvenating, and revitalizing. Use sparingly to add a burst of zest.

Tranquil Turquoise

The cool blue-green shades of turquoise bring to mind refreshing tropical seas and serene skies. Despite its soothing qualities, turquoise has enough punch to feel energizing. Turquoise can aid concentration while adding uplifting, spiritual energy.

Electric Blue

While darker blues can be calming, bright electric blues have an energizing zing. Radiant, vivid blues can summon feelings of inspiration, productivity, and clarity. Electric blues are dynamic yet cool and refreshing.

The Most Energizing Colors

Some research has aimed to quantify which colors people tend to find most energizing. One study had participants rate colors on a scale of 1 to 10 across several measures, including how energizing they found each hue. Here are the colors rated as most energizing:

Color Average Energizing Rating
Red 7.7
Orange 7.2
Yellow 6.9
Violet 6.9
Purple 6.7

As you can see, the warm colors dominated, with red coming in as the most energizing color. Interestingly though, violet and purple also scored quite high. While not warm colors, certain lighter and brighter shades of purple and violet can provide an energetic boost of inspiration.

Using Color to Energize

Now that we’ve explored some top energizing colors, how can we use this to incite motivation, productivity, and excitement in our lives? Consider using energetic colors in the following ways:

Energizing Accent Walls

Paint or hang a bold accent wall in an energizing shade like citrus orange, lime green, or electric blue. Accent walls can add visual interest, showcase your personality, and make a vibrant statement.

Uplifting Home Decor

Add energizing hues to your home decor with throw pillows, area rugs, blankets, and artwork in colors that inspire you. Opt for energizing colors that align with the room’s purpose, like bright yellow in a home office.

Colorful Office Supplies

Incorporate energizing colors into office supplies, stationery, folders, sticky notes, and organizers. Surround yourself with hues like red, orange, and lime green to dial up motivation and productivity.

Playful Wardrobe Choices

Inject colors that bring you joy into your wardrobe. Try accessories in energizing shades like stripes of sunny yellow or a vibrant purple scarf. Add a colorful jacket or shoes in red, turquoise, or lime green.

Fresh Bedding

Consider bright, energizing sheets, comforters, and pillows to start your mornings off right. The first colors you see upon waking can influence your mood throughout the day.

Finding the Right Balance

Energetic color schemes provide visual stimulation that can enhance motivation, clarity, and creativity. But take care not to overdo it. Too much high intensity color can become visually overwhelming. Seek balance by temperingbrights with neutral and earthy tones. Ground stimulating hues with shades of cream, taupe, gray, and wood tones.

Also consider limiting bold colors to accents so they don’t dominate a space. Variety and moderation are key for keeping energy up while maintaining a comfortable ambiance. Additionally, while colors can positively influence energy and mood, they work best when part of an overall healthy lifestyle including proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management techniques.


Colors can have a real impact on our feelings of energy, focus, inspiration, and vigor. When seeking to energize your environment, warm hues like red, orange, and yellow are powerful picks. But cooler colors like lime green, turquoise, and electric blue can provide crisp, refreshing energy as well. Use accents of energizing colors in your home, office, clothing, and decor to dial up motivation, productivity, happiness, and creativity.

With some thoughtful color choices, you can surround yourself with an environment that energizes you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Choose shades that ignite passion in you. Then let the colors you love power you through each day with positivity and purpose.